Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Morning Edition - 9/13/06

Tonight, the boys of LOGO’s Noah’s Arc are back. With the Alex fearing that, apparently psychotic Guy, is trying to steal his man and Wade acting like he rather stick with his “sure thing” boyfriend Drey than reverting to his heart and taking Noah back, tonight’s episode is sure to be HOT. If you missed last week’s episode, be sure to tune in at 9:30 p.m. The current episode airs at 10 p.m.

EOS – Our End of Summer after-work gathering at LQs is ready to pop-off this Friday, September 15. We’re set to begin at 5:30 p.m. Please note that ladies are free with coupon and men are $5. The 2-for-1 drinks are only from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., so be sure to arrive in time to knock a few back! For those that would like to let-off some steam, LQs features, R&B, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Freestyle music. LQs is located on Lexington Avenue, between 47th and 48th Streets. See ya’ there!

Rules Are Rules; Cut the Bleeding Heart
You would think that showing respect by wearing a t-shirt that says, “Remember 9/11” on the fifth anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks would have your high school applauding your patriotism, but for Ben Lewandowski of Detroit, Michigan, it bought him a three-day suspension. The South Park High School dress code explicitly prohibits any t-shirt with writing – outside of support for school teams or its mascot. Lewandowski had already been sent home on the first day of school for wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the first amendment.

Denying the Children?
"Same sex unions deny children the vital relationship of either a mother or a father. That our public policies would sanction that position as the norm ... is unconscionable," says Evelyn Reilly of the Massachusetts Family Institute. Presently, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont and the District of Columbia allow gay couples joint adoption rights. So what is to be said for single heterosexual parenting? Should we remove the children from male or female heterosexual single parents, who by choosing to be single parents, “deny” children a relationship with the opposite sex parent? More importantly, if we remove these children, what are the alternatives? Would they fair better in group homes and foster homes? An article in July's journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics dismisses the “deprivation” claims citing medical and academic research studies conducted since the 1970s and showing that kids raised by gay parents fare just as well as those raised by heterosexuals. Ultimately, both gay single folks and couples are usually allowed to adopt the problematic children, the older children and those who have been damaged by the social services system. It would appear ironic that you would place the most difficult cases in the hands of parents you don’t deem worthy of adoption. Personally, I believe the beauty of being gay is that I forgo the child-rearing process. I am afforded a life free of an enormous responsibility. Now, those gays that insist on being parents, I ask you, why not hold a straight-parent adoption drive to see how many of these religious and moral geniuses show up to take up such a noble cause? Whatever your belief, we can at least agree on the outcome of the drive.

On Blast
Bleeding hearts aside, are the rules the rules?
In the case of the kid who was suspended for showing patriotism, did the school act appropriately? If you believe that children fair better with heterosexual parents, is it best to have them remain in the foster care system because no heterosexual parents wish to adopt them?
The main question is: If there are rules and laws established, is it noble or foolish to violate them to do what you feel is right?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Clay said...

i really hate how people use children as excuse for all types of foolishness!

donya said...

I believe that rules should be made and followed but I also believe that you can never no what can occur that would challenge that rule. In other words somethings can be case by case. It seems that with the young man in school they did the right thing to me. Had they let him go through with the 9/11 shirt and not the one with the first amendment there would be a lawsuit. As for the adoption I am a single parent and real tired if there is someone out there that want all four of my monsters (shoot) I mean angels please give me a call at 555-HERE!!!

Just Me said...

Kids and people need love. If that love comes from Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bi-sexual or a one-legged guardians, I care not. As long as they receive what is needed to develop into model citizens. Blacks were enslaved for years because "Christians" believed it was right. I do believe that we, society, should have standards but don't tell me that I as a black man can't raise a white female child. Bull-poo!!

Jeanine said...

I totally agree with Just me. As long as the family provides a stable, loving and nurturing environment, I don't think the sexual orientation of the parents should matter at all.

