Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Morning Edition - 1/11/06

Dignity; Save Your Breath and Show Me
Dignity is defined as the quality or state of being worthy, honored or esteemed. I define living with dignity as the quality in someone to prove they live with honor and through their actions, earn the esteem of others. My friend "Clarice" is living with dignity. After discovering that her ex-husband was ill and not being cared-for properly, "Clarice" stepped in to care for him and help him get help. For the record, "Clarice" is in a happy and healthy relationship at present, so watching her story unfold has taught me a valuable lesson in living with dignity. The ability to have your actions show your true worth. Today, I say a tri-fold prayer:
1. Lord, restore her ex-husband to health. May your will bring peace to him.
2. Give strength to "Clarice" and rejuvenate her spirit through this trying time
3. Thank you Lord. Thank you for placing people in my life that live with dignity and through their actions teach me to do the same.

Happy New Year 2007! Now Put That Thing Out!
Washington, DC will join New York and other communities with smoke-bans in night clubs. DC will be smoke-free as early as January 2007. Though opponents of the new legislation allege the smoke ban will keep patrons away, many disagree and say that non-smokers who stayed away from bars and clubs because of the smoke will now make their way back to these establishments. It is estimated that there are twice the number of smokers in the gay community than there is in the straight community. Smokers, grab your coats and get ready to brave the elements.

For Future Reference
A basic discussion with a fellow blogger yesterday proved that many of you may not be familiar with certain terminology and should quickly be brought up to speed on what words mean and how to use them appropriately:
Passive Partner: This is the partner that is on the receiving end (is being penetrated) during a sexual encounter. So to say, "He is primarily passive," would indicate he prefers being penetrated.
Aggressive Partner: This is the partner that is on the giving end (is doing the penetrating) during a sexual encounter. So to say, "He prefers being the aggressive partner," means this person prefers to penetrate his partners.
Versatile: An individual that feels equally comfortable as the passive or aggressive partner.
We'll work on other terms as it becomes necessary.

On Blast
Interracial Relationships…How does a person’s culture affect their interactions in an interracial relationship? In your opinion, what are the pitfalls of interracial relationships? Do interracial relationships say that participants are not comfortable with who they are and their own culture?

Keep passin' the open windows…


caspar608 said...

How about allowing me to maintain my dignity by returning my phone calls dammit!

Cocoa Rican said...

LOL... Caspar, the way my day is going today, I'm likely to come down there and slap you to the floor... how's that for maintaining dignity?

Anonymous said...

I would say that it's more your experiences that lead one to be comfortable with another race. With the youth of today gaining the BLACK experience, I believe that more interracial couples will be seen in the future. True LOVE, knows NO color, Size or shape but, differences is views can create all kinds of havoc SO, relate to your fellow man and close the divide to one-ness.


caspar608, Quit sweating a brutha if he aint call, quit waiting for the call.....Eat some Bon Bon's

Just Me

Anonymous said...

I think one pitfall of interracial relationships is the ignorance of others, with hearing negative remarks or disapproving glances. It is easier said than done to just brush the comments and stares off.

petite morceau said...

It's really very complicated and I can see both sides of the argument but what I cannot see is people who hate other cultures besides their own to the point of wanting to exterminate them as we have seen so often throughout history.

I've often told my son that I don't care if he marries a woman who is white, black, asian, red, green, whatever, as long as he is happy then I will be happy (and I expect many little grandchildren to spoil).

Cocoa Rican said...

Outside of my younger years, I’ve only dated African American men in my adult life. I don’t believe it has anything to do with disliking my own race/culture, but has more to do with personal preferences. I have also discovered that the African American and Puerto Rican cultures are very similar, making it very easy to see eye-to-eye on important issues. Also facilitating the whole situation is the fact that I don’t have a traditional Puerto Rican look – that is, I appear to be a light-skinned African American male to the unaccustomed eye. My partners still have the shared experience of being men of color and can relate in that way as well. Slight differences such as language or foods have not been an obstacle in my interracial relationships with black men. My issue with interracial dating is when individuals alter their appearance, speech pattern, environment or social circle to appease or impress a partner of another culture. Otherwise, if you’re being yourself and the relationship works – do your thing!

caspar608 said...

Who is "Just Me?"
How about you eat my Bon Bon's baby? Hows that for dignity?

I am just playing. I'm listening to Prince sing Scandalous right now. He was a Amazing. Now he is just crazy. And damn near crippled.

Anonymous said...

It would appear to the outsider that Mr. Rican has lost his accent/food likings and hair trying to assimilate the African American Culture. If I may say so, the only thing Mr. Rican does with/for his culture is attend the PuertoRican parade. Opps, Did I say that?

Caspar, my friendly ghost. I am Just Me.....Can I help you....?

Cocoa Rican said...

That does it!! Caspar, no this fool didn’t!! Did she/he just say I’ve lost all my Rican qualities to ASSIMILATE!? The only ASS-imilation I’ve done with or for black men can’t really be told on these pages! Truth be told, you’d do better asking me why attend NYC’s Puerto Rican Day Parade with so much consistency… the answer might surprise you! Why I never!!!
:::: Caspar, my towel please!!::::::

Cocoa Rican said...

The Color Purple
Ms. Millie to Harpo and family

"I always been good to you color-eds"

caspar608 said...

I named my child Sophia because of The Color Purple. Sophia, Sophia, Sophia.....and I bet she'll beat down any man trying to step on her toes when she is a grown woman. Ain't that right Uncle Hector?

Just Me, who you is? How you doin?

Anyway, leave Cocoa Puffs alone. You are treading dangerous ground....

Moody_Dee said...

Allow me to properly introduce myself, Damaris, please call me Dee.

Interracial relationship are too complicated. I agree that true love knows no color, size or shape.

But what happen when one of you may not have feelings strong enough to overcome the obstacles placed in your path?
Does this mean that the relationship is not worth it? should I move on and let it go? Should I live in the moment and not worry about the future?

Big issue, His Egyptian and muslem, I'm catholic from Guatemala raised in America and I don't have any plans to convert to islam.

Mommy want him to marry and egyptian, muslem woman and go back home. His confused, he wants me but we wont reveal our relationship because she won't accept it. Is he full of shit? Or do I not understand his culture?

Somebody Please, What should I do?

One more thing, the love making is unbelievable, dammit!!!

Cocoa Rican said...

Love is love Dee. If he loves you and you love him, you should both overcome anything - assuming this is a true love that is built on truth and respect. I understand lovemaking (and the fact that it may be off-the-chain) may sometimes cloud our judgement or wreck our judgement, in our gut we KNOW what the deal is. Any person who cannot respect you and love you OPENLY is probably not worth your time. Family bonds (especially that of mommy) can be very difficult to come between and it is HIS job to tell momma what the deal is. If he hasn't and doesn't appear to be making a move to tell momma where his heart is I say you move on. Ultimately, you know best...There's nothing like loving someone who can't give himself/herself to you fully. Love him, tell him how you feel and what you need to continue the relationship. If a mutually acceptable compromise can't be reached - DROP HIM and keep you and your dignity intact.