Monday, December 05, 2005

Morning Edition - 12/5/05

Let It Snow
The weather service is predicting our first big snowstorm beginning today. The Washington DC area will see the snow begin at noon, while we in the BIG Apple aren’t due to get any flakes until this evening. West Virginia and Virginia are expected to be blanketed by 6-12 inches by the end of the whole mess. The pessimistic reports are predicting a whopping 16 inches for that region.

It’s Hard; Don’t Rub It; You’ll Be Prosecuted
Yvan Salman was a 19th century journalist who is said to have been killed by Napoleon’s nephew during a duel. Apparently Salman was a real ladies man who was due to be married the day after he was killed. Parisians erected (and I use the word loosely) a statue of Salman entitled Victor Noir. Apparently the Noir has been vandalized by female visitors who have taken to rubbing the statute for good luck. The tale being that if you rub the statue and leave a flower you will be married by year’s end. The statue shows Noir lying flat on his back with his pee-pee large and slightly erect. New signs (and a fence) now warn that “Any damage caused by graffiti or indecent rubbing will be prosecuted.”

Oh Christmas Tree!
Yesterday evening, T and I took to the streets of NYC to do the tourist “thing.” Armed with contrasting tan and black outfits that included parkas, hats, gloves, scarves and frozen smiles to boot, we joined the hundreds of folks taking-in this year’s Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, along with the elaborate windows at Saks Fifth Avenue. The bitter temperatures provided the rosy cheek smiles T and I shared as the lights bounced off our eyes; we were like kids when we joined-in on the “Let it snow…” carol that bellowed in the background. Finally, with Starbucks’ coffees in hand, we boarded the train and settled-in for a quiet, romantic dinner at the Caliente Cab Company in the West Village. The HOT Mexican fare led us to our next stop at the Pleasure Chest where T and I bought surprise “preview” Christmas toys for each other to enjoy before bedtime. Note to self: Edible underclothes are a second dessert when counting calories.

On Blast
T and I enjoy a healthy bout of role play to enhance and enrich our sexual interactions. There appears to be a great deal of fun in having your partner be anything or anyone you want them to be. What one character role would you have your partner play to heighten your sexual experience? Share a brief summary of what the encounter would entail.

Keep passin’ the open windows…



I would love my partner to become Mr. Smith of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I would luv to see him rough me up, bang me up against a wall. I would luv to show him who is Momma is! And then have a great Make up session! Whooo! I could just imagine...Hey, does anyone know if they sell masks that look like Mr. Smith...If you do let me know I just might buy it tonight and go character playing......Ohhh...I'm READY!!!!

Jeanine said...

I have always had a escaped slave fantasy. I've wanted my man (the big black stallion that he is) to wear torn battered clothing and pretend to be a slave on the run. I would be the next stop on the Undergroup railroad and he would show up for a hot meal and a place to rest. Well after a good home cooked meal, my man would look at me and want some good loving to put him right onto sleep. We would go at it like ravenous wilderbeasts at their next meal. Just pure unadulterated passion! We would move the party to the cotton fields under a full moon and brisk night air. Then he would have to have me as his wife and I'd go on the run with him, and get it on every night!

WOO!HOO! Where is my husband?

caspar608 said...

I just want someone who is going to make me laugh until my tummy aches.

Cocoa Rican said...

Ditto on the slave fantasy Jeanine. Sick, I know... unfortunately (well, for the slave character) I've always pictured a slave block, me making that all-mighty purchase. There's also that thug fantasy... we're both thugz, meet, have angry, rough and sweaty....uh, take five!