As for the rules are rules, I admire the young man for his consciousness however, that was neither the time nor the place to espouse his views. You can still pay honor to the victims of 9/11 without wearing a t-shirt. Additionally, if the school has a dress code that is strictly enforced for everyone, then those are the rules you have to live by. As much as I would love to come to work in a tee and jeans, there are rules and consequences. Having those enforced early and often will prepare him for the real world. In short, deal with it kid!

donya said...

Jeanine you can't wear jeans and a tee. I can.

caspar608 said...
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caspar608 said...

I agree with Just Me. As long as there is a whole lotta love in the house, who cares if its Steve and Joe or Gwen and Dana. Children need love more than anything else. Besides, Cocoa is going to have partial custody of my babies should I pass away (Soopppphhhiiaaa PLEASE put down the hammer!!!!! Lawd Jesus!!! Derrick can you STOP expressing yourself by writing all over the walls, BRYAN get off the phone!!!!! Somebody please get Uncle Hectors pills). With that being said, I think same sex parents feel an enormous amount of pressure because they are judged for who they are rather than being good parents. My children would never tolerate anyone saying anything out of turn to Hector or his partner if they were with him. Trust me, there would be some real ass kicking going on, my boys are HUGE.
As far as the t-shirt boy is concerned....look, rules are rules. Follow the rules or pay the price. I am all for the First AMendment, but if your school says no this or no that then DON'T DO IT.

Cocoa Rican said...

In the case of rules and laws… it’s just that…rules and laws. Without them, we’d have anarchy. If the kid was feeling so patriotic, he should have maybe planned events in the school honoring those who perished on 9/11 or some other volunteer activity. Truth is, youngsters love going against the grain to establish their identities and they need to be taught the appropriate ways of showing their disapproval of set rules and laws. Conversely, had some folks throughout history not taken a drastic stand – ie. Rosa Parks – I’d probably be writing this piece from the janitor’s closet and riding the back of the bus.

As for gays and children, I’m divided on this issue…
My official stand is: I believe that responsible and respectable adults wishing to give (un)fortunate children a better life should be able to do so without regard to their gender or sexual orientation.

My personal stand is: The beauty of being gay is that babies, mine or otherwise, are not a problem I’ve been biologically saddled with. The whole issue of discretionary income becomes a selling point for the gay lifestyle, since as gay men/women we have more to spend on ourselves and our partners (religious right fall back it’s a figure of speech). Ultimately, why should I have to battle, fight, claw and bite to have you allow me to be saddled with an expense and responsibility. Uh… puh-leeze..not likely. Moreover, my inners tell me that I never want an innocent child judged or mistreated for my orientation and lifestyle; ignorant folks and their children can be cruel. So, until I can teach my child to sharpen his claws like daddy does and devour live prey readily, I think it best to be the pampered baby in my household.

Cas and Ev have my solemn promise to raise my niece and nephews as my own… One phrase comes to mind…. “Have you checked the children?”

Tammy said...

well, as far as the kid is concerned...his momma shouldn't have let him leave the house wearing a tee shirt. it was against the rules, so now his azz is home for a few days eating everything up while she is at work and she is gonna come home to a dirty kitchen, cause of his mess.

now...the chirren. i heard one official say one time that children should not be exposed to gay parents because of the gay influence. well everyone i know who is gay was raised by straight parents, and every gay friend i have who has children the children are straight. hell, i have one friend whose parents were pillars of society...daddy was the mayor and momma was a school teacher...they had two children; boy and girl. boy gay...girl gay. but they both are successful and good people. so what does that say? nothing...not a gotdamn thang! except a good parent is a good parent gay or straight...and the only thing you can hope for and work at as a parent (gay or straight)is to produce loving, healthy sane people who will grow up and hopefully contribute to society, no matter who they are f**king!

Tammy said...

p.s. donya i dun tole you bout tryin to give away my neice and nephews! stop! and they are not monsters. they are my sweeties.