Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Morning Edition - 2/8/06

Together Again
Coretta Scott King will be laid to rest in a mausoleum next to her husband at the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial. At present, she will be in a temporary mausoleum until the marble one is completed for her. The inscription at the site will read, "And now abide Faith, Hope, Love, These Three; but the greatest of these is Love." For those than never read the Bible the text is from First Corinthians.
Carry a Condom or Pay the Fine
Councilman William Pena of Tulua, Colombia has brought a measure before city government that if passed would require everyone in town to carry at least one condom on their person at all times. He says Tulua has one of the highest HIV transmission rates in the country and this would prevent the spread of the disease. Religious leaders are outraged. If passed, the law would go into effect in March and fines for those not carrying a condom would be upward of $180.

You’re Hot; Not For Long Though
This January had temperatures 8.5 degrees higher than average for the U.S., with average temperatures in North America at 39.5 degrees. The heat set a new high for temperatures with the previous record held at 37.5 degrees back in 1953. The National Climate Center said the temperatures won’t hold in February, so get those anti-PETA furs out of the closet this month.

Just Me, Cocoa; One in the Same?
Caspar suggested that Just Me, a new blogger member frequently associated with inflammatory comments, is simply me using a different name to post comments. For the record, I barely have the time to write the blog AND post my own comments, so writing a third portion to simply get a rise out of folks is not only untrue, it’s absurd. Moreover, many of the ill comments made by Just Me are directed at or about me, so I’d be a self-hating fool to take his position. I will say this, I’ve narrowed down the Just Me person as male, probably not from NYC and slightly homophobic. Caspar, et al, I hope this helps in your quest to uncover the identity of our new blogger.

On Blast
With the nation experiencing its highest divorce rates; women having children out of wedlock; folks choosing not to marry; others playing it safe with the heart and not committing to anyone. How will these changes in lifestyle affect the future generations of our society and/or family? What can the government do to positively affect family life, unity and commitment going forward?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


caspar608 said...

why would anyone think that someone who hates their miserable life is SEXY!!!!!!!
Normally I would have a tantrum behind that comment but I am too busy plotting my own demise today.
Cocoa, apologies for the paranoia. Just Me, you are a day late and a dollar short.
Tammy thanks for caring baby.

Just Me said...

I'll comment a little later on the Question of the day....


I've read your comments from the previous published BLOG. I AM NOT 5'2" and trying to get my weight under control or trying to find beauty in an old body.

I am however 6' and mixed with too many cultures to really claim any one. I'm strong and opinionated, affectionate and business savvy. I travel the world in search of knowledge and live for what Life has to offer. I love people and HATE racism; I'm educated and naive....but all-in-all I AM here for unselfish reasons. To love and be loved, to learn and to educate; to uplift and inspire; I AM God's child and I live in his image, the best that I can...I AM, I AM....

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, the only thing the government can do to affect family life is to stay out of it. We need to hold ourselves and others accountable for our actions.

donya said...

Just me,

this really does not have anything to do with the post or the on blast question. I want to know why do you attack people on this blog? Are there people here that did something to you that you want to get back at but to afraid to confront them. This is not an attack on you but an honest question. I don't respond alot but I read the comments from all of the Blog entries. You have been very mean & rude. You don't seem to have manners or choose to use them. To be very honest I think that you are child that try to get a rise out of those that don't know you.

donya said...

Oh and caspar please remember that we are here for you.

Cocoa Rican said...

For the record Just Me, I'm 5'7", my weight is under control and I've always found beauty in my fairly young body. LOL.... you are str8 up trippin'!

Tammy said...

Just Me, how can you say you are here to "uplift and inspire", when every chance you get you put someone down? I think you are a fraud, I think that everything you say you are is everything you are not. I say you are an arrogant, egotistical azzhole. Your comment to caspar shows that. For weeks you put her down even called her the 666 bitch, and now you are confessing your love for her??!!!...and you expect her to accept you. You are delusional.

Just Me said...

You all digress; this is not about me or is it?

I know NOT any of you Bloggers. I can only form pictures from the reading of your words. My relationship with Ector, is personal and does not contain hate. I would think that WE all know this man in some form or another but not each other. Ector and I share many life experiences together. He being fully Rican and me being watered down Rican.

Tammy, you must be black Africa America's and Donya, your names suggests Black or Rican but I think BLACK is both your nationalities...SO, screw you...I wish that we could meet so that you could stand up for yourself in person.

Back to the Question.....Dam

When Government Sanctions believes or ideas they usually provide some form of gain for the individual(s) to do things their way. I don't see why Gov't would get involved unless church forces the issue. If more people remain single, the more money the government stands to collect and in today's economy, it's all about the $$.

