Friday, September 15, 2006

Morning Edition - 9/15/06

LQs Tonight; You Only Live Once
At 5:30 this evening we will join friends and family at LQs (Latin Quarters) to celebrate the end of summer. Catch-up, network or just let your hair down, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to have an enjoyable evening. Ladies are free and gentlemen pay only $5. Drinks are 2-for-1 until 7 p.m. and there’s even a free buffet until 6:30 p.m. For those of you who are ready to shake a tail feather, LQs features the hottest in R&B, Salsa, Soul, Reggaeton and Freestyle. There’s something for everybody, so don’t miss out on this EOS celebration!!
** LQs; Between 47th and 48th Street and Lexington Avenue; NYC

Power; I Giveth and I Taketh Away
Yesterday I was speaking to a friend that was extremely upset about what the rumor mill was circulating about her. As it turns out someone said she said something to someone….well, you get the picture. To be honest, the solution to this problem is simple. Here are the Cocoa rules for tackling the rumor mill:
1. I am an adult and as such can/will say and do what I please and accept the consequences for the same
2. You know nothing about me except what I tell you to be true. Anything else you surmise is simply your opinion.
3. You’re speaking ill of me in no way impacts my reputation; it is a reflection of your character and your personality.
4. If you talk to me about others chances are you talk to others about me; you’re a loser
5. I proudly hold my head high at all times knowing that I am a respectable person with no one to answer to but myself.

There is no deviating from these five rules. Adults must learn that any power or credence you give to rumors that are being spread about you are only validated by you becoming irate or disheveled. Know this: You have no powers here. In my life, you only have the power I give you.

B-Day #1; Hate If You Will
At 25, Beyonce Knowles has proven that hard work – yes hard work – pays off. Her new album B-Day made its debut at number one on the Billboard’s Top 200 Best Selling list. B may not be the well versed PR dream that other artists are, but she does deliver on what she is talented at – music. We can disagree on the quality of her songs and voice, but Beyonce is a successful artist. It’s time that we stand behind our successful minority artist – especially when that artist is one that isn’t enveloped in some disastrous scandal that overshadows her career. She’s not a drug-addict, her relationship isn’t on the front pages of the Enquirer and she’s admired worldwide. Can we give Beyonce some credit? Realistically speaking we could do worse for role models. Hey, if you prefer controversy and drama there are plenty of artists to support, but I think I’ll file behind someone who is successful at her craft and appears to have a true love for what she does.

On Blast
Heck no, we’re not at third base yet! Each of us has varying degrees of comfort with physical intimacy. While some of us consider deep kissing more intimate than penetration, there are those who feel anal sex is more intimate than oral sex. In the end, what is too intimate to engage in casually varies by person. What do you consider too intimate to engage in during casual sex? Is there anything you just would never engage in regardless of the intimacy between you and your partner? Feel free to use the “Anonymous” button if you feel your answer may expose your inner freak. :)

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Intimacy, wow! that's deep.

Lets see...

It's OK to give 100% or more if the person you are intimate with is safe and extremely desirable. Behind close doors anything goes, role playing, love making, dirty talk, u name it, it's done as long as it's a mutual feeling. If you gonna get down and dirty do it right, have fun you only live once.

Don't ignore the most important thing about intimacy, safety, protect yourself, and if not sure about your sexual partner have "SAFE SEX" or have fun with your "ADULT TOYS"

Anonymous said...

Kissing is out of the question! To me, kissing is more intimate than any form of sex. Until I have found "Mr. Right," don't put your lips on me. least not above the neck.

Anonymous said...

I love to give oral sex but I don't like to receive it. Yes, I have had it done right and have even experienced orgasims. However, that is not a favorite of mine and something I would never suggest my partner to do.

Cocoa Rican said...

I have to admit, I’m difficult. My friends say I have too many rules and you know what? I do. Deep kissing (where there’s tongue involved) is very intimate to me and is even more serious than penetration for me. I think it requires a more passionate connection to really make out. As for oral – let’s get this straight, you can go for broke on ‘ole boy, but he’s not budging. It’s not my thing. Besides, in my experience very few people know how to get it right. I can make you see baby Jesus, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have a V-8. Also, if you mess with the twins you’re liable to need cranial fusion when I’m done with you. As for booty – sorry, but I won’t put my mouth there. I will kiss around it, but it ain’t happening. You on the other hand can munch to your heart’s content. Penetration is the name of the game, but if you appear easy I quickly bore with your booty as well. I know, it may seem like a lot to remember, but you’d be surprised how quickly my trainees have mastered the Principles of Cocoa course.

Tammy said...

as long as there are no animals or chirren in the bedroom with me and my man its all good. hell, i will try everything at lease once. shyt..i have tried everything at least once. :-)

Cocoa Rican said...

Anonymous 1: What is giving more than 100%? Do you throw in a friend? Do you mean if you (think) you're sure about your partner it's okay to have unsafe sex?

Anonymous 2: I'm with you.

Anonymous 3: I know how you feel... very few people have the proper skills for it and just serve to irritate 'ole boy.

Tam: You're a cheap hookah... and I love ya' for it.