Friday, March 03, 2006

Morning Edition - 3/3/06

A Warm Feeling About Snow
I’ll be the first to admit that as a Puerto Rican man born in August, snow is one of my least favorite things. Tonight, a large group of us will embark on a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where we’ll take on snow, crackling fire chats and some much needed partying. A very special thank you to Evelyn M. for coordinating an event that allows us to escape the stresses of NYC life to a winter wonderland. So let’s have fun and create some memories we can look back on when things get hot back in the Apple.

Sharing Of Yourself; The Risky Plunge
As we get older we find it difficult to share of ourselves with others. I believe the hustle-and-bustle of our everyday lives, combined with the emotional bruising of different relationships leaves us putting up shields. Unfortunately, these shields sometimes prevent us from experiencing life. In December I had some eye-opening experiences that made me make a radical decision. I would live my life without apology and enjoy it. Tomorrow really isn’t promised and the thought that I would live-out my days safe from being hurt, but missing out on everything that makes life worth living, took me to a new point in my life. Since then, I’ve still had those scary moments when that inner defensive voice warns me to steer away from someone or hold back what I feel in a situation, but I’ve fought the voices, I’ve lived with openness and in turn, I’ve felt an emotional rejuvenation that even through physical exhaustion, makes me feel healthier and freer than I’ve felt in years. As we celebrate body beautiful 2006, I’ll share my biggest confidence builder – knowing that win or lose; embarrassment or unabashed passion; I’m living. …hope this tid-bit serves to help you in your challenge.

Long Story Short
Slugger faced his fears and took some inspiration from yours truly to do what he’s wanted to do for years – get a sexy piercing. The new nipple jewelry looks great, but more important, it makes him feel sexier than ever. Clent aka J’Moo posted a blog comment yesterday that all should take a moment to read. He will be participating in GMHC’s AIDS Walk 2006. The undertaking helps folks battling AIDS get help through the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. To donate as little as $1, please visit his sponsor sheet at Congratulations on taking on such a noble cause. Carlos C. visited Puerto Rico last week and returned Tuesday night. His visit was a much needed vacation after a difficult year that included two intensive care hospital stays. Kent, Kent, Kent… yes, every now and again you come across a character quite your opposite that intrigues you into wanting to know more… about them and yourself. Quite the beautiful, intelligent and passionate red-bone brotha, Kent is that deep breath after a long stay under water. Dava B.! Yes, Dava the Diva is a new member of the blogger family and one that is not to be trifled with. My new buddy is quite the firecracker… and a class act to boot. I’m charmed. …looking forward to catching you out on the slopes – or by the fire, knowing our ski skills. Finally, happy birthday momma Yeldell! I know, I’m slightly late, but good Lord, “Ize here!”

On Blast
Our parents are complicated creatures. As we grow older we sometimes stumble across information about our parents that has been deeply buried. Now uncovered, this information sheds new light on who our parents are and why they may have made some of the decisions they’ve made. What one thing have you uncovered about one (or both) of your parents that has painted a clearer picture of who they are today and why they made some of the decisions that baffled you in earlier years?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Just Me said...

I must admit that I did NOT like my mother or father. They were alcoholics and I hated the thought of being around them. My mother was a very intelligent lady that refused to work for anything and only wanted what she could get FREE 'WELFARE'. I hated that she never took care of her kids and never attempted to educate herself. When my father passed, may things about their youth came to light and what their parents expected from them as young adults growing up in the early 50s and 60s. I no longer carry those feelings about my mother and accept her for what she is and decided to be. I have forged my own lifestyle and seek education as a window to the world we live in. I love my mother, but I can only deal with her on my terms. I know that view of my family has created and modified views of my own life and I know that I am HELL on wheels with my own kids and anything less than a college education is UN-acceptable.

I am what I am.....

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject peeps but, Usher has just come OUT. His personal statement and feelings about his bi sexuality is very touching and warm. Let’s pray that the brother’s sharing of himself is a positive thing in his life.


caspar608 said...

Just Me....God Bless You. I too am a child of alcoholism. I know it didn't come easy for you. You are a survivor and a hero.

J'Moo...where is the Usher story?

Cocoa Rican said...

I discovered how much my dad had suffered as a child - even dealing with hunger - because of an irresponsible father. In turn, he has issues (mainly with me, though) on closeness, etc. My mother is a different story...she's just nuts.

On the Usher story, here's what I found:

USHER became the victim of a nasty prank on 1 April (05), when a US radio presenter falsely declared the R&B hunk was bisexual.
As an April Fool's Day joke the nationally syndicated RUSS PARR MORNING SHOW tricked its listeners by announcing the chart-topping singer had "come out" and announced he was bisexual during their broadcast.
During the show, Parr read a statement that he claimed Usher had posted on his website, according to news website EURWEB.
The false statement said, "I feel its time for me to keep it real with my fans. I'm under close scrutiny; people are examining my life, and it's tough for me. It is tough living in this fishbowl. I am a universal supers tar and I know they will accept me for who I am and what I am. My sexuality is not of importance.
"Yes, I have been with both genders. But it doesn't take away from my massive fan base and the talent that they have supported me for over the years."
Parr has since released a statement hoping to calm the chaos, explaining, "The statements made about Usher on Friday April 1st 2005 were merely part of an April Fool's joke. The statement was a part of the joke and was not intended to be taken seriously, nor was it intended to defame Usher or his image." Usher's representative SIMONE SMALLS says, "The station's prank was clearly irresponsible and done in poor taste. Anyone who knows Usher knows that he is not bisexual or gay."

Just Me said...

It amazes me how people are able to turn a blind eye to situations of the heart, many have managed to do it with the question about sacrifice and here we go again. You didn't have the best parents and you are not the best parent. All that we can do is give it our best shot and hope that our kids understand that we've given it our best and that there is no patent on life or is it that many of us are living the exact same life that our parents lived and bringing those harsh memories to life would be to view what we've done in our own life.... Hummmm?

Cocoa Rican said...

Just Me... you know folks get side-tracked sometimes... don't get sensitive :)

Anyone who knows me and knows my parents, is aware of the obvious hardships I've endured at the hands of those two ball-busters. LOL

Tammy said...

...and the hardships they've endured raising your ball bustin azz. can we say "grandma"?!!!

Tammy said...

Clent the page is not allowing me to donate less than $25.00. I wanna help baby but I dont have $25.00. When I tried to put the amount in that I was donating, it tells me to please put in an amount equal to or more than $25.00. I dont know what to do?