Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Morning Edition - 1/24/06

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
Friday’s festivities at La Maganette were great! The ladies being honored, Annette and Micheline, were beautiful as ever and rearing to prove that adding another year under their belt wasn’t going to prevent them from shaking their groove thing. Carmen C. arranged the party and provided the delicious cake. Thank you Carmen. We danced until the sweat poured down our cracks – was that TMI? Afterward, Carmen C., Krissy and I ventured into the Bronx for a late night breakfast. Krissy, I don’t know why I’m saying this, but I’m sorry if I’ve been hard on you lately. Enough said. Carmen C. – you’re a CLASS act! Again, have a wonderful year Freakin’ and Mich.

The City That Never Sleeps; We Just Die
Eugene Reilly was a mail handler who worked the 4:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. shift. Thursday night he boarded the Q train (in NYC) on his way home and died of a heart attack. Problem is, he didn’t fall over. So for the next six hours or so, Reilly rode the train until someone tapped his shoulder at 7:15 a.m. and found he was dead. Transit spokesperson Deirdre Parker says, “The policy is that if someone is sitting up, employees are not allowed to touch them.”

Walking on the Runway
Continental Airlines’ passengers were in for a surprise when Troy Rigby, 28, jumped out of his seat and demanded to be let off the plane as it approached the runway to take off from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Newark, New Jersey. After biting a passenger and threatening others on board, the pilot depressurized the plane and Rigby threw open the cabin door jumping down to the runway. There, Rigby resisted arrested before officers used a stun gun to subdue him. He now faces charges of criminal mischief, battery and resisting arrest with violence. Rigby was also held for an outstanding warrant for marijuana possession. The 116 passengers and five crew members were unharmed and the flight was rescheduled for later in the day.

Straight, Bi, Gay? What’s the story?
Brokeback Mountain still has folks talking. Either you’ve seen it and have an opinion or you haven’t seen it and been flooded with everyone else’s take on the film. The controversy now is how the actors who play Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhall) and Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger) have been quoted as saying their characters are straight and, if not for their falling in love with each other and forming this bond, would lead otherwise straight lives. Strangely, even Ang Lee (the movie’s director) disagrees. Ultimately, the question comes down to, what defines your sexuality or sexual orientation. Is it the act of who you have sex with or what sex you feel most attracted to? Both Twist and Del Mar have wives and children in the movie, but are repeatedly drawn to each other.

On Blast
As an adult, have you ever felt sexual attraction or a feeling that you were falling in love with someone of the same sex? Do you feel that those feelings define your sexuality? Is there such a thing as STRAIGHT folks engaging in gay sexual intimacy – if only with ONE person - and still being straight?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Everyone falls in Love with their same sex from time to time. Some act on it, i.e. homosexuality; other well they call it BEST FREINDS. The real question is: How many friends have you loved as much as you love your own life? And it is perfectly fine.


Anonymous said...

Jamie Foxx Music Special Being Sabotaged by NBC!


Now that's a brother you can Love no matter what sex you are into... check out them' lips

donya said...

I love my female friends dearly but have never been attracted to any of them. But I also do not have a problem giving compliments to strange woman I see on the street. I don't think that is being interested I think that is just being something that most people are not anymore NICE!!

caspar608 said...

yes, please do check out them lips. They are balckened and cracked from the copious amounts of weed he consumes daily.
I don't necessarily think he is phoine, but anyman who makes me laugh as much as he does can sleep in my bed.
On another note, Freakin' I sincerely pologize for being a no show at your party on Friday night. I left work early, picked up the kids and waited, and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for the babysitter to show (aka babies daddy) and he showed not. Which makes me wonder about his intentions towards me when he constantly sabotages any chance of my having a social life. Since I haven't bonded with anyone in my community enough to have a back up babysitter, I guess you can say I am a prisoner of my circumstances.
My mother is coming up to spend the weekend with me and paint my kitchen. When she does I would like to meet you for dinner to celebrate your birthday or just go to a movie or something. I am sorry, really. Birthdays are very special and I value everyone of my friends on the blog.
I hope you had a great time! Happy Birthday again.

caspar608 said...

