Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Morning Edition - 5/16/07

Because Of You
I am so full right now. Don’t get me wrong, I am exhausted – so exhausted that I got home last night and put my grocery bags down, sat on the couch to take off my shoes and work clothes only to wake up three hours later to Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire singing Because of You on the country awards and wondering what the heck happened. The deal is I’m trying to do so much in such a small crunch of time. What is wonderful about all of this is that all the things happening right now are precisely what I’ve wanted for so long. So, I’m referring back to that great book, The Secret. Last night before leaving the office, I took a look at my NY AIDS Walk headquarters to see how my campaign was coming along. As of 4:30 p.m. I was $550 short of my $2,000 goal. I prepared a final e-mail shout-out to my friends and colleagues, re-read the e-mail twice, closed my eyes and said, “I am so grateful for having incredible people in my life who have made it possible for me to reach this ambitious goal.” I hit send. Within 30 minutes, I reached my goal! The beauty of it is that I still expect a few friends to chime in with their donations that will take me over the goal amount! Don’t get me wrong, I still get skeptical, I even have those moments of doubt, but I’m really going-in believing things will be so – and so far, God and the Universe are rewarding that faith. Thank you for being a part of fulfilling my goals. Thank you for being a part of the miracles that are gracing my life. I’m full…Because of you.

Star Track; The Next Generation
The babies of yesteryear are graduating from high schools around the country, tackling new adventures and making us do a double-take on how the years fly by. Case in point, Ashlei M., daughter of resident blogger Melissa M. attended her senior prom recently. When I saw the pictures and realized that the quiet little girl I met years ago was now a beautiful young woman about to enter the real world, it brought tears to my eyes. They’ve grown up so fast that the click in my hip and the knee brace I wear during my workout sessions are probably the only reminders I have of the passing years. We are now looking at our future leaders. Congratulations Ashlei. We’ll leave you with our theme for 2007…live by it…”Don’t talk about it; Be About it.”

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Baby Daddy, the HOE and Diaper Jo have all called to say they’d like to connect before I leave for my Memorial Weekend vacation. I’ve mentioned that realistically, I have to concentrate on moving, getting settled and really taking-in my NY AIDS Walk. I do want to see each of them – they’ve all been very supportive and attentive of late, but I just don’t have the evening hours to dedicate to a date right now. Tentatively, I’ve scheduled to see the HOE on Monday night and he says he’d like to bring dinner over to celebrate – even if we eat picnic style. Truthfully, I’d like to have Baby Daddy as my first overnight guest, so may need to reschedule the HOE – can someone say, “Shields!”
Diaper Jo is my whenever kind-of guy…he’s been a real grown-up and is willing to roll with the punches until I’m available and I appreciate that right now.

On Blast
What not to wear… Some of my vacation catalog items arrived last night and I tried them on to find that they don’t fit the way I’d like them to. Long story short, a 30” waist appears to be too large and the Greek-cut bikinis do nothing, but give me infant pee-pee. With a week to go until I’m actually laying-out in the sun, I’m going to drop the anxiety and simply wear what I ordered and combine it with last year’s get-ups – hey, it’ll be a déjà vu kind-of time. When picking out bathing suits, what do you accentuate and what do you find yourself carefully camouflaging? What are you favorite body part(s) / bathing suit attributes?

Keep passin’ the open windows...


Anonymous said...

awwwww. Melissa your baby looks like a fairy princess : )


Anonymous said...

In picking out bathing suits - a one piece that is - I don't want to accentuate anything because I've got too much of everything.

I just recently started wearing the ones with the little skirt...they look so cute.


Anonymous said...

A 30' waist is to small? I so hate you right now. LOL

Cocoa Rican said...

Kennon... stop it! The funny thing is I really thought I was larger.. I sho' nuf felt thicker and heavier... turns out my waist had gotten smaller - even if my legs, arms, chest and butt didn't... I'm sorta gym-deformed right now...LOL...or as I like to call "irregular"

Anonymous said...

he looks GOOD.
Don't listen to him.
His body is off the charts.

And his new home is beautiful. The possibilities are endless : )


life said...

I need to get on your plain. I have the small waist, but I'm waiting on the rest. As for vacation I'm going to Essence Music Festival

Darius T. Williams said...

Bathing suit attributes...NONE!