Monday, March 26, 2007

Morning Edition - 3/26/07

Sera Tu Sonrisa
Elvis Crespo, one of my favorite Latino singers, has a song that says, “Algo en tu cara me fascina. Algo en tu cara me da vida. Sera tu sonrisa?” Translated verbatim those lines are, “Something in your face fascinates me. Something in your face gives me life. Can it be your smile?” This weekend, I discovered that it is in fact, “his” smile. Friday night, the HOE and I had an amazing date that included an intimate dinner, followed by a trip to the cinema where we saw Pride (review to follow). Following the movie the HOE showed-off his planning skills as the sweet smell of vanilla and white tulips filled his apartment. He had paid close attention in our previous discussions and had taken the time to have my favorite cuddle cues strewn around the crib. When we arrived he hit the CD shuffle and my ears were filled with soft ballads. He then lit the candles and dimmed the lights before making us two tasty cocktails and asking me to dance. We danced in front of the full-length mirrored walls in his living room and as I caught glimpses of us in the warm room, I was transported to another place. I became a voyeur of sorts, able to appreciate my own wonderful moment. As our clothes fell to our feet, our bodies melded and our reflections were a priceless moment seared in my memory well after I awoke in his bed at 3:30 a.m. He tried pulling me back to bed, but I mentioned that we both had full days on Saturday and it was best that we tried to get some rest. The idea of sleeping in his bed all night was enchanting, but I realized I wouldn’t be doing much sleeping next to this beautiful man. When I finally got into my own bed, I smiled myself to sleep and was awakened by White Chocolate’s call asking if we were still on for Saturday evening. I quickly said that I’d have to reschedule for late this week and fell back off to dream of the HOE’s smile. I didn’t do much better at keeping my date on Sunday and I cancelled with DJ to rejoin the HOE again for dinner and an incredible end to my weekend. So, yeah…I guess you can say it is his, “Sonrisa.”

Lacking Pride
Pride, the new movie starring Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac, Kimberly Elise and Tom Arnold takes us back to the 1960s and a time when black men jumping into a pool would render it useless and dirty. It is based loosely on the life of Jim Ellis, an out-of-work college graduate who once had dreams of being a swimming phenomenon. After a disappointing run at finding work, Ellis is given a menial position with the Philadelphia Department of Recreation (PDR) where he transforms a soon-to-close facility into a place of dreams recaptured and lives transformed. Now this may sound like a speedy review, but the storyline is a good one. All the feel-good qualities and requisite tear-jerk moments should be there, but they’re not. You’ll find that Howard’s cry-on-command performance leaves you dry and Elise’s 70s inner-city councilwoman’s hard-edge, don’t connect. What we’re left with is a worthy story that would have been better served as a one-hour documentary on the Biography channel. As for the eye-candy value of the film, the tight fitting clothes of the era will make you sigh for a time when men were okay showing you what they were working with, while the bathing suit scenes make you rethink that farfetched notion that you could be a towel boy, but in the end, your pride should take over and you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t just purchase the Guys Gone Wild DVD for the same price as those two movie tickets.

On Blast
What movie stirs the most heart wrenching emotions for you and why?

Keep passin’ the open windows….


Darius T. Williams said...

So Pride lacked, huh? We were going to go and see it this weekend but the theater was sold out. Must've been my luck.

Anyway - what movie? Let's see...well, Clara's Heart holds some great significance for me. But, really - Waist Deep is good too - it has some very passionate moments.

I'm not really a big movie person though. I mean, I enjoy them - but don't remember them too well - so...this is a bad question for me to answer. But, music...well, that's a different story.

That Dude Right There said...

Of course The Color Purple is a movie that touches my heart everytime I watch it. The most touching scene is when Celie finds the letters that Nettie had been sending. Just to see the look of joy and happiness in her face makes my eyes water instantly.

And also, when I saw Life Support on HBO, I cried like a wet baby at the end because it really showed the real side of HIV/AIDS.

Anonymous said...

My favoritve movie is "The Notebook" because it's a love that we all wish for but not a reality. It's good to dream sometimes.

Leniere said...

First...I'm glad you had such a great night. Great writing. I felt like I was there.

I was totally going to see Pride for the eye-candy. I knew what the movie was gonna give, before I even saw it. Black people are turned out, white people are racist, black people overcome etc. It's such a consistent format, I'm surprised they don't make more of them.

I swear to god that if I see Terrance Howard cry one more time, I'm going to spit.

Brokeback Mountain was heart wrenching to me. Just broke my heart to pieces. The fact that they were compelled to deny each other the love they wanted to share was infuriating and senseless.

Cocoa Rican said...

Steel Magnolias reigns supreme in my tear-jerker, hysterical laughter moments... it reminds me of my life and conversations with my friends... hmm... maybe I was an old white woman in a previous life.

Coy said...

Age of Innocence is the movie that resonates with me. The very idea of falling in love with someone without the benefit of kissing, petting or sex but based soley on the strength of thier character and the essence of thier being is an incredibly strong ideal for me.

Dayne Avery said...

Damn, I wish I paid more attention in spanish class.

Joey Bahamas said...

Why do your weekends always give me life??? Hot, hot, hot papi! Sounds like an amazing time...we need those NY boys to teach this DC boys a thing or two!