Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning Edition - 3/28/07

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How do you want to be loved?

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Anonymous said...

Que pregunta? Honey, I don't know how I want to be loved... Fact is I need to do some serious soul searching to answer your question.

You see a few months back I met this handsome guy(Johnny). He's married but for some reason or another, even though he is married, I am crazy about him! I made it clear on our first date that I wasn't looking for a fling(cause I thought @ that time I wanted a serious relationship)and I kind of walked away from it. Kind of? because as time passed we went out as friends and we kissed...I was scared to death after that because I realized that when I was around him I lost control of myself. I feel like a little girl falling in love for the first time, I can't remember what I wanted to say, I get butterflies in my tummy, my palms get all sweaty and I wish I could spend all my time with him. Yeah, it's that serious, Lol, but it's really not funny. Anyway, I did and said a few things that pushed him away, because I think it's wrong to mess around with a married man. I'm a strong believer in KARMA.
Then I met someone else, available, stable, very sweet and wants to be with me. Is looking for someone special and wants to settle down. I can't find it in my heart to like him as much as he likes me even though he is willing to give me all I claim to be looking 4.

So if I have someone that would most likely give me the world in my hands if I give him the time of the day, why can't I stop thinking about johnny???

How do I want to be loved? I'm not sure! my mind tells me one thing but my body says another...Why does my body yearn Johnny when Mark is obviously crazy about me. When he will love and nurture me like his one and only?

adam_ex2 said...

The very way that I am being loved. I thank God each day for dropping my beloved Tom into my life.

I had been looking for love for so many years (although I didn't want to admit it). It seemed as if I looked under every rock I saw. I found out that, when you look under every rock, you find a lot of bugs and worms.

Then, when you get tired of getting your hands dirty, and decide to cleanse. Your special perfect one will be there, waiting.

donya said...

Good Question Hector,

I want to be loved the same way that I do. Unconditionally. I want someone that would give there life for me as I would them. I want someone that prays for me more than they do themselves. I want someone that no matter what the troubles you are still there. That no matter how angry they get they are still there. I want someone who will always be able to talk to me no matter what the problem to always respect me. I want someone to put me on a pedal stool like I would them. I want someone who is not afraid of saying that the love me that much

Just Me said...

Love changes with my age. What I considered love when I was twenty can’t compare to what I consider love at 40. I want some one who can grow with me, some one that's not afraid of expressing who they are, some one who understands that I am human, and some one who travels the same road as I and has the same goals in mind.

Love me like the sun touching the reddest rose.
Love me hard like the most brilliant diamond.
Love me wide as the Amazon River.
Love me gentle as you caress a baby.
Love me for me as I love you for you and together we can go to depths no man has ever seen. Just love me....

Just Me said...


The biggest problem with love is just because you love, there is no promise that they will love you in return. When the two powers do meet on the same field, SPARKS will fly and the heavens will open...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to answer this in a way that's unrelated to a romantic, relationship love. I have two kids and they love me like none other - unconditionally. I wish this would last for eternity, but it won't. So scary, because when they get older, it'll change, 'cause they'll change. I wish they'd always feel this way towards me.


donya said...


My mom is the greatest person in the world to me and the way that I love her will never change. And I don't believe your childrens love for you will change either. My babies love me so much that it almost makes me tired. They are the most sweetest, intelligent, outspoken (cameron my baby), funniest etc.... I love my monsters.

caspar608 said...

Love is God. God is love.
---- Prince, Love Sexy

This is how I want to be loved...

So fierce U look 2night
The brightest star pales 2 your sex
Before we do anything, let me just talk 2 U

When 2 are in love
They'll whisper secrets only they 2 can hear
When 2 are in love

When 2 are in love (Love)
Their stomachs will pound every time the other comes near
When 2 are in love

When 2 are in love (Love)
Falling leaves will appear 2 them like slow motion rain
Slow motion, slow motion

When 2 are in love
The speed of their hips can be faster than a runaway train
(Drip-drop, drip-drop - water, water, water)

Come bathe with me let's drown each other in each other's emotions
Bathe with me
let's cover each other with perfume and lotion
Bathe with me ooh, let me touch your body till your river's an ocean
Bathe with me let's kiss with one synonymous notion
Nothing's forbidden and nothing's taboo (Nothing's taboo)
When the 2 are in love (L.O.V.E. - L.O.V.)
Can U hear me?

When 2 are in love (When 2 are in love)
Their bodies shiver at the mere contemplation...of penetration
(Let alone the act) Let alone the actual act (Act)

When 2 are in love
The thought of his tongue in the V of her love
In his mind (this thought) - it leads the pack

Come bathe with me let's drown each other in each other's emotions
Bathe with me ¨C let's cover each other with perfume and lotion
Bathe with me ¨C ooh, let me touch your body till your river's an ocean
Bathe with me ¨C let's kiss with one synonymous notion
That nothing's forbidden and nothing's taboo (Nothing's taboo)
When the 2 are in love (Love)
In love
Can U hear me?

Hold me
Yeah, just like that
Don't move

That Dude Right There said...

It's funny that I would read this today because I am missing love right now. It left me a while back and has yet to return. And on top of that, I don't know if I am really ready to love again.

But when I am, I want it to be a love so strong that looking at my dude makes me want to just cry cause I KNOW that we love each other.

Anonymous said...

How do I want to be loved? I want my mind, body and soul to be loved completely, totally, unconditionally from the top of my head to the tip of my toes...and then some :-)

Leniere said...

Good question. I want to be loved hard. The guy where someone yearns for you as much as you yearn for them. I want to be loved in ways that are validating...and loved for all that I am: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Anonymous said...

"From beginning to end, 365 days of the year, I want the same Ole Love...and all I want to do is share my Life, my Love with you, the same Ole Love..."
Anita B.
"Simplify your Love and enrich your Life..."

The Captain said...

You mean...there's a choice? (Interesting)