Anonymous, If Gov’t stayed out of our personal business, where would our children be with homelessness and prenatal/infant and older citizen's care?

Just Me said...


I must be the one for receives ALL the flack from you blogger but, I've never called anyone out of their name except in this instance. I didn't mean BITCH in any negative context unless that's the only way you know the word.


Am I missing something here?.Just Me what does race have to do with anything. Also, If you are truly God's Child and "Try" to live in his image, you wouldn't say half of the things you do. Do you even read the bible to know what God desires from you? One thing he does desire from you is to treat others with Love and respect And from reading your postings I just hear nothing but judgements of people you really don't know. And because you have posted so many negative comments this blog family has already decided not to accept your for who you say you are because of those negative comments. The bottom line is if you say you are something then be true to your word and be it. Don't say something so negative and then try to sugar coat it and expect people not to have a negative reaction toward you. I guess I will be the only one in this blog family that has ever agreed with you on one subject and it looks like it may be down hill from here on in because you send to many mixed messages. If you are what you say you are then put your MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.....


donya said...

Okay Sweetie,

First given your response I can be big enough to say that we may have you confused with another anonymous poster. Now that could be easily done given the fact that both of you are afraid to say who you really are. But let me clear some things up the majority of us has made it a point to meet each other face to face, in person, so not only do we know each other on the blog but be able to put a face to go with the names unlike you. You are a coward who for some reason or another are afraid to even put your name on the posting. Oh and to wish that we could meet is an understatement. Tammy is my sister and it would not matter if we were white, black, puerto rican, Haitian or whatever nationality there is on this earth you would not know how to handle the two of us together. Now if you are that hard pressed to know who the hell I am I can give you whatever information you need and we can meet up as soon as possible better yet. Give me your information and that way you would not have to have spent a dime to get your ass whupped!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yoo hoo! Just Me...I am a little confused? Where did the 5'2 thing come from? Honestly folks I am not at all offended by anything Just Me says...he is a person withan opinion just like the rest of us...we are all on this blog to learn from each other and LISTEN - we don't have to like everything everyone says OR agree with it - just learn from it. Now, I am having a hard time running a conference for the higher ups @ the j-o-b and I feel like crap. I don't mind being called a biyatch - I embrace my inner biyatch...she gets the job done and has caused many tobow down before me (or run for the hills depending upon where you are standing). So, JUST ME, from one politically incorrect nutcase to another I want you to know it all good. And for all of those who are about to rock, we salute you (that was originally and AC/DC Album by the way). FR, tammy, donya - you are my girlz and I luv ya for it. I will be all right...can't we all just get along though?

donya said...


You are right we are supposed to learn from each other but when you constantly have someone who attack those that you know on a personal level it becomes annoying. If we are to learn from each other and give our honest opinions about things that is fine but do not constantly degrade, dehumanize, and attack those that you are voicing your opinion to. take that to some hate group because that is what they do.

Anonymous said...

I am sending my comments from a blackberry so my name isn't posting with my comments folks! Sorry! Its caspar608 who wants us all to get along. Iam 5'11 and 195 lbs. For the most part I can be happy and said on any given day so maybe I am bi-polar. Whatever the case may be, thank you for your support. I will OK. Just a little stressed.

Cocoa Rican said...

Well my anwer to the On Blast is simple:
My personal belief is that the government should not have more influence, be it through incentives or anything when it comes to family life. It just seems that government already has an opinion on everything from child-rearing (don’t spank) to what a woman should/can do with their bodies (Roe vs. Wade). In the end, trying to have the government encourage folks NOT to have kids, get married and commit to each other would be having an entity that can barely regulate legal/political issues suddenly take on the much more volatile arena of social/emotional issues.

As for Just Me…. You’re hysterical! Demented, sad, sick and sometimes mean, but hysterical! I particularly liked being called “Ector” and your telling everyone that I was 5’2” with weight issues. I mean, if I didn’t pee behind that one it’s because my prostate is working like a vise on my bladder today. Keep up the good work…I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a while. Consider telling us who you are…it might make this little ordeal more fun. Although, I have to warn you, some of my girls will probably do some serious bodily harm to you. LOL

Anonymous said...

The plane! The plane!

Just Me said...

You people are confusing. I, Just Me, was talking about Hector, not anyone else. The person that I called a Bitch with repect was my girl Caspar. Hector was the only one who identified and mad his statement on the first page of the BLOG.

My opinions, are just that my opinions.

But I do wonder how I could have guessed that Donya and Tammy were related.....God, who knew....

Like I've said,,,,I don't know y'all but it's interesting....

Please read what Ector is publishing....

