Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Place

As I converse with friends and hear reactions to Oprah's Whitney Houston interview, I'm again grateful to where the Lord allows my spirit to be today. Was Whitney lying, covering, revealing or dodging? To be honest I felt, like many of us, she told as much of the truth to paint the picture she wanted portrayed. She understands that the obvious lies and omissions will no longer go over well with a public that has prayed for her deliverance and was smacked with her indifference in previous years. To effect a comeback she had to give what some felt they needed to hear. To simply see her recovered and doing well just wouldn't do. Yet the criticisms persist. We can't please everyone. I'm happy by Whitney's apparent place today - mentally, physically and spiritually. I recognize that my place is to enjoy her gift and leave all other speculations regarding her personal experience to her and the higher power in her life. I accept that her gift is what has been shared with me and that her celebrity is what her public has imposed.

Keep passin' the open windows...


thegayte-keeper said...

I TOTALLY agree with you...

Anonymous said...

uh, her "celebrity" is what made her millions and were it not for her "celebrity" you would never know here gift.

you sing better than she, so while its nice you are happy for her, while its kind that you not judge her...just know, that I think you are BETTER than her. A BETTER person, BETTER looking, a BETTER singer, a BETTER human being.

We need to be as forgiving of our own flaws as we are of these icons who have been put on pedastals for finally revealing their "humanity"...they enjoy being worshipped like gods...don't let the false humility and revelations fool you.

Only person should be on a pedastal is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. Everyone else, He died to save.

She was bored with herself, so she got high e'ryday.

I still love the bish though. Sure do. : )