Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Really Isn't a Contradiction

I haven't looked back on them, but throughout the years, I’ve had several blog posts that dealt with my reconciling my religious beliefs with my sexual orientation. As I watched yesterday's Tyra Show I was reminded of the ignorance, condescension and ungodly characteristics so prevalent in Christian churches. It stands to reason that folks who spend so much time close to the word of God and attending church services should be God filled and ready to impart that love to those around them. More often than not they are judgmental and ready to preach hell and brimstone; their interpretation of the Bible apparently fitting their lives perfectly, but sadly demanding that everyone else change some facet of their life to fit their belief of the word. What I ask all Christians to do is to believe in God, reflect his love and consider if they would serve God if HELL wasn't part of the equation. You see, when you serve God because you are appreciative of his son's sacrifice on the cross rather than the threat of the burning embers of hell, you can share his loving sacrifice with the world without looking down your nose at any of God's children. Reflect God and goodness and leave the relationship others have with God to them. You see, being Christian and gay isn’t a contradiction, but being Christian and judgmental is.

Keep passin the open windows...


Ty said...

This is why I am so happy to be at an affirming church. I love it. I can be who God made me to be and not what man tells me they think I should be.

Rehoboth Temple Christ Conscious Church

kennyking78 said...

Well all right Cocoa. Now that's church!

Caspar608 said...

its no more of a contradiction than some foul moufed bish who has the nerve to sing in the choir on Sundays.
its no more of a contradiction than some priest or rabbi who molests little children
its no more of contradiction than a soldier sent to Iraq who is being ordered to maim, murder destroy
its no more of a contradiction than people who use abortion as a means of birth control
its no more of a contradiction than doing drugs, drinking, or using other substances to destroy your body...

see, what I believe many people have forgotten in a rush to defend themselves is this...

The New Testament does not day good deeds will get you to heaven...behavior can be modified and corrected...God forgives...

the path to heaven is open when you BELIEVE Jesus died for you to be forgiven for whatever it is that offends God.

Belief. Thats the REAL ticket.

So fuck what everyone else says, or thinks or contradicts.

Just believe...and believe with your whole heart...that you are loved, that you are forgiven, because they God that formed and fashioned you with His hands...the God who knew who you were BEFORE you were even the God who will accept you, love you, forgive you...provided you believe the Son of Man died for you.

Its a lot easier than people make it SEEM.