Thursday, September 14, 2006

Morning Edition - 9/14/06

NA; Moving Right Along
Last night’s episode of Noah’s Arc was an improvement on what was quickly becoming, a drawn-out story line. The Arc (Alex, Ricky and Chance) finally fell in line behind Alex and realized that sometimes you have to believe in your friend enough to have his back. Guy’s plot to steal Trey away from Alex was exposed and brought to an end. Kudos to Guy for pulling off those HOT green micro shorts. It was hard hating the man when he was wearing the hell out of that second skin. Wade finally got “real” with Noah and told him a few harsh words that, in reality, needed to be said. To smooth things over, Wade still came through to show love wins out over resentment by getting Noah out of a tight situation. Eddie got fired for his support of his boss’ lesbian wife’s decision to leave her marriage and join her girlfriend of three years – good riddance… except what will they do about that mortgage payment. Wait! I know, sell little Kenya into black market slavery…nah, too “out there.” We haven’t revisited the Ricky and Junito love fest. It appears that plot line has proven too hum-drum to develop. Finally, we were left with Noah getting assaulted by three gay-hating thugs at a gas station. Admittedly, I didn’t expect this turn of events and expected Wade or Quincy to drive up and save Ms. Damsel-In-Distress, but we went all out with letting pretty boy get kicked around. Are we setting this storyline up for the Wade-Noah make-up? Whatever happens, Dre seems to be getting wind of that the end is near. His face showed all the insecurities and anger of a man who knows things aren’t looking good. We’ll tune in next week to see where the boys go next.

Saving All Our Love
A few stolen crack viles was all that they shared
They had a family; The child’s hair gave us a scare
Though we tried to resist; Watching her be a bitch
But no other star’s gonna do
So we’re saving all our old CDs, cuz their cool.
Whitney Houston filed for divorce on Wednesday from husband, Bobby Brown after 14 years of marriage. Houston’s publicist, Nancy Seltzer said the singer did not wish to make a statement. The two have a 13-year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Gay-on-Gay Hate?
Yesterday while riding the train to work a lesbian couple boarded the crowded train. The “fem” of the two lesbians was forced next to me and as the train became more crowded she was pressed against me. I was reading my magazine and listening to my music, but looked up to see her masculine partner glaring angrily at me. I then realized she was annoyed to have her girlfriend wedged against me. There was nowhere for me to move, so I simply removed my headphones and attempted to veer to one side to appease her mounting discomfort. The masculine woman then loudly announced to her girlfriend, “Move closer to me because these n*ggers are trying to get their freak on this morning.” It left me with no recourse, but to address the matter, since I was the only “n*gger” in direct contact with her girlfriend. “Sweetie, the only thing your girlfriend could do for me is my nails,” I said to her a stern look on my face. “I wasn’t talking to you,” she continued. “Well, I was talking to you,” I retorted. We rode the rest of the way in a very tense stand-off that I felt was ridiculous, since we only served to give the gay-haters a show.

On Blast
Masculine lesbian women appear to have a deep-seated insecurity when it comes to men – even when the men in question are gay. Why would masculine lesbian women feel threatened by gay men? Is their a deep-seated penis envy/hate that plays into this equation?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


R&B lover said...

You know In all my years I have notice how the more masculine women in the female to female relationships have this insecurity. I don't think it's just against men it against other masculine Females as well. I think they have a tendency to hold on to tight to that person. Maybe the masculine women are just to insecure about themselves as well as being able to keep a mate. Now my question would be. Who's relationship is more stable man to man or woman to woman...hmmmm...I'll get back to you.

Smooth comments from your R&B Lover

R&B lover said...

I really enjoyed Noah's Arc last night until it got to the end. I think most gay men in some respects can relate to what has happened to Noah at the gas station. It is a gay man's reality. I can't even imagine being beat up like Noah was. But people can sometimes be just as harsh with there words. Why do you think heterosexual men have such a hate for someone that hasn't even done anything to them. Could it be insecurity. Help a brother out here. Hit me with the names if you have to hit me and put the sticks, stones and fist down. Dam I'm mad. Let me go recoop.

Just Me said...

My comment is NO COMMENT....I can't relate....

caspar608 said...

Lesbians are just girls living in a mans world. I don't think the hardcore ones have penis envy. I think they just try to emulate what the world sees them as anyway - girls who love girls (so I guess they have no other choice but to take on mannish traits). Its all very confusing to me, but I will say this much....why envy a penis if a good toy can do just as well if not better.
Isn't everyone envious of someone in some way? Who doesn't want to hold tightly to the object of their affection.
Admit it Hector, you had wood for honey when her booty rubbed against you.....

Cocoa Rican said...

Okay… so first and foremost, I don’t know what the deal is with masculine lesbians. In their defense, I have a lesbian couple that lives above me at the house and they’ve helped make my view of masculine lesbians a lot more positive. On average, masculine lesbians come across as confrontational, insecure, ghetto and mean. When I’ve visited their clubs, they’ve given me a hard time at the door and when they realize I’m gay they think I’m going to play woman to their man – NOT! All said, someone needs to make it known that we’re in the same boat different decks ladies. We don’t want you, we don’t want your woman and if you keep actin’ wild, we’ll show you what our true genders are. Enough said.

Cas… no, I didn’t want the lesbian’s fem partner. Truth is, I hate bein’ pinned-up on the train and have used my mp3 player and reading material to block out any contact during rush hour. If we’re talking about girls, I’m attracted to a certain type of girl… fat, hygienically-challenged, angst-ridden, insecure lesbians, aren’t it!