Monday, May 07, 2007

Morning Edition - 5/7/07

Like the song in the Wiz says, “When I think of home I think of a resting place…” Today, I sign the lease on my new apartment and the anticipation has my nerves jittery and a new gleam in my eye. On Saturday, my girl Leona and I went by the new apartment and measured rooms and windows in preparation for the big day – May 19. My schedule the next few weeks is extremely tight. I’m packing this week, moving the weekend of the 19th and going on vacation on May 24. My trip will be the perfect decompress-and-celebrate adventure. An advance thank-you to J’Moo and Slugger for agreeing to be part of my moving team.

My groin injury four weeks ago has set me back a bit in the work-out department and it was only compounded by my new-found appetite. Last week I began a modified diet and increased my cardio portion of my workouts. Unfortunately, Friday we celebrated my boss’ birthday with burgers from Smith & Wollensky and followed it up with a chocolate swirl cheese cake from Juniors; need I say more?! Needless to say, today begins my back-on-track eating and exercise. I’m now 16 days from the big San Juan Brothas getaway.

On Blast
On Saturday I talked about how everything MUST change. Sometimes it’s difficult to change some things or move forward because we’re holding on to something else. It can be said that we block change while we remain anchored on a specific person or emotion.
Are you (or have you) been in a situation where holding on to a particular situation or person has prevented you from enjoying the good fortune entering your life?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


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KahluaLoverInVa said...

YES! Congratulations on the move baby...been praying for a smooth transition and relaxing vacation to follow. Miss you....been a few weeks!! On the blast: YES...I have...and you know his name. Yes, i know, we talked about it, but this go-round I'm keeping my eyes open and keeping alot of "those" feelings at bay while this time I AM able to enjoy the blessings in other areas of my life instead of ignoring them only to focus on the negatives. Between matters of the heart, and my family and my amazing career, I'm finally feeeling a sense of balance now...not to mention alot of other "senses" LMAO Love you boo!!~Kahlua~

Anonymous said...


Congrat's I am so happy for you. Don't forget our scheduled date to decorate(you know I have a fabulous flair for decorating)

On blast question: I didn't even realize until this year that I have kept some emotions toward a past love who has been out of my life for a long time. I have kept men at bay without even trying too it just comes naturally for me because I have had this conversation in my head for years about Why, How, What did I do? that I have not allowed myself to love again for 8 years! What kind of crap is that! I am beautiful, funny, sexy...But I find myself questioning myself when a man shows interest. I have not dated in 8 years and do you know what my fear is What do I say? Will I say something that will ruin it? So you know what I do I just don't even try. I have now giving up the story and need to be true to myself and my feelings...Damn I just want to be in a great loving relationship without worrying about what he feel but more about how I feel. Anyone have some good advice that they can offer me on getting back to the dating scene?


Joey Bahamas said...

Congrats on the new home...and vacation sounds like fun!!!!!!

As for the question...yeah. My ex/"roommate" is probably that person and that situation that is preventing me from enjoying everything that is coming my way. I am fearful about asking him to leave for a few reasons...but, I know that eventually I will have too...

Cocoa Rican said...

First…thank you all. I’m really happy with the new place and I literally am so at peace right now that not even the preoccupation with packing and moving has put the least bit of stress on me. I am especially grateful for J’Moo, Marcia, Caspar, Freakin’, Leona and Pooter for helping me keep the faith. I look forward to your respective expertise to make my apartment a home.

On Blast:
It’s no secret that when it comes to dating, I’m not the guy sitting on the bench. I meet, I connect, I have a good time. What I have accepted about myself (and thank you Marcia for pointing it out again) is that I’m not a juggle-the-men kind-of guy. I’m most comfortable with one guy that I am serious about – even if the status of the relationship is open. So, why the inability to make that serious connection? I pondered the question – and to be honest – I always knew the answer. In my heart, I always felt that I shouldn’t allow a connection because I was simply waiting for my true love to come around and recognize that I am the one. Then, as I began reading The Secret and all the other pieces in my puzzle started falling into place, I took a leap of faith. I spoke it. I literally mentioned to him – even if he thought it was a joke – that I sincerely believed that he was the person I was to grow old with. I ran through the story of why I believed we were both dating other folks and how I ultimately believed that we were destined to be together. He sounded oblivious, made a few comic relief statements and the conversation was over. As I hung up the phone, I immediately set a timeframe in my mind of how long I would allow this window of opportunity to remain open. Long story short, there are some great folks entering my life and I am not being true to myself to block those people from sharing a positive and serious interaction with me that involves more than just a great movie, a dinner and a romp in the hay. For the first time, I’m not really sad or afraid of having brought a sense of closure to this part of my life. I believe you can’t have a healthy lawn if you keep watering the grass on the other side of the fence.
…I’ve voiced it and this makes it so.

Anonymous said...

thats why I love you baby!!!!
always growing, always evolving.
I am so proud of the man you are today. I knew you from the time you were a squirt tormenting Noreen Dwyer.
You are a Michelangelo in progress my dear. Keep excavating and a masterpiece will emerge.
Love Hugs and Kisses,

Anonymous said...

my heart will never mend
i've tried everything on the market
buts its ok
i'll be fine
i said i am OK dammit
life carries on and so will i
can you tell me the time please?
i've got somewhere to be

everyone's a suspect
like in the game Clue
he did me in with this
he did me in with that
so much time has passed
and i am still here waiting
while you have pursued "other interests"
take care please dont look back