Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Morning Edition - 6/12/07

In Your Eyes
Last night, Baby Daddy and I planned to meet after work and run a couple of errands before settling down to a quiet evening. As luck would have it, I got off the train and was met with a downpour. My work clothes soaked, I ran all the way home and peeled my wet clothes off, and jumped in a hot bath before meeting up with BD. Wife-beater and jean clad, I drove over and picked up BD who was still wearing his work get-up. Now, I’ve seen BD in his work drag before, but last night he was wearing a pin-stripped blue suit that draped his perfect red frame so well that as he walked toward my car I was transfixed on how beautiful he is in all his “ordinary.” There’s something about a man who doesn’t appear to try hard to pull off a look. He jumped in the car and without any hesitation he kissed me gently on the lips and all I could do was smile – real wide. We picked up a few things and settled in to listen to some soft music – old ballads really. As we laughed I turned around from our sticky spooning to look into his eyes and could only think of Shirley Murdock’s song, In Your Eyes. He asked me, “What are you thinking?” and I said, “I see kindness… I see honesty…” He looked perplexed and said, “Okay boi…what’s the punch line?” I said, “In your eyes… that’s what I see.” We both laughed, but it was different. It was a laugh followed by warm and tender kisses. Yeah… In your eyes… I see….

Check out Shirley singing, In Your Eyes

Long Story Short
The folks will be in town and at my new crib for the last week of July. Mom plans to help get my place together – as only mom can. I’m excited and it always feels good to be “mommed” after a move. Note to self: Parent proof the place two weeks in advance.
Caspar aka Colleen turned the big 3-6. This year we will celebrate our 30th anniversary as friends! Fingers crossed on having her join me for my island birthday festivities.
J’Moo and I will be catching a special showing of The Color Purple right here at my corporate offices tonight. The cast will be available to speak to the intimate audience after the show. Excited? …uh, yeah!
The cable guy will be helping out with some stuff around the new crib. Who knew Cablevision gave such service. So far we’re just considering his continued contact as a kind gesture…. Lest we be thought of as an assuming gay man…right?
‘Nita/Linda…time to get some Pride attire picked out? I’m thinking we’re going to go for that minimalist approach… the less the better. Yeah, guess I haven’t matured enough to leave the fun alone.

On Blast
Do you consider your eyes the windows to your soul or are there other tell-tale physical signs that betray your feelings?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

YES! YES! YES! @ "There’s something about a man who doesn’t appear to try hard to pull off a look."

Coy said...

My face always gives me away. I do not have a poker face. Unfortunately. lol

Mr. Jones said...

I want warm kisses!!! lol.

Seriously though, people's eyes never lie. Most people's eyes tell a tale and as long as you know what to look for, you'll find out all you want and need to know about a person.

I actually tried explaining this concept to a new friend of mine, to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Look deep in their eyes and you could tell what is deep in their soul. That is why people wear shades and a low hat when playing poker :-)

El Alexander said...

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”
- Henri Bergson
I feel that your heart is the window to your soul. Your heart defines who you are, what you are, and what you will become. Your soul is the essences of who you are.

ReddMann said...

nope the Eyes definitely have it for me...

life said...

aawww...the chessy motion picture moment..lol. How cute

ponoono said...

how do u "mom proof" the place?? what do u have to hide?? ehehehhehehe

Anonymous said...

An open minded individual with a great sense of humor who likes "keepin' it real."