Friday, January 20, 2006

Morning Edition - 1/20/06; Party Reminder!

Celebration This Evening; La Maganette
This evening we’re celebrating the birthdays of Annette R. (aka Freaking Rican) and MIcheline T. at La Maganette in midtown Manhattan. Please join us for a complimentary buffet, cocktails and dancing.

Where: La Maganette
Address: 825 Third Avenue (At 50th Street)
Phone: 212-759-5677
Admission: $8 cover
Time: 5:30 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

Keep passin' the open windows...


caspar608 said...

Simon needs a kick in his over bloated ego.
I think it is all an act, that British air of condescention, etc. At the same time, someone needs to get at him. Perhaps Frenchie? I bet he wouldn't be able to go two rounds in the ring with Frenchie.
Bear in mind that we live in a society that worships the thin and blond and the man who goes over board with his masculinity to the point where its almost obnoxious. ALthough I do not agree with Simons comments, the individuals who audition should have come prepared with thicker skins. It isn't a pre-K pageant and yes, people love to OUT others on TV. I feel badly for the young man if he came from a home that did not accept him for who he IS. If it were my child, I would accept him or her but I would also let he or she know that people will try to break you - but you must always maintain your strength and dignity especially in the face of condemnation and adversity...but its ok to come home and cry with those that love you.
If I have learned anything from my experiences from my gay friends, its that the most important thing a gay person can have is the acceptance of their family. Truth be told, if I was that boys mother, there would already be a price on Simons head. TRUST.

Cocoa Rican said...

Although I would agree that it’s important to impart your kids with a strong sense of self, it is impossible for them not to hurt over the criticisms others openly voice about them. Yes, the participants on American Idol sign-on to be judged on whether they have talent, but I don’t see how their being overweight, flamboyant, poor, etc. have any bearing on judging. I’m not saying that some folks won’t be cruel – yes, even to kids. What I am suggesting is that your opinion is just that – YOUR OPINION. You should not be encouraged to impose your opinion on others and by doing so humiliate them in front of others. You might not think this is a BIG issue, but those of you with children can put it in perspective as your child being tormented by his peers, teachers and neighboring adults and finding that your advice to them is, “Suck it up. Everyone is entitled to tell you about yourself. Get over it.” I believe we need to let people know that differences in size, personality, orientation, etc. are celebrated not degraded.

Conversely, I’m all grown up and am well equipped to handle any/all criticism made to me or about me. Those of you with children should probably be more concerned that folks learn what acceptable and unacceptable comments are. Simon’s behavior is precisely what leads to bullying in schools and verbal and physical assaults by children who are taught that attacking those we see as weaker or different is okay.

caspar608 said...

The young man should have felt free to tell Simon about himself as well. Although the exchange might have (ok most likely would have) been edited before it reached the viewers, he could have said a mouthfull to Simon as well. American Idol is not Star Search. Simon has a history of berating and verbally abusing contestants - unlike Ed McMahon. Lets face it, a lot of these people set themselves up to be bullied - its not right, its NOT okay. But one has to wonder if the contestant is a glutton for pain and humiliation by bringing his or her mediocre talents out for the whole universe to see. Simon is a BULLY. Do not go into shark infested waters if you do not want to get bitten up. Paula and Randy should have gotten up and smacked the shit out of him, but Paula knows the show has got her by her titties since she slept with that gold digging sister beating freak from the midwest, and Randy just wants to have a false sense of power.
It would be a BIG issue if it came unexpectedly from a mild mannered judge, but this is SIMON for crying out loud. Did you really expect kindness and tolerance from him...he cannot even be kind and tolerant to STRAIGHT folks. And he needs an ass whooping.
And they lived happily ever after.

Tammy said...

Simon sounds like someone who was bullied in school and this is his way of getting back. Also I too thought Simon was gay on the first season.

Tammy said...

Also silly. :-)

caspar608 said...

Silly keeps you young. It's the fountain of youth. Also, Insanity can be inherited...from your children.
As far as anonymous comments from yesterday are concerned...may what anonymous said wasn't exactly the way he or she meant it....I don't get it if it is what he or she meant. So, what your saying is, if you can not be fat, dont be fat? Granted, not all instances of obesity are "glandular" related, and sure some folks expose their children to bad habits by overeating and not being active or taking care of themselves, but that is still no reason for Simon to talk about having a bigger stage for some of the lush and lovely gals ; )
Simon would have needed XTRA security if he made reference to my form after I belted out a Jennifer Holiday like rendition of "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses.
Like Paul and Stevie said "we all know that people are the same wherever you go, there is good and bad in everyone...."
For the most part, obesity is caused by several triggers and it should be classified as an emotional disability. if someoen with Dows Syndrome came on and sang their litte heart out would Simon have called them a retard? Probably, but who cares really about Simon the Wanker. he is going to hell anyway.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Caspar is Rican and carries a Big Blade. I aint F&#@'en with her. My mother is Rican and she's crazy but, I love her to death.

Just Me

caspar608 said...

Just Me...
EHHHHH!!!! Wrong!!!!
I'm not Rican. Why do all Ricans have to carry a blade? Sounds like a profiler to me ....hmmmm, could it be Satan?
I personally prefer swords, nun-chucks and chinese stars, and an occasional baseball bat loaded with nails.
REVEAL your true identity please.