Monday, July 17, 2006

Morning Edition - 7/17/06

It’s How I Know
by Cocoa Rican

From the first look
To the coldest moments
It’s how I know

When I think of the great times
Or am shattered by the bad times
It’s how I know

When I’m having a party with friends
And all I think about is you
It’s how I know

From the lovers that kiss longingly
To the partners arguing in the street
It’s how I know

When the touch of someone else repels me
And the very thought of your finger tips on my skin touches my soul
It’s how I know

Your scent makes me high
The taste of you makes me drunk
Your body makes me full
It’s how I know

What makes me happiest is the thought that I am your closest confidant
That no matter what our lives place in our path, you know I’m loyal
It’s how I know

When I think of a beach, the sun shining and a cool drink
When old age creeps into my bones and my body creeks with wear
I look to my side through my mind’s eye and I see you
It’s how I know

Because we can’t have everything in life
Because we can’t choose who we love
Because we can’t make anyone love us in return
Because none of these things matter when I think about you in my heart
It’s how I know

There has to be another lifetime
This has to be the dress rehearsal
Everyone else I meet is an understudy

It's how I know
It’s how I know
It’s how I know that I love you

On Blast
What makes YOU know? What about the person you love (loved) was the defining moment to let you know that you truly love (loved) them?

Keep passin' the open windows...


caspar608 said...

I knew I loved the person when I allowed him back into my home after he slandered me for his own personal gain. Spoke lies and sent me to a foreign country with his children just so his younger piece would still deal with him...I must have loved him.

Or been out of my mind. MAybe a little of both.

Lovely poem Cocoa. I will be on the beach in a little while. : )

Just Me said...

You know,
When your heart has been broken and you accept the apology without question

When your willing to loose family and friends for the love your heart suspends

when you walk down the street and loose track of where and what you were doing, you know

when you lay in bed and take out that old shirt that has that ever so faint scent of them, You know

You know when your heart skips a beat at the chance you might be in their presence.

You know,
you know,
you know,

Your heart truly knows, it never dies.

Anonymous said...

I knew and still know when just the sight of him brings me to tears! It is a feeling of happiness and pride that is unexplainable.

Cocoa Rican said...

Here’s the kicker… I wrote today’s poem on Saturday morning, after watching a movie called Loveletter. As the credits rolled up the screen, I felt myself tearing up and overwhelmed with emotion. No, the movie isn’t that deep, but there was something about it that tugged at my heart strings. I couldn’t shake the sense that there’s so much we don’t allow ourselves to feel, to say, to experience. We spend so much time protecting ourselves from being hurt, that we don’t get to fully accept our true emotions. I owned-up to my feelings, quickly put down my rawest emotions and before my “shields” could come up to hit delete, I saved the poem. Last night, right before going to bed I thought I’d share it with my group of friends. At first, I thought the poem would render me too exposed… it was like being naked in front of my pals… then I realized that this was the very thing that made the poem so special. It is real, raw and true. It’s okay to love. …and it’s very freeing to realize it’s easier to love when you expect NOTHING in return.

On Blast: When I realize that regardless of how phine, well-spoken, rich, endowed or charming anyone I meet is… I always WANT you.

Anonymous said...

When i look into his eyes i see our story...our history...past and present...although it's been a rocky road, i love loving him!

I plan on sharing your poem...thank you honey!!!



Love is totally irrational;its spontaneous; sometimes inconvenient, and mosttimes its uncontrollable. But yet its the most hopeful happy harmony in all of us. Its that one true emotion that we should allow ourselves to feel.

Anonymous said...

I knew when he touched my hand to escort me to the dance floor. I knew when we would walk down the street, he walked on the outside and made sure that I was protected. I knew when he took his hat off of his head when he entered my home. I knew when 2 weeks of dating I get a call from my mother that she needs to go to the hospital. Instead of taking me back to my car, he drove me 20 miles to my mom's home, then to the emergency room and stayed for 5 hours until she was released. To this date no matter how many mountains and valleys we've overcome I still know.

Anonymous said...

When he falls asleep with his mouth slightly open...
When he calls me from across the room without saying a word...
When weather, place and time dosen't matter...
It's when I roll over in the middle of the night reaching for him and he is reaching for me and we hold each other tight, It's how I know everything will be alright.


Tammy said...

when he gained a little weight, and developed a pot belly, and i looked at him and still thought he was sexy, and wanted to do him. its when i knew.

Anonymous said...

well alright tammy-girl!

kimmicee said...

That poem was beautiful. And it speaks of true love. I don't even know how to explain to you how I know. It's everything about him from all of his wonderful qualities to all of his flaws. I just know. And I'm think I'm going to call him right now and tell him so!