Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Morning Edition - 5/3/07

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Love appears to get a bad rap. It’s supposed to be blind; endure all; it almost seems that many define love as the inability to make intelligent decisions; a virtual lack of all cognizant thought.
Could it be that love and other more depreciating emotions and issues are being confused (and made to appear interchangeable) when folks exercise poor judgment while alleging they’re in love?

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roughridertito said...

When your acting an azz and letting a partner wash their drawers with your teeth. You must be in love because you can't make any sense of what is going on around you and all you see if the POSITIVE in that azz of a person. When you forsake ALL for a single person. When friends/family take second, in every situation to an idiot and their trying to make you smell the shyt and all you smell are roses in bloom.

When you have a baby by a man that already has a first/second and third string of babies

Your dumb ass is in LOVE and that's not with yourself.

Trust me, Your in Stoooo-pid LOVE

Or do we have LSE....
Low Self Esteem

Anonymous said... many people use your name in vain - Musiqsoulchild


Anonymous said...

BTW...sonmeone from the Church needs to take Keyshia Cole OUT for her rendition of "His Eyes are On the Sparrow". My ears were bleeding listening to her sing like a crackhead on a train talking bout she needs money for 6 kids when her six kids are really the rocks she is about to smoke.
Keyshia, that was blasphemy child.


roughridertito said...

Kyeshia has caused me to use a hearing aide. Now, I know that I can sing.... and the studio is great place for trash.... OHHHH..... My God. Save me.

Anonymous said...


Look her up on You Tube and you will come across a clip of her performing live and Wendy Williams is backstage and watching Keyshia's mother GET DOWN.

It is hilarious. Hilarious.

Oh, my sides ache!!


Anonymous said...

copy the link to see KC's mother ....