Friday, March 31, 2006

Morning Edition - 3/31/06

Because Maybe You’re Just Dumb
First, mainland China banned Brokeback Mountain from their theaters. Then, Turkey prohibited all viewers under age 18 from viewing the film. Now, tourist-attraction Bahamas has banned the movie from all theaters in the islands of the Bahamas. The Plays and Films Control Board in the Bahamas said the film “shows extreme homosexuality, nudity and profanity and has no value for the Bahamian public.” Will someone please tell me what “extreme homosexuality” is? Brokeback Mountain has received numerous awards, including three Oscars. Censorship assumes adults cannot make educated choices regarding what they want to see.

Charged With Killin’ That Ass
Christopher Youngblood of Ben Wheeler, Texas was charged with 23 counts of felony animal abuse and one count of driving with a suspended driver’s license after he was pulled over in Florida and found to be carrying 44 donkeys in his trailer. Of these, 23 of the donkeys were dead after trampling each other to death. Youngblood is still being jailed and has not been assigned an attorney.

Busta a Busted Homophobe?
If you detest black folks you’re not likely to be found dining at Sylvia’s in New York City. If the thought of hangin’ with Asians disgusts you, you may want to steer clear of Chinese restaurants. So, why was Busta Rhymes said to have gone off on a gay man who tapped his shoulder to congratulate him while he was dining with two of his bodyguards at the 11th Street Diner in Miami Beach? The eyewitness who reported the alleged incident says Busta was dining at the diner, located steps from gay club Twist, when a gay man dining at the establishment approached Busta to congratulate him on his comeback venture. When he tapped Rhymes, the artist turned around and said, “Why the fuck you touchin’ me man? Get the fuck away from me?” It was then that Rhymes bodyguards allegedly shoved the man back. Busta was then said to say, “I hate fuckin’ faggots man!” Oddly, the diner was packed with gays and transvestites who frequent the diner after visiting the gay nightclubs. Ironically, Rhymes was caught-up in rumors alleging he had gay interactions in the past.

On Blast
Stop frontin’… you have an issue, question or commentary that’s just too raw for reality TV. You’ve thought it, you’ve felt it, you’ve lived it, but you know it’s not politically correct to voice it. Today we ask you to hit that “Anonymous” button in the “Comments” area and give it to us straight up. Ask it, voice it, say it, but keep it real. If you’re feeling bold – go ahead and keep your name there… all others, it’s not about knowing who you are today, but knowing what you’re thinking.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Since NYC transit is trying to ruin my life with insane delays, you know I’m just charged and ready with gripes this morning.

First, if you’re wondering why my IPod is blaring my favorite tunes so early in the morning and you feel kind-of irritated by it, just think of what everyone around you feels like listening to you run your mouth non-stop with your girlfriend. You don’t really think we like the sound of your grating voice, do you?

To the fat and unappealing bitch who always has something to say about everyone around her – take note: when you live in a glass house you shouldn’t lean on the walls – translation: take a look at your fat/ugly ass and learn that it’s not in your best interest to be nice, it’s actually required.

To the victims of bad relationships who can never get over the person they broke up with even though they really fucked your life up – stop being a damn ass! See, you may love the fool forever, but geez get a back-bone, some self respect and some wherewithal to go on with your life – or just keep fuckin’ the jerk and being a victim until he puts you in the ground… but keep that shit to yourself.

Can someone please teach your dumb ass to ride an escalator? See, the way it works is simple – if you want to stand there and not move when you get on the thing, simply step to the right. If you choose the left side you must walk down the moving escalator. People have places to go and we’re tired of lookin’ at the back of your nappy head wondering why you don’t have any fuckin’ sense.

To the folks who actually see the inside of a gym. Let’s address some locker etiquette. If you see many lockers with locks on them, they are probably occupied, which means these folks will be coming back to these lockers to change. Put your shit somewhere else, so we’re not on top of each other trying to get it together when we’re done. I don’t want to squat in front of your nasty, funky ass.

My car is not public transportation. If I pick you up at your door and drop you off at your door it stands to reason that we’re NOT even if you buy me a beer and I get the next round. How about buying my next round at the gas pump bitch?!

If it’s a chain e-mail, requires me to send it in a time-frame to reap the benefits of receiving my wishes, etc. – DON’T SEND ME THE DAMN THING. I don’t want to be the weak link in your chain, but I swear to your mother, I’m not forwarding it.

petite morceau said...

Lordy Lord, there are so many comments that I want to make but it's Friday and my brains are fried. Still, I'll give it a go...

It is simply ridiculous for any country to ban any movie. Shouldn't each invididual adult be able to decide which movie they want to watch? Who the hell are the governments to dictate what their citizens may or may not watch?

I can understand it if it happened in Muslim countries as they restrict your every move in order to keep you under their control.


Anonymous said...

What do I want to get out there....

Several things.....
Stop wearing a weave that not only is made of nylon (regardless of whether or not the package in the Korean Beauty store says it is made from 100% human hair - trust ITS FAKE) but STINKS to the House of the Lord because you don't know how to wear a shower cap. Mold and mildew cause lung disease. The smell from your weave is moldy and nasty. Take the weave out and let your natural hair grow. AND STOP SMACKING THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD WHEN IT will give yourself a brain tumor.

Retarded drivers of America that don't know how to signal when they switch lanes....I hope you smash your shit up into a million little pieces and your insurance skyrockets to 1000 times more than what normal drivers pay - just because you are an inconsiderate buffoon.

If I call you an animal, it has nothing to do with your race. It has everything to do with how you behave. Animals don't clean up after themselves, have no consideration for others, and live for themselves. Act like an animal and I will call you out. Don't scream racism if you act like the asshole of a rhinoceros. PERIOD.

Women with multiple babies daddies who never married any of them...bitch please admit that you were trying to make that money take that money ain't no way you can take it from me...and then get your shit together, RAISE your children and make sure that the paycheck you collect in child support from each of your babies daddies goes to the needs of each child. Do something dignified with your life for a change. You already have that 4 bedroom Section 8 apartment that you only pay $250 a month for....go back to school and learn how to do something besides fuck every man you meet in the club.

People everywhere stop minding your business when the children next door look beat down and malnourished. Step up and GET INVOLVED. We are all in a lot of trouble if we don't start paying attention to what's important in life.

Thats all for now.

Anonymous said...

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