If attacking me makes you feel better then fill your bowl and feast on my carnage.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen of the notshady club...relate(deep breath) release (exhale) RELAX (aaahhh). Just Me - I AIN'T MAD AT YOU! Girl - its ok, its ok, I am just let all know that women can stick together and stick up for EACH OTHER which is refreshing to say the least. I understand you JUST ME. And like I said, I am ok with being a beyatch. Keep posting up even if you are spelling H - ectors name wrong (how well could you possibly know him?). Look, this blogger is like one big dysfunctional family so let's spread the love ... And pass the biscuits and gravy over this way : )
Smooches xxx-ooo.

donya said...

Just me,

My first response was not an attack but a question. As a matter of fact each time you went on the attack I politely asked you to take it somewhere else. This time you chose to take it to another level and then when one was ready to except your offer you punked out like ALL cowards do. Like I said baby you don't have to spend a penny when you want to give me the chance to "stand up for myself", meet or reveal yourself let me know. You know where to find me.

Cocoa Rican said...

In the eternal words of my girl Ms. Hyman... I'd like to share the following...

I believed in you
I thought you could do no wrong
Until I saw one day
That you were stringing me along
Played me for a fool
You used me once too much
I'm in so much pain
Here I am again

Trust is a hard thing
To come by these days
You build me up
To let down
Got me spinning around
I wish I knew
Where you were coming from
You told me you loved me
I thought I was your only one

Seems like I'm always going through changes
Living in confusion
Confusion, confusion
Seems like I'm always going through changes
Living in confusion, confusion

I had faith in you
Just knew you wouldn't hurt me
But you played a game
You should be ashamed
I let my gaurd down
I was so vunerable
I hope you had your fun
Don't you know I was loyal to you

Truth is a hard thing
To come by these days
You build me up to break me down
Got me spinning around
I wish I knew where you were coming from
You told me you loved me
I thought I was only one

Seems like I'm always going through changes
Living in confusion
Confusion, Confusion
Seems like I'm always going through changes
Living in confusion

I deserve better
I'm not gonna take no more
You build me up to let me down
Got me spinning around
I'm gonna find
Find me somebody new
A love I can count on
Loving you see it ain't you

Seems like I'm always going through changes
Living in confusion
Confusion, confusion
Seems like I'm always going through changes
Living in confusion
(Ad libs and chorus till fade)

Just Me said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just Me said...


You know me as Just Me and if that isn't enough for you then you'll have to remedy that urself. I do give myself a name and some don't even do that. If I gave you my name what would it do for you? You have a name to address me by....Use it and everyone will know of whom you speak. From what I understand you live in the DC/MD area and honestly that's fine for you.....Have a nice day/evening..

Casp, Much love and life was never said to be a bed of roses.....Your strong and you'll make it through....Just stand when you have no more strength....Just Stand..

caspar608 said...

Donya -
You are a need to throw up the beaters. You got to know when to hold em, fold em, walk away and run. In this case just do as my friend Sir Paul McCartney said "Let it be" I sincerely appreciate the fact that you are a soldier and were ready. I just think JM is misunderstood and when he says things he is stating who he is ... and since he is a blogger we can either challenge his thoughts and give him a new point of view or choose to ignore him if what he says is somewhat upsetting because it strikes a tender chord in our hearts.
These past few days have been horrendous on my nerves and I apologize if my weakness got you all riled up. I have love for e'ryone on this blog. Now I am teary eyed and just grateful that people care about me and I am not just a name but a person. Awww shucks,,,, you guys are the best there is. And for the record, I would not want to rumble with Tammy or Donya. Ever. Bad beyatch I am, I have kids and don't have time for a beat down.

Oooh Child things are gonna get easier...
Have a good night friends.

Anonymous said...

soemthing wicked this way comes.....

donya said...

all I am saying is don't offer if you can't follow through. But thank you Cas you know we as a family always have your back. Everybody has a time to be weak. Don;t worry we can be strong for you.

Cocoa Rican said...

What has become of us?! What is this a feminist movement? Caspar - stop whining, grab your skates and hit the rink. While you're at it stop breedin' like roaches, Donya that goes double for you! Tam, unless you need me to babysit, stop inviting people over there. ...for the record, I'd baby sit for you any day. :) Just Me, stop being a prick. I've had a bad day and I want to shake my boss - real, real hard (she makes my stomach hurt!) Anonymous, what?! what?!

:::: Get off of me, I was not the ring leader!!!:::::

Just Me said...

"Don't look at me, I didn't start it either." I was just minding my own business and complimenting a friend when Ms. Mouf-all-mighty stuck her dam nose in shyt.

Cas, I don't know about women and emotions, but I have lived a lot of life and from ALL darkness comes light. JUST hold onto me....I'll be your strength when your weary and week....