Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips; Okay You Win

Yesterday's Oprah Show finally saw the queen of talk-and-one-upmanship frustrated with her inability to do Mackenzie Phillips one better after Phillips revealed that her childhood drug use and her incestuous relationship with her father, legendary John Phillips, started since her tender age of about 11. Mac's new book, High on Arrival, details the actor's start on drugs, her sexual encounter with Mick Jagger and her 10-year off-and-on sexual tryst with her dad. Throughout the show O appeared disgusted and uncomfortable at times asking questions that could have been phrased in a kinder, softer way. The relief for our Lady of Daytime came when surprise guest and former One Day At A Time cohost, Valerie Bertinelli joined Mac on stage to support her during this difficult revelation. Mac says that the book and subsequent interviews should unearth the hushed issue of incest that she believes oftentimes strives to protect the reputation of the abuser.

On Blast
Should the issue of incest be discussed openly, as it was in Mackenzie Phillip's book, or should this issue have remained within the walls of her family unit?

Keep passin' the open windows...


Anonymous said...

why is it ok for Oprah to discuss being repeatedly fucked by a family member until he impregnanted her ass...which led to her issues with food...which led to several failed relationships...which led to dangerous crash dieting....which led to more eating and severe obesity...which led to episodes on her show that were similar to Maury and Jerry Springer...which led to more eating...which led to dieting and running marathons...which led to a book club...which led to a school in South Africa where the little girls were being raped and abused by headmasters...which led to more eating...

MacKenzie just happens to be a skinny white girl who is addicted to every drug under the sun (food is a drug for those who are addicted to it like Oprah) who turned to drugs because her father was fucking her.

Sounds raw, right?
The truth is raw.
Nah, let the truth out.
Expose demons and shit.
I do not care who it was that did it to you. EXPOSE.

And Oprah has no business looking at anyone like they are saying too much. She kills me with her new age bullshit sometimes.

No Oprah. You arent better than anyone...just a hell of a lot richer...but youre still miserable even with all of that money you surround yourself with...get off that donkey you've been riding around on too because you aint the Messiah either. Bitch.


That Dude Right There said...

I think it should be exposed, but then again, i've never discussed my molestation because I don't want to open old wounds.

~Kahlua~ said...

Wow @ Cas...don't hold back girl...tell us how you REALLY feel! LOL

I think it's up to the individual who was violated to decide whether to "out" themselves or the long as it's going to help the victim in the longrun. I think it NEEDS to be discussed openly--cause like Mac said....this is HAPPENING all over the place and nobdoy else is talking about it. Awareness needs to be at the forefront and I hope once her bitch step-mother stops trying to protect the fame of the Mama's & The Papa's she'll get off Mac's back and support her in her TRUTH.