Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Morning Edition - 7/19/06

Off Target
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) held their 97th Annual Meeting which also shares a report card of businesses and their efforts to employ, invest and charitable giving in the black community. This year the most disturbing surprise comes from retail giant Target. Target neglected to submit a survey furnished by the NAACP and has not answered calls from the group. Now, the NAACP has asked that blacks not give the retailer any of their business until they respond to questions regarding their minority efforts. Forty percent of Target employees are minorities, 23% of whom are part of their management staff. Target responded by saying that their diversity efforts are inclusive of all races and cultures and they would not respond to a survey that only focused on blacks.

Rock the Boat…Don’t Tip the Boat Over
Carnival Cruise Lines, Crown Princess, was leaving its port in Florida heading home to its port in Brooklyn, New York, when it nearly tipped over on its side. Approximately 84 passengers were injured – two critically. This was the fourth voyage the Princess had taken since it first set sail over one month ago. Ironically, the 113,000-ton ship was christened by Martha Stewart.

You’ve Got Mail – Lots of It
Young folks are leading the trend to come away from e-mail and focus more on the immediate gratification that comes from IM and Text messaging. Reports are finding that e-mail is fast becoming the new snail-mail. Outside of the work or school environment, folks are quickly finding that Text messaging and IM provides efficient, instant communication without the need for formality. At the risk of endorsing the movement, I’ve quickly become a Text Messaging addict and have replaced telephone and e-mail communication with Text Messaging with even my closest friends. It’s fast, efficient, concise and inconspicuous; allowing you to talk to friends and family even while sitting in an important meeting.

On Blast
With African Americans spending over $723 billion dollars per year and Hispanic Americans spending over $686 billion dollars per year, it stands to reason that retailers need to take investing in minority communities seriously. Should minorities heed the NAACP call to veer away from retailers – such as Target – who refuse to address our communities and our concerns? In today’s easy-access mindset, do minorities have the unifying-message-sending power to boycott organizations by withholding their retail dollars? Do young minorities understand the power of their dollars?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Just Me said...

We, minorities, have no clue to the power we possess. If we can't uplift out own friends (crabs in a barrel) and neighbors, how can we all come together to make be unified force? We continue to let the Man tell us all the HOW's, When's, Where's of our existence. We relegate ourselves to live at this level of existence, not them. We need to learn to push ALL of our people to higher levels and speak positivity into each other's life. Don’t be jealous that he/she makes more than I. You've decided your own level and quit wanting things handed to yo azz. Get up and work hard to your blessings.
Some one will soon break through these glass ceilings and many more will follow thru.....

And quit allowing your dam kids to disrespect another adult. Beat some azz

Just my opinion

Cocoa Rican said...

I see the issue of unification or boycotting as a difficult one for today’s young minorities. Unfortunately, minority youth see themselves as part of the greater whole – just Americans – and therefore see no need in joining the larger minority population to flex our retail-dollar power. To give you a clearer picture – if the issue of the Rosa Parks-incited bus boycott happened today rather than the 60s, Takeema would say that she ain’t walkin’ to work just cuz Rosa had some problem on a bus; thereby completely undermining the bus boycott. Today, retail giants and designers alike are comfortable making off-color statements about our culture and our buying habits because they know we’ll still support them and spend our money with them. Our lack of cohesion as a culture undermines our desire to quickly level the playing field. Money is power. It will take all of us recognizing this to effect a change in business as it relates to minorities.

…and Just Me….CHEESE ON BREAD….. what the heck are you saying? Slow it down my brotha… otherwise we need a translator.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ everything Just Me said, but one question to all. How can our children respect others when the parents aren't respecting themselves and teaching their children to respect themselves? I would like to add that I am not mad at Target for not addressing the NAACP's survey. It should have included all minorities and not just the blacks.

Just Me said...

Ms/Mr. Anonymous
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is focused on Black efforts, not minorities in general.

Please let’s don't digress from the issue. What do kids have to do with’s stay focused.

MzDeeJones said...

I'm not surprised by Target's response. I walked away from an eye-opening stint in civil rights enforcement that left me demoralized and disgusted WITH MY OWN PEOPLE. We operate at a pathological level of greed and hypocrisy that is far more disturbing that anything I've seen from folks outside the race.

We need to check how we treat EACH OTHER before we chastise others for their conduct.

caspar608 said...

case in point, Oprahs refusal to have gangster rappers on her show who dehumanize sisters in their videos (albeit, the skeezers in their videos are allowing themselves to be objectified and dehumanized, but they DO NOT represent all of the sisters out there.) It wasn't until OPrah put her foot down that people started sitting up and paying attention. Now the movement is getting a little more fire under it and folks with some self respect are saying " You know what? This is some bulls.. and I am not going to allow my children to listen to this crap!" Target is a FRENCH company y' wasn't too long ago that the black communities in FRance were rioting because of FRench policy and laws (ain't it funny how the media didn't saturate us all with that story?). Not only that, Target has sweatshops that employs 5 year olds for crying out loud. WHy is anyone surprised that they have taken a very boujois position on this issue?

Just the other day, I walked into a Quick Check to order some sandwiches for my kids in preparation for a day at the beach. I walked to the back of the story and stared filling cups full of slushies...(it was 110 out that day mind you). Next thing I knew, a crew of about six young ones were behind me anxiously awaiting the completion of what turned out to be a project. I was actually going to buy them all slushies until things got UGLY. One of them said, "why this cracker taking so long" and then they all started acting like complete zoo escapees. SO I backed up and try to remove myself from the situation. An elderly employee came over to adjust the machines and they went berzerk. I got the ringleader - who was about 12 - and I said, does your mother know that you beahve this way when you walk out of the house? SHow your elders some respect. HE wasted no time in telling me to get the f&*% out of his face....that I Was a white b*&^% etc. I WENT OFF. I LOST IT. THey were acting like animals and I wasted no time telling them the same. Two ignorant african americans at the deli counter then asked me why I was referring to them as animals (these were well dressed grown folks) and I asked them if they were blind to the fact or just RETARDED. But before you answer, let me call my son into the store. IN walked my 6'2" baby who was unmistakably african american. Now, before you morons try to make this into a racial incident, you need to open up your eyes and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Now, the ringleader, thought he could take my son, who was looking atthem like he was ready to rip them all apart....then he proceeds to act like he has been watching too many Tupac videos and kicks it into full gear. He was going to get him son (my rode and joy) proceeded to tell him to go home and get his SEction 8 living, food stamp using Mother and then they could both go to County lock up together but she should bring a spare bra for his fat ass because his titties were bigger than the woman behind the deli counter. THe laughter of all the sane people in the store basically drove the little bastards away.

Unfortunately we all bear the burden of individuals who do not properly aprent thie children. EIther by being subjected to their abuse in grocery stores or by paing for their stint in the COunty juvenile facility.

SO, its bigger than TARGET. Target is just a target. We need to work on our communities to be able to annihilate the Targets of the world.

Anonymous said...

My 41 year old sister is an example of what's wrong with our young men: attention hungry single "mothers" who conduct themselves like semen dumps forany man who will look at them. Their interest in their children, especially their sons, is limited to buying clothes and food, PERIOD.

Mama (because ain't no daddy around) is too busy sucking up all the attention to provide any to those they are charged with rearing.

Anonymous said...

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