On another note, I can honestly say that I have never been attracted enough to another woman to want to "get" with her or at her. I admire the strength and beauty of all women of every shape and size. When you value yourself and the fact that you were formed and fashioned by the Divine and there is no other like you its easy to recognize the divinity in others and acknoledge their beauty.
But I would never want to engage in the consumption of fur burger, etc. Thanks, but I will pass on that. ANd since I haven't had sex in GOD knows how long, I am starting to think I am ASEXUAL. But thats another issue all by itself.
Have a great day everyone!!!

petite morceau said...

I've never been attracted to a female friend but I can certainly look at another woman and see her beauty and sexiness.

As for Jaime Foxx, he doesn't do anything for me except make me laugh. There's something too goofy about him LOL that I could never be attracted to him.


No Problem Caspar! You were missed! We had such a great time. I haven't danced like that in such a long time. I would love to catch up for a B'day dinner and a movie. Let Coco know maybe we can all get together for dinner sometime next week. Sorry about the EX! Isn't it a shame we can't even count on the ones that should be there for their kids. I know the Lord will bless you with a Great man soon. Hang in there SIS the Lord is preparing him for you.

Cocoa Rican said...

Since I am gay, I’ll have to address this question from another angle… As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been gay. I have, on occasion, had an attraction to a certain type of woman – even a strong sexual attraction – but at some point reality kicks-in for me and I realize I would never be truly happy with a woman. I’ve had girlfriends and intimate relationships with women, but never feel completely connected or committed to the interaction. Conversely, I’ve had numerous straight male friends, some of whom I was terribly attracted to, but would NEVER cross that line. Simply put, if you tell me you’re straight I respect that. I have experienced come-ons, flirtation and even inappropriate contact from some of my straight male and female friends, but I’m keenly aware that sometimes these interactions are simply a testament to the close, comfortable and respectful relationship I’ve always shared with my straight friends. I don’t believe that ONE gay experience or a gay sexual exploit with ONE person of the same sex classifies anyone as gay. Love is a very odd thing. Falling in love with someone of the same sex, while otherwise straight, just means you’re human and have connected at a deeper level than just physical – you’ve connected souls.

Cocoa Rican said...

RE: Jamie Fox
Talented comic, actor and singer (rumor has it, he also has a HUGE d*ck) – butt ugly, PERIOD!

Very important: Per fellow blogger Kris Almighty, we MUST tune in tomorrow, NBC at 8 p.m. for Unpredictable, Jamie’s special. Check out: http://www.nbc.com/Movies_Specials_More/Jamie_Foxx/

Anonymous said...

Love and Sexual attraction are two different things. I love all my friends that does not mean that I have a sexual attraction to those people. We lust for a woman/man that we have no knowledge of but for what we imagine them to be in bed. I can't see myself having sex with my BEST friend since 6th grade and I've never thought about it.

Is happiness SEX or that person who is there for you without question or is happiness something contained within that many of us can't find without it being attached to some other person.

I LOVE U but, I don't need to be sexual with you to be in love.....

Caspar, please save the daddy drama for another arena. If I know you, I felt your wrath

But then again, it's Just Me.

Cocoa Rican said...

Uh...anonymous (Just Me)...although I agree that I can love my friends and not be sexual with them, to be "in love" with someone denotes I have a sexual attraction to them as well. Moreover, stick to the f*ckin' question...damn!

caspar608 said...

Just Me
My wrath means nothing if there is no one there to take it out on. DUH!
And by the time homeboy saunters in, the wrath is where? BACK THERE!!!! I guess I've learned to calm myself down with age, or perhaps it was that trip to the emergency room that I thought was a heart attack brought on by high blood pressure but was in actuality a panic attack (ala Tony Soprano)that changed my perspective on how other people treat me and how I should react or not react to them at all. Feel me, Just Me?
In any event, I am perfectly fine with being a prisoner to my little ones. They have grown so fast. I just hate to disappoint folks.
Do you have an axe to grind with me Just Me? Where does it hurt baby?

caspar608 said...

