Friday, December 02, 2005

Morning Edition - 12/2/05

10 Spot Makeover
The $10 bill is getting a complete makeover and will debut in retail outlets, banks and cash machines near you by March 2, 2006. Some areas may take longer to get the redesigned bill. Over 800 million copies of the bill will be printed. The $20 bill was revamped in 2003 and the $50 was refreshed in 2004. There are no plans to refurbish the $1, $2 and $5 bills. Ten dollar bills stay in circulation approximately three years, while the more active $1 bill only gets circulated about 22 months. Alexander Hamilton, our first US treasurer, will still grace the $10 bill. The new bill will include red, yellow and orange hues added to the money green.

Deadly Text Message; Did I do that?!
A Colorado teen faces up to a year in jail after being charged with a misdemeanor for careless driving. The 17-year old lost control of his vehicle and killed 63-year old Jim Price who was cycling near the road when he attempted to send a text message while driving. The charge carries a mandatory one year prison sentence. The teen has not been identified because he is a minor. The teen was issued a summons and ordered to appear in court.

It’s Your Opinion; That’s Cool
Ake Green was preaching to his congregation in Sweden two years ago when his sermon turned to gays and their role in society. Well, to quote from the reverend, his exact words were that homosexuality was “a deep cancerous tumor on all society.” Shortly thereafter he was charged with “hate speech.” He was recently acquitted and the Swedish Supreme Court ruled that Green is protected under the European freedom of expression. To Green’s credit, he has agreed to refrain from preaching against gays in the future. His sermon two years ago also included his belief that gays were more likely to rape children and animals.

Long Story Short
Jeanine H. officially left ABA and has started her career as Grassroots Coordinator at the American Public Power Association in DC. Congrats Jeanine. Carmen C. will be having one of her festive gatherings on Saturday, December 10. The effervescent Carmen plans light, but filling, appetizers and a host of tasty cocktails. T and I will be catching Rent, the movie version of the hugely-popular Broadway play, this weekend. Reviews to follow on Monday. Men on Film anyone? Evelyn M. is collecting the first installment for the March 3-5 Ski trip in Pennsylvania. The trip includes dancing, drinking, some serious card playing and – who knew?! – skiing! New Yorkers – or those visiting the Apple in March - are encouraged to attend. Please hit me up or let us know via the comments area if you’re interested in more info. Clent J. aka J’Moo is in the hospital after sudden abdominal cramps. I received a voicemail from him this morning saying he would update us by this afternoon with his condition. Our prayers are with you pumpkin!

On Blast
Not breaking the bank during the holiday season is important. Remember that giving a token gift during Christmas is okay, so long as it is thoughtful and creative. Birthdays are when you make it special with a REAL gift. What gift ideas under $20 do you have for close friends that still show you care and convey warmth? What gift(s) are just completely unacceptable?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Gift baskets from Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works usually work for my closest girlfriends. It's under $20 and it's a thoughtful gift because every woman needs smell goods.


LaLa said...

Gift cards/certificates are always nice. Starbucks is my personal favorite! Hint...Hint

caspar608 said...

Candles for the home are sells candles that are DYptique knock offs and they smell divine. Those are 9.99 and they last a while.
As for my relationship with Cocoa Rican, I would like to inform all parties concerned that I officially resign my position as his oldest and apparently not so dearest friend. I've decided that its not healthy for me to keep counsel with folks who give me their entire ass to kiss.
Peace and love to all,

Cocoa Rican said...

You are my oldest (and still dearest) friend! I'm sorry I haven't had an opportunity to call you back, but my mouth has been completely occupied.... LOL.... but seriously hon, I'm calling you at the office right now to try and make nice.... you know I love you more than my luggage. Cut it out! BTW, you couldn't get to my entire ass to kiss it unless you got in line behind T... he seems to be doing a good job at it though.... :)

caspar608 said...

Thats no excuse!!!! Give me OOOOOONNNNNEEEEEE moment in time. Get me my pills dammit.

On blast: What do you do with annoying co-workers who won't get the hell away from your cubicle?

Cocoa Rican said...

Caspar On Blast Answer:
1. Fart loudly; giggle rather than apologize or excuse yourself
2. Pick up the phone and begin an imaginary (and very uncomfortable) conversation with your gynecologist - explain a very nasty problem
3. Start digging through your trash frantically and speaking to yourself... "I know I left that Xanax prescription somewhere around here..."
4. Go through your inbox and mention, "I know somebody around here needs to help me with this shyt"
5. Scratch your head, look between your fingers and say, "I really hope those darn kids haven't given me lice again!"