Friday, September 08, 2006

Morning Edition - 9/8/06

Can You Hear My Colon Now
Four members of the Salvatrucha gang jailed in Zacatecoluca – a small city just outside of San Salvador – each inserted a cell phone into their anus, along with several cell phone chips and even a phone charger. The gang members were reportedly giving orders to gang members on the outside. The phone chips were periodically replaced to avoid being traced. Astoundingly, one of the gang members managed to insert a cell phone, several phone chips and a charger in his anus at one time.

Jealousy – 1, 2, 3
Whether we admit or not, we’ve all experienced jealousy in our lifetime. After exploring the issue, I came across three fundamentals that have been drilled into our unconscious. These beliefs help to support or exacerbate our jealousy. Jealousy is not a single emotion, but a group of emotions grouped into one category. Fear, insecurity, anger, inadequacy, etc. join to form the emotion we know as jealousy. Here are the three fundamental beliefs that heighten jealousy and what the real deal is. The solutions should help you overcome your jealousy.
1. If my partner loves me they will never cheat
This belief is centered on the notion that your partner’s fidelity is predicated upon how much love (if any) they have for you. If their love is strong enough they will not cheat.
Solution: In actuality my partner loves me enough and is comfortable enough in our love to experience love with others while maintaining and nurturing our relationship.
2. If my partner is happy and satisfied they will be faithful
This belief says you are inadequate and therefore your partner must seek outside satisfaction.
Solution: My partner is satisfied and our bond is so strong that new interactions or relationships do not threaten our intimacy
3. No one can love more than one person at a time
This belief says that love has limits and there is only so much of it in each of us.
Solution: Love is infinite. There is no limit to love or the number of people that we can love- even simultaneously. Good examples of this are families with multiple children. Why didn’t they stop after having the first child? How would they love the second, third and subsequent children as much? The truth is that by opening myself and my partner to new experiences for love I stand to benefit from giving and receiving more love.

I know, it sounds crazy, but these solutions come across this way because the fundamental three beliefs are so hammered into us that we believe them to be true. Free yourself and you will experience more love and less anxiety.

On Blast
Which of the three fundamental beliefs do you identify with the most? Do you believe the solutions to these beliefs would help manage your jealousy or do you believe them to be unrealistic?

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Blue said...

Obviously the gang members had experience in anal retention to be able to store such a large amount of equipment in their asses. I guess their brothers were packing too! LOL Doesn't sound like they were using Cingular, more like VERIZON!

Tammy said...

Blue you stoopid!

Cocoa Rican said...

I have trouble admitting I’m a jealous person – well, as a Latino man, what did you expect? – but I find that the each of the fundamental beliefs holds/held true for me. I believe(d) that if my partner loves me and is satisfied he would not cheat. Additionally, I felt it a core betrayal to have him care for anyone else – even remotely as much as he does (did) for me. I’m now reevaluating these beliefs. I think the solutions hold true and within respectful constraints, my partner can be loyal while still not feeling confined to preset norms. I’m learning not to take the actions of others (including that of my partner) personally. I have a lot to offer – mentally, spiritually and physically – and have to believe that actions my partner takes are not based on things he is lacking at home. Today, I’m more focused on your communication, respect and loyalty than I am on who you’re bedding.

Tammy said...

hector u r becoming so grown up til its making me sick. i miss the acid tongue bytch who could rip a new azzhole in anyone who crossed him. or just because u felt like doing it. where is he??!!! all this damn common sense!!!

Cocoa Rican said...

Dear *BBFH:
Change is good... I'm still a vile tongued master at inflicting lasting emotional pain, but now I'm trying to harness my powers - ala X Men. I'm like Storm baby... "HOLD ON TO SOMETHING!" When I'm not blowing doors off their hinges or cars across the streets of NYC, I'm just a beautiful man with a lot of common sense.. LOL

...I miss the light-skinned, big-boned Tammy.... Oh wait, that was never you!


Love ya' ma!

life said...


Dayne Avery said...

i feel like if you are content in your relationship you wont cheat. Thats the only one of those points I believe. From my own experience as long as I was content and the relationship was good, cheating never even crossed my mind. It was only when the relationship was lacking in a certain area that I found myself subconciously seeking what I needed else where (But did not cheat) However, I think that no matter what you do (or dont do) some people are going to cheat reguardless.