And to make life easier on you Freakin, me and Hector will come and meet you on the Island.

Cocoa Rican said...

Caspar have you lost your mind...the last time I went out to that landfill, I mean, Staten Island, it took me close to 2 hours to get back home! Let's agree to meet Freakin' in town.... I love her, but she's missing critical parts... LOL... I only drive over 15 miles when they have testosterone in their system.
Cas... looks like you have an admirer? What's the story with this "Just me" person? What would Father Smith say if he saw the way you can BLOW UP somebody's spot... Just Me... beware!

caspar608 said...

Wanna be startin something, got to be startin somethin, wanna be startin somethin, got to be startin somethin...mamasaymamasahmama - mah ku sah
help me sing it y'all..................................................................................

caspar608 said...


Anonymous said...


An axe is a little large for me to carry around. The rican in me knows all about knives but, it would be sissified of me to pull a blade on a lady.


I love your puerto rican/Black ass but I aint going there with you today. I have bigger fish on the menu. You live in NY. Isn't the entire area a landfill?

I know a few Gay men and there's nothing better than the attempt to turn out a str8 guy. They live in Str8 clubs and think that they are inconspicuous. lmao

P.S. I hope that Foxx's special is better than the CD. I was greatly disappointed and thought that he belittled himself.

Just Me

caspar608 said...

Father Smith would definitely say I WAS KEEPING THE FAITH.
Isn't it strange that something I said over twenty years ago while sitting on a car outside of 2305 University Avenue on a stormy day still resonates in your mind as hilarious Hector?
I love you man! You ARE my entire childhood and I am so lucky that you are still a big part of my life. We sure did have fun back then didn't we? Going for joyrides in your Uncle's Hummer sized blue station wagon when neither one of us could hardly see over the dashboard. I'm getting teary eyed. Yup, we were keeping the faith.

caspar608 said...

So you wouldn't pull a blade on me. Thats very nice. Thank you.

Tammy said...

Caspar608 we haven't met yet, but i can't wait to meet you dahling. you sound like kewl peoples! but if you are a friend of hector's you gotta be kewl! mamasaymamasahmama - mah ku sah! as far as the same sex...i think women are beautiful creatures, and i compliment them on a regular basis...as long as they keep their twat out my face! show me the beef!!

Anonymous said...

when I was younger
and had no sense
I put my penis
on an electric fence
it curled my hair
it shocked my balls
it made me shit in my overalls


caspar608 said...

How twataladocious of you to say keep that beaver in the dam!
Its all good. Can't wait to meet you either.
So, does that mean you want the sausage slapping you about the face and head yourself? I personally am not a fan of anyones kitty but my own. And I don't particularly care for beef in the face either, but, hey I am asexual for the time being anyway.

caspar608 said...

anonymous I nearly peed on myself when I read your poem. Was that by Just Me?
Ohhhh. My stomach hurts.
We certainly are a can of mixed nuts ain't we?

Cocoa Rican said...

Cas... what can I tell you?! I met you at the age of 9 and I'll be 37 this year... oh my goodness!!I love you too and the thought of us as the next Thai Babalonia (sp) and Randy Gardner has always brought an instant smile to my face. Yes, I do remember my joy rides when neither of us could see over the dashboard properly... ain't that a blip?! We'd kill the kids if they tried that with our cars today! Hope we can sit around telling these stories well into our golden years!

As for Just Me,
I'm 100% Puerto Rican. The only black in me... well, you guys know the drill... no pun intended. Speaking of gay guys turning straight guys out - that's precisely why I initially mentioned what I did. I'm not one of those guys. Speaking of which, I didn't mention it, but I met two guys at the str8 club Friday night. Enough said.

Holler folks!