Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Morning Edition - 9/27/06

By Cocoa Rican

I thought it through and maybe I wasn’t born at the right time.
Life gets rough and I’m beginning to think that maybe I was born to the wrong parents.
I’m lacking forward momentum and right about now it seems that maybe I don’t have the gumption to succeed.
Since karma has a way of knocking us back on our asses maybe my failed relationships were just my indiscretions reciprocated.
The sex I had the other night seemed pointless and without passion; maybe I need to save my soul-sharing for someone who means something.
After carefully exploring long term relationships I’m convinced that maybe the participants are making serious compromises.
If I give more of myself to my friends, maybe I’ll be left feeling used and unappreciated.
If I were to die today maybe I’d be remembered by someone who never revealed how they felt about me.
Is the true meaning of life that we leave an indelible mark on the world or maybe life is just intended to be shared with people of substance without regard to my contributions?
If love expects nothing in return maybe it ends up empty-handed and more importantly, empty-hearted in an unrequited state.
Maybe everything that means anything to me now is temporary.
Maybe my wish for complete happiness is in this moment.
Maybe I’ve arrived and everyone has already left.
Maybe, just maybe, the failure to connect is in the word.

On Blast
Words. They can cut deeper than a knife and be remembered long after the sounds are uttered. Words have the power to heal, hurt and inspire. Words can chase someone away or they can make someone never think of leaving. More powerful than a charging elephant, louder than a clap of thunder, softer than a rose petal – words. What word do you feel diminishes you and drains your inner strength? Conversely, what word defines your inner being?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tammy said...

you know hector...sometimes you are just to damn deep for us. you make us think to hard.

R&B lover said...

The word that drains me and diminshes my inner being is hate. I don't think most people know how powerful that word can be. This is a word that can have a everlasting tone in your ear. Never use it to me because it's to final. The word that defines my inner being is truth. Go figure. Coco Rican it's like tammy said you are too deep..(Smile)

lala said...

The word “Love” drains my inner strength. There are too many definitions of the word. It is thrown around to the point where we have forgotten what “love” is. Is “love” just a word or a state of being? Is it a mood or an sensation? I’m confused. We use the word “luv” when talking to a friend but “love” when we think we are talking to a lover. Who’s to say we don’t have them mixed up? How do we know the friend doesn’t truly mean more to us than the so called lover? See Hector, now you have me thinking to deep. UGH…what a way to start a morning!

Just Me said...

Words don't define me. They are used to express what one may feel and mean a totally different thing to one one hearing or listening. I try to use words in accordance with the dictionary and not slang. I hate negative words, they tend to drain the life out of you. Positive words have the power to make change/uplift/inspire and strengthen if used correctly. I never use hate because it tends to zap my own inner strength. Beauty is only for inanimate object like (flowers/pictures/nature). Words are a double edged sword, careful with them.

Tammy said...

Ok, there is no one word that would define my inner being. I am made up of many words. Family, Friendship, Love and Like. Those words define me, because those words make me who I am. Because of the family that I have, and the friendships that I have, the way those two groups love and like me, have made me strong, secure, respectful, Godfearing, Blessed and loving. These things help me brush off the hateful words. I am too surrounded by good to be touched by bad. I dont claim evil, or evil people. They and their words cant touch me.

Cocoa Rican said...

Words are power. The one word that diminishes my spirit is apathy. Simply, apathy is the absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement. It is a lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. With love, hate, disdain, etc., the emotion is clear and defined, but with apathy you are beige; A neutral nothing of a person lacking any real depth. The word that defines me and gives me strength is resolve. Resolve is the firmness of purpose or intent; determination. Resolve can also mean to come to a definite or earnest decision about something.

Lala… I hear you on the word love. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word loosely because I know the impact and impression it has on me. When I use love I mean it. Lately, I’ve chosen to even hold it back in instances when I feel it, but recognize it isn’t appreciated. There is a Bible scripture that loosely translated says, “Throwing pearls to the swine.” Yeah… I’m not even going there…

Anonymous said...

feeling with my mind instead of my heart, has been my way begging for the knife. People can say whatever good or bad, and actions can scream another. I don't need or want the fuzzy feeling sweet words or comments give if the actions that follow show they are full of it. On the brighter side, I can see past negative words if thier actions tell me they mean well, or just don't know how to communicate better, but would if they could. AVP

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do believe that words can be very powerful, but what's most important here is the tone of the words spoken. People have no discretion of how they say things and/or when they say it. They don't think of the consequences of their words or the impact it has on the listener. Even though we've been together for damn near 8 yrs. I still have to let my man know, "Who are you talking to like that? Ni$$a you better fall back." People just should think before they speak b/c the way you portray how you feel will affect the listener depending on your tone.