Thursday, March 23, 2006

Morning Edition - 3/23/06

Blue Thursday
Ten years ago or so I was sitting in the cafeteria at work, running my mouth as usual, when a handsome red-boned gentleman entered the room and rudely interrupted my conversation. He began talking to the ladies I was eating with, without so much as saying a simple excuse me. Within six months the manner-less man and I were fast friends who shared countless trips to the Caribbean, Costa Rica and the occasional theme party. We had incredible times together that in retrospect formed a bond between us. This isn’t to say that we haven’t had some tumultuous times and that our disagreements haven’t been heart wrenching, but through it all we’ve returned – remarkably to a place better than the one we were previously at. Two years ago, he lost his sister tragically and took on raising his two nieces; a feat that not only showed an enormous amount of courage, but an amazing amount of heart. I am in awe of his boundless growth, his self-less love and his story of triumph in the face of adversity. Today, as he turns 44, I hope the best of life comes to him and recognize that odd as it may seem to many – not the least me – I am proud to call him a friend. Happy Birthday Robert B. – Blue.

Even Me
As I gave advice in the last few weeks on how to make living a priority and recognizing the importance of the little things around us, life was winding-up to throw me a curve ball. The good thing is I drew upon my own advice and recognized that life if not always roses and fuzzy places. There are times when your resolve is tested and you are emotionally and mentally beaten. The great thing is, I know who I am, I know where I stand and most importantly, come what may, I am a survivor who loves my life. In the big scheme picture of my life, the situation is not enough to extinguish my pilot light, but was enough to rattle me. Today, though the issue is unresolved, I am encouraged by how the Lord has leveled me. Life goes on folks and now I can report first-hand that come what may, our lives are truly what we make of them.

Shake It Off
This Friday, Carmen C. is having her monthly after-work dance party. Once again, a group of over 30 folks will gather at La Maganette, on 50th and 3rd Avenue, to party our work stress away. The group begins arriving at La Mag at about 5:30 p.m. With a $10 cover-charge, attendees can expect a free buffet and some R&B, salsa, hip-hop and oldies all night long. So come down, bring a friend and get ready to sweat those troubles away.

On Blast
Pay it forward. Several years ago I was on line at a supermarket in Maryland when I realized I didn’t have my wallet or the money for my groceries. The patron that was ahead of me turned, paid for my groceries and walked away before I could refuse their kindness. When I tried yelling behind them that I could run home to repay them they simply yelled back, “Pay It Forward.” Tell of an experience where a perfect stranger’s act of kindness warmed your heart and restored your belief that there is good in all of us.

Keep passin’ the open window…


Winnie said...

Happy Birthday, Robert!!!!Love you!!!

Tisha said...

Happy Birthday Robert and may you have many, many more! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday you Red Mo-Fo!
keep up the great work


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Robert Dahlink! I'm gonna hit you up and see what you're doing today. How bout lunch?...on me. yeah i no...surprised ain'tcha?!

caspar608 said...

Happy Birthday and many many more happy times to come.
I know so much about you that I feel like I know you...besides Cocoa has excellent taste in his friends so I wish you the best.
God bless you and your little family.
Love, Colleen

donya said...

Happy Birthday Robert. Close your mouth I can be nice to you sometimes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Pay It Forward; here at my job we call it, “Intentional Acts of Love”
One year ago I went out of town to celebrate with a friend; he was opening his own business in S.C. When I arrived at the hotel, a gentle who wasn’t part of the celebration, smiled at me as I was checking in. Throughout my four day stay I saw him repeatedly, always with a smile and an appropriate greeting day for that time of day, Good Morning, etc., with a wonderful southern kind of charm. One night when I return to my suite there was a bottle of red wine with a note that read, “Sorry for the label but, that’s as good as it gets down here in South Caroline”, signed, ext 6018. I thought it was from the friend who I had come to celebrate with that week; at the same time I thought it was weird because my friend did not drink. I never verified the room number as his but I thought who else? Well, at the end of my stay I went to check out and give to “Caesar what was Caesar”; I was informed that my credit card had been reimbursed for my stay and expenses and the bill was paid for in full. There was an envelope attached to my statement. I was so surprised I think I blushed, okay, okay, “burgundied”. All happy and smiles over my friend, whom I had come to celebrate with, paying my bill in full, I put the card in my suitcase so I would have something to read during the plane’s take –off and all the bla, bla.

A storm hits and the airport was shut down for eight hours. When I was able to get on a flight out of the “deep dirty south”, which that town had quickly become since I couldn’t get out of it, there was no carry on luggage space available on the two engine dead trap that was flying me to Florence to catch a real plane home.

Two day later I was back in NY and I remembered the envelope. I found it mashed in the front pocket of my suitcase and it read; “I hope that you enjoyed your stay and just in case you did not the bill is on me. I wish that I could have gotten to know you more than just that beautiful smile passing me in the lobby and halls, maybe next time. Please give me call, Stanley Bla, bla, General Manager of the Bla, bla hotel.
That was so cool…


Anonymous said...

Hey, It's nice to hear from everyone....Specially to hear from those that have moved on from ABA. 'The Crew' still existed in our hearts and mind.

I miss the good times we all shared together and hope for more to come in the future.

Life is an unpredictable roller coaster and living has broken-my-back-mountainous times....but, you know what.....Ain't never been promised a bed of I continue to stand and step forward when I can....

Thanks Peeps....."I'm tearing up" gotta go...

How about Monday bald-headed black beauty....

Donya, Happy belated b-day to you...So, you can be nice.

Tisha, is that you?...My southern bell. How's is my chess champ?

Thanks for the good wishes from all the peeps that I don't know....J'Moo and Colleen

So, this is where everyone has gone....DAM

Love Blue

Anonymous said...

Yo Blue,
You know me, I'll give you a hint; blacque w/ Locs and in NY, LOL
did you figure it out?


Tammy said...

Monday is fine Robert...sniff*...i dont know why i am crying...somehow all of this just touched me.

Tammy said...

Wow, J'Moo that was cool! It musta been your. :-) But if I remember sure do have a purty mouf.

Anonymous said...

J'Moo = Clint, my dread lok brutha from NY....damn.

I can't believe that LIFE went on w/out me....lmao

Where is Angie, Shey, Don and the rest of loved ones......?

CLint, sorry that was NOT a random act of kindness, that was an undercover booty call....You just didn't get it until tooooo ooooo late.

caspar608 said...

Clent, Clent Clent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was love looking you in the face and you kept walking on by like the brother in the Dionne Warwick song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be more aware going forward.

Man I am so jealous!!!!

That was a paid bill, not a pay it forward. Sheesh!

Tammy said...

Yeah, J'Moo for real doh, I thought you were sharper than that. Underneath all those beautiful dreds, and smart just as naive as hell. Stanley blah, blah Hotel Manager was hitting on you baby. Uh, do you still have the card?

Toy said...

I am sooo late! First off, I know I saw you earlier, BUT Happy Birthday Robert, Blue, whateva!!!

Second, hey J'Moo!!!! I miss u! When we gonna cut the rug up again Boo?! Holla at ya girl:-)

Cocoa Rican said...

First, happy b-day you red mutha fukca! All hate aside, you know everything is everything! Who thought we'd still be on this same cruise together...although, every now and again we've been on different decks.

I'm down there on Apr. 13-17 so y'all better be ready for me.

Anonymous said...

for ole time...

Marissa "MJ" said...

Happy Belated B-day Robert! I miss my ABA family!!!