Friday, May 11, 2007

Morning Edition - 5/11/07

Exhaustion & Anxiety
I’ll admit that I have the habit of adding more to my plate when I know I have plenty on there already. It’s almost a competitive feeling that I can pull off what needs to get done, overcome the difficult obstacles to emerge victorious on the other side. I am now one week and one day from my move and haven’t packed a single stitch of anything. So, what would you say is my weekend plan? I’m packing, cleaning, shopping for and installing blinds, cleaning the new place and packing a separate bag for my vacation; all while lining up my ducks for my day-after-the-move NY AIDS Walk. Yes, that nauseous feeling is hitting me hard, but I can do this – and with the help of my boi J’Moo and the Zen master Leona – not to forget to mention my workhorse Slugger – I will pull this off.

The Antifashionista
Oh am I ever good at telling everyone else what they should and shouldn’t wear. I can even pick stuff that looks great on me – when I shop that is. The thing is, I don’t’ care for shopping, could care less about a label and just like to be comfy when I’m not in my office monkey suit. With my vacation just over a week away, it was time to buckle down and buy the new bathing suits, a few lounge outfits and some who-took-sexy-anywhere outfits. I’ll admit it…I took the easy route. I jumped on to and and bought some fun, cute and yeah-you’ve-had-two-Iced-Teas-and-you-want-some-of-this get-ups. Let’s hope that when they’re delivered they fit right or I’ll have to resort to the old hooker-wear of yesteryear.

At Issue; If It’s Legal Is It Our Business?
A popular minority gay men’s adult website who was alleged to be acting irresponsibly in Chicago moved to a Miami residential neighborhood and continued filming and posting their adult entertainment for the masses before being discovered by their neighbors. The story has garnered some media attention – not massive, since most of you straight readers outside of the Miami area have probably never heard of the story. What appears to be at issue is that the employees of the adult website (young minority men) were found to be engaging in unsafe behavior and a correlation was found between the employees and a rash of HIV and STD infections in the Chicago area. All said, there are various issues at hand:
1. Many feel that the ethnicity of the man behind this operation (a White man) who is profiting from the exploitation of the minority young men is a key point. Personally, I feel Black, White, Latino or Asian – exploitation is exploitation.
2. The young men are still – MEN. We have a responsibility to educate them and inform them, but do we have the right to control their behavior? Can we demand that they engage in safer sex practices?
3. Shouldn’t this adult website be offered the same rights and processes as others have in similar jurisdictions? A Florida court in a similar case ruled that if the acts taking place in the residence and broadcast on the web did not promote activity in or around the residence and did not solicit activity in the residential area where they are filmed, then they may continue to operate, since their customers – those buying the web movies and pics – are strictly online.
To be clear, I don’t condone unsafe sex and the spread of disease. I do not believe young minority men should be exploited for cash. I am heartbroken to hear of more young men becoming infected because of their ignorance. I simply believe that we have the RIGHT to educate, to inform and to empower – not provide hypocritical censorship when many of those feigning rage are the very folks who are customers (or at least voyeurs) of the site.

On Blast
Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is you. Before buying the holier-than-thou ticket to join the bandwagon you have to review the facts in their entirety to see if you want to take the ride. Why isn’t the general population outraged by the multibillion dollar internet porn industry? Do you know of anyone (wink, wink) in your close circle who partakes in this form of entertainment?

Keep passin’ the open windows….


Anonymous said...

Lets just put it all out there NOW.
I am staging a one woman intervention.....

Cocoa, honey, leave the porn a-lone. Your love life is exciting enough.

If R. Kelley can take a whiz all over young 15 year olds and stil not be in jail, why should anyone cry about this incident?

Tammy said... man looks at porn on line. free porn, he to cheap to pay. and we both love porn there! leave porn alone...leave porn alone!!! as long as it doesnt involve children and animals.

The Captain said...

When people appease the finite moment of self-satisfaction and indulgence, you will also share in those consequences. Homosexuals will learn their lesson soon enough that not mastering your sexual nature can cause more harm than good for your own body, relationships and before God. Since you want to use the right to educate and empower, don't start with condom education and what to do and not to do with sex, let's give people truth, real truth. Homosexuality is vile and carries a death sentence.

Cocoa Rican said...'re homosexual. You allege to have "changed" but spend every waking hour bashing gays and obsessing with gay sex. Get over yourself... part of educating and empowering, is educating brothas like yourself that you're only fooling yourself. You were gay, you are gay and you will be gay... the difference is NOW you live in the shadows.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Oh lawd,

Another ex-gay Jesus freak. What are they breeding them these days? And why are they all obsessed with monitoring our every move?

Sad sad sad. What is it about us Captain that titillates you so? Is it the way our jeans sag?

Sexual repression leads to some strange behavior. But feel free to torture yourself.

Leniere said...

God..."the captain" runs through me like a green tea/ex lax cocktail. It's time to ban her.

Regarding porn: I know someone who partakes: me! I think that people who judge pornstars and fans are extremely obnoxious. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry. I’m clearly not the only person watching. So to those fuckers who watch AND talk shit: Oh shut the hell up!

The suggestion that the porn company had a hand in infecting this community is plausible. However, holding them responsible for the behavior of their customers is to absolve the infected of the responsibility we all have to ourselves: HIV is still a reality…take care of yourself, use a condom…shit, how ‘bout fucking TALKING before you stick it in?

Even if the porn company was pimping these kids out and making a profit, the charges would not relate to HIV infection, it would be about prostitution—unless it could be proven that the company intentionally hired HIV positive staff to infect the community. Since that’s not going to happen, this ends up being an extremely effective way to ignore the real problems associated with HIV infection.

queerkidofcolor said...

All the Captain wants is attention.

CoCoaRIcan..keep on keeping on...your blog rocks.