Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Before the Panicked Rush Begins

I'm a firm believer in doing all that's within your power to keep your job - including battling mass transit delays to get to work, but the stress New Yorkers exhibit trying to make their way to the office, I believe, rivals the panic of any other city in America. I'm learning to be still and breathe deeply believing that I'm precisely where I am supposed to be at any given moment. Sometimes I think we're rushing to the grave. Stop and consider that your delay may be divinely scheduled. You may be surprised to discover that your disturbed commute is the buffer between you and disaster.

Keep passin' the open windows..


Ty said...

I could have really used this about an hour ago as I fought traffic trying to get here to the office. Maybe I would have stopped and at least picked up the old lady that I hit. LOL. JK.

Achilles said...

This is true. I hate to use this as an example but the people who worked at the World Trade Center were probably upset they were stuck in traffic and were late to work on Sept 11, 2001 until they realized that being late that morning actually saved their lives.