Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Morning Edition - 7/11/06

Hang Man; Well, Hang Gay Man
Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were 17 years old when the Iranian government put them to death by hanging, for what insiders say, was consensual gay sex. Since their July 2005 hanging as many as 14 other men have been put to death for the same reason. Iran has said the young men were put to death for kidnapping and rape to avoid embarrassment at their inability to eradicate homosexual behavior. On July 19, Outrage and International Day Against Homophobia, two groups strongly opposed to Iran’s anti-gay stand, have scheduled protests against Iran and its barbaric practices.

Black Killer
The number one killer of black men and women is lung cancer. It is estimated that black men are 50% more likely to develop lung cancer than their white counterparts. Even more disturbing is that smoking among black high school students has increased close to 80%, while white high school students showed just a 28% increase. Black men in New York City are said to be twice as likely to die of prostate cancer as their white counterparts – don’t ask me why, but just thinking about it makes me sore when I sit. Holding death-spot number two for black women is breast cancer. Here, New York showed black women were less likely to die of breast cancer than white women. Some attribute the phenomenon on better healthcare and screening involving Big Apple black women. Weight also plays a key role in accelerating some of these diseases; 64% of black women are said to be overweight.

Hot Shorts to Chill
Okay, maybe I’m too old to get risqué with the hot shorts and tank tops. Strangely, this summer wasn’t about what I was too old for or what I should drop and let go. This season is a let-go season filled with recapturing fun – well, recapturing it with some maturity. Last Saturday and Sunday the old crew partied like we were 20-something again. True, I should have nixed the Sunday party – especially when it got me home at 5 a.m. with just one hour to nap before getting ready for the office. Normally this would cause a deep-seated regret anchored in exhaustion, but this time around it was an exciting weekend packed with old-school laughs and walks down memory lane that even featured some of the old cast of characters. The weekend ended with a heart-felt conversation that gave credence to the hindsight is 20-20 theory. Looking back on over 20-years of life’s dramatic incidences we didn’t know whether to laugh ourselves into unconsciousness or cry with repentance at some of youth’s ignorant decisions. Saturday night the hot shorts created quite a stir and as I walked passed a full length mirror I saw a man that was having a great time and shucks… I still was pulling-off the look – guess the difference is that the guy looking back at me was a grown man.

On Blast
The man/woman that you are… We’ve come such a long way. We’ve had some incredible laughs and some earth shattering sorrows. If you could identify the one great memory that warms your soul and the one horrific incident that extinguished the flame in your heart, what would you say they are? How have each of those extreme emotions affected you to this day?

Keep passin ‘the open windows…


Bad Girl :-( said...

One memory that will always stick with me was the first time I experimented with “the tab” also known as “tripping”. The government name for this is actually LSD/Mescaline. The effect that this drug gives is hallucinations, a feeling of paralysis and of course with me an uncontrollable laughter. Anyway getting back to the memory, one evening my girlfriend Lisa and I went to the park to buy some tabs. We immediately took them and it was our first experience. It took about 30 minutes for the tab to actually start working. At this time we are hanging out when we saw a couple of our friends walking. We stop to chat and then we were introduced to two guys. Guy number one had 4 fingers and was missing his thumb and the other guy was a midget. Of course under any other circumstances I would just say hello but since I was tripping I started to have this uncontrollable laughter. I could not even look at the midget. I started to say things like “waz up shorty” and “I’ll race you”. Of course these guys knew we were tripping and took it all in. As I was enjoying my trip I suddenly notice that Lisa was crying. I went over to her and ask her what was wrong and why she was crying. She said because guy number one “didn’t have a thumb”. Of course I’m laughing, she is hysterically crying. So when guy number one came over to f*ck with her regarding his missing thumb she went from crying to a paranoia state. She started to run around in circles and screaming that the shadows on the floor were chasing her. Too make a long story short we spent the rest of the night in the emergency room and that was NOT FUNNY!!.

Cocoa Rican said...

Whew… let’s see…

My fondest memory:
Turning 30 and walking in to my surprise party in MD. There were friends there from NY, DC, MD, VA and PA. I was floored that everyone made their way down to my house to surprise me. I remember being completely overwhelmed by such an incredible showing. Never had a party like it before or since.

My most heartbreaking moment:
After discovering she had terminal leukemia, I stayed by my grandma’s side until the day she passed. I remember receiving the phone call from my sister and can still recall the tone of her voice. I arrived at the hospital to my grandma’s side to hold her lifeless hand. I remember having tears roll down my face, but feeling this eerie calm. I knew she was okay. She looked so peaceful and felt so warm. I remember thinking I had never experienced such an enormous feeling of loss.

Okay Bad Girl... I laughed so hard... I remember those days of trippin' on Mes... Lawd help me I remember... LOL

Tammy said...

bad girl baby...i dont mean to laugh at you but that chit was funee!!! i too rememba my trippin days...crawlin up a flight of stairs that neva seemed to end...scared of my girlfriend cause she was tryin to reach out to me to help her, and laughin at my cousin cause he was crawlin behind me. girl you bought back some memories!! Thank God we grew up and away from experimentation!!!

One of my fondest memories is alot like hectors. I too was surprised while living in Virginia Beach and having a surprise birthday party at my favorite club when my bestest friend in the world from DC showed up which was the best surprise of all, we had not seen one another for years. I cried like a baby and then partied like an animal!!! My worse memory is Camille...my sweet cousin who left us way to soon (in her 30's). Although her beautiful funny spirit still shows up from time to time. She always did like attention. :-)I love you Camille.

caspar608 said...

Bad Girl, you made me pee on myself at my desk.

I had an experience like that with my first blunt, smoked around the corner from Bronx Community College in my best friends Pontiac Grand Am with my homey Craig. We were doing the puff puff pass and then Kim and Craig were getting greedy and I started seeing things in pass, present and future. My heart was beating in three's and the two amigos claimed at one point I got out of the car and mooned them both. I remember crying and then Kim was driving and we picked up one of Craigs friends and I threw up in the back seat of Kims car and she pulled over and everyone ran out of the car on the highway and lefy me stinkin in the back seat. We were in a complete haze. It was crazy.
I never smoked again after that.

But it certainly was not the worst.

There is nothing worse than holding a dead child, especially when the child is your own. I don't know how I came out of that to tell you the truth. I am sure the antidepressants had something to do with it....but it was both terrible and spiritual at the same time. I held my son so close to me and smelled his essence and his warm body and felt that he was finally free from suffering. I know he watches over me with God...different little situations tell me that he is watching....like when I would run out of money I would find 20's or 50's in the street....right in front of me...NO LIE. Or the time I played his birthday digits on his birthday and WON. Yes, WON. Enough money to have a lovely celebration in his memory with his two older brothers. But that feeling of holding his little body while it was still so warm and smelled like cookies - that feeling will never leave me. I loved that little man so.

The best was giving birth to all of my children. Seeing them and touching them for the first time. Especially my daughter who came after my son died. She was so big and healthy and strong and just beautiful. A whole head of curly black hair - she looked like a little Josephine Baker. And that child never cried and slept through the night right up until I made the mistake of putting her in a ghettofied daycare center where they let her sleep all day long. She was the healer of my broken heart.

I have had a lot of ups and downs, joys and sorrows in my lifetime. But I have always been blessed and cared for by God.

Marissa "MJ" said...

OMG BAD GIRL! I think that was the funniest story, I heard in a long time....LMAO, LOL

I think my fondest moment was giving birth to my wonderful children, I never realize until they were born, how much I could love someone.