Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Morning Edition - 9/20/06

I’m Not Gay; I Just Sleep With Men
A survey done by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene found that 70% of the men who mentioned having sex with other men, were married. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that 10% of the New York men surveyed said that they were heterosexual, but had sex with at least one man in the previous year. These two studies highlight the need to identify risky behaviors rather than targeting those that self-identify as gay. Although it is 2006, being gay still has social stigmas that encourage some men to refuse to accept their homosexuality and instead lead duplicitous lives. The message appears to remain the same – get tested, have safe sex and treat everyone as though they are infected.

Ms. Janet You’re Just Nasty
Janet Jackson was at the center of a serious controversy for her wardrobe malfunction during 2004’s Super Bowl performance. Now, she voluntarily is showing her breasts again for her So Excited video, flirtatiously covering her nipples just before the camera pans to her nude breasts. I defended the 2004 wardrobe malfunction as a mistake she apologized for and felt that MTV’s current ban of Jackson is uncalled for – especially when Justin Timberlake is trying hard to ‘Bring Sexy Back’. Now, the soft-spoken Jackson is thumbing her nose at the establishment and foolishly giving credence that the malfunction was very much an intended publicity stunt. With Timberlake bringing ‘Sexy Back’ I hoped Jackson would hold her boobies back.

Noah’s Arc; Tonight at 10 p.m.
The boys of NA finally got that down-low mess, Guy, out of the way and we can now resume the real storyline – will Noah and Wade finally reunite before season 2 ends? On an interview on the actor who plays Dre, Merwin Modesir, eluded to his character initially playing extra nice with Noah to show he wasn’t intimidated by Wade and Noah’s history, but seeing as though Wade and Noah are always looking at each other longingly, his portrayal of Dre will change into a more protective stance. Look out Noah! Ricky, played by Christian Vincent and Junito, played by Wilson Cruz, are still riding the wings of love. Will Ricky be able to be true now that he’s told Junito he loves him? Then there’s Noah… With his recent romance with Quincy, played by Keith Hamilton – formerly Noah on All My Children – Noah may find love in the arms of someone who thinks the world of him and looks good first thing in the morning! Tune in tonight for all the eye candy, laughs and drama. If you’d like to take a peek at the cast, please check out
We’ll chat about tonight’s episode tomorrow.

On Blast
Admittedly, Janet Jackson is stunning at 40. All nips and tucks aside, Jackson is a musical icon with years of proven success and sex appeal. With the current bevy of beauties on the music circuit (Beyonce, Rihana, Kalis, etc.) is an artist of Janet’s caliber required to resort to the same booty-bearing tactics or can she set a different standard because of her legendary success? Are artist such as Janet, Mariah, Mary J., Madonna and Whitney, still judged by the same standards as current young artists? Would you support a classier, more-refined, Janet?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Hmm, as a diehard Janet fan, one who slept outside to get Velvet Rope tickets, and as one who, at 7 months pregnant, stood and sang the entire concert, I'd support a classier Janet. However, I don't think she's going that route. Until she dies, she's going to continue baring her breasts and talk about her sex life. She's always been like that. Hell, even B, Ashanti, and Ciarra aren't lyrically sexual like J. The difference is that SHE MUMBLES so you don't know what the hell she's saying. B and nem aren't saying shyt, but they're booty bouncing, so they're seemingly suggestive. Anywho, when her new CD comes out, I'll be copping it.

Anonymous said...

Re: I'm Not Gay... See?? If they were strictly surveying black men it would have been considered "DL". Isn't it the same thing? If those men chose not to be "tagged and labeled" and just want to have fun, why should us girls be the only ones "who wanna have fun-un"?

On Blast: Unfortunately they have to resort to the booty-bearing tactics. Sylvester would have never said them “they don’t need them dresses…they don’t need them jewelries…these women can sang,” because they need them dresses and jewelries...they are performers and don’t have to sing. I wouldn’t support a classier and refined Janet or Toni because then they would have to cover-up and then what’s left her voices? Aahhh hahahahahaha. That was funny to me.


Just Me said...

You resort to the level of lifestyle that you wish. Janet is playing a game to see how much attention she can get and she'll get alot from the young kids on the block. Breast/Belly and Tighs entrigue the up and coming generation. These values are what have our young ladies growing up with NO self esteem or value for themselves. Will there be any Nancy's, Patti's or Chante Moores out there? Some will pay with their life and other will choose life....Which do you choose?

Anonymous said...

Can we please get over the Superbowl and Janet and Justin that was soooooooo 2 years ago.

Why cant Janet be showing her breasts or in the case of her video not showing just because she wants to?

Why must everything have something to do with what happened at the SuperBowl? I have yet to hear or read an article where she relates the two... but yet people always keep speculating.

Regardless if they are real or not real... new or old... she looks fabulous and maybe she just doesn't mind showing the world that at 40 she is still keeping it tight.

Cocoa Rican said...

I think the reason the Super Bowl incident continues to come up for Janet is that she is repeating the same mistake – using her breast to garner publicity. Let’s keep it real, Justin hasn’t ripped off Timbaland’s t-shirt exposing his man breast, so we can trust he’s over the whole incident. Yes, we can agree that Janet looks stunning at 40, but if she doesn’t market her talent soon, her body isn’t going to hold up into her 60s and 70s to carry her future albums forward. The bold move to AGAIN expose yourself serves to remind us that maybe you’re quickly becoming a has-been. With the competing eye candy getting younger and younger, Janet will soon realize she can’t keep up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casper, from yesterday blast and remarks; Yes, I would cut you like a pound cake but I would also rush you to the hospital and take care of my niece and nephews until they fixed you up, smile. Love ya!


Dayne Avery said...

Dont we all just love a good boob shot every now and then though?

Cocoa Rican said...

We do Dayne...we do... LOL

Anonymous said...

comparing timberlands chest to janets... doesnt quite make any sense at all....

and sex sales... and who said her showing any skin in her new video or magazine is a mistake... just because someone doesn't fit into the little boxes we want doesnt make what they are doing a mistake.

Tammy said...

Janet always has been and always will be an exhibitionist. I will support her even when her she starts trippin ova her tits. i'mma tawk about her den...but i'mma still support her.