Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Morning Edition - 6/27/07

The 2007 Beyonce BET Music Awards
We can all count on BET to pack our favorite artists into the 2-plus hours of the BET Music Awards. Although I’m a HUGE fan of Beyonce - her look, her performances, her sheer DRAMA - I am not a fan of the histrionics her mere presence represents to the award show of late. In the last two years Monique has chosen to start the show with renditions of whatever hot new song Beyonce has on the charts – done BIG girl style. Year one, this was extremely amusing, but year two found Monique looking like a winded, obese caricature of the real thing, with nothing to show for her efforts – outside of an uncomfortable Beyonce and a befuddled audience. We won’t address the various strapless numbers she was wedged into and the sense that we needed to slap her stylist to the ground – twice! Monique, we get the message loud and clear – big girls can do their thing too – enough said…and I mean it…enough said. The Beyonce performance was sheer genius and her robotic gold metallic outfit had me peeing at every corner of my living room. T.I., oh T.I. Let it be known that I love me some him, but what’s the story with the cold sores? Whether in a video or live, T.I. manages to always deliver the sore. I want you to hit up your doc for a double dose of Valtrex and the courage to let your manager know that you will not film another video that will serve to immortalize any future cold sores. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but when I look at Ne-Yo I can only think that the WB frog has finally grown up…well, sort-of. I’m not a fan, but more power to the young lad. The performance of the night belongs to Daddy Lavert, Gladys Knight, Yolanda Adams and Patti LaBelle. Their rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings was a goose-bump inspiring holler-fest. After wiping the non-stop tears I could only think about the first time I heard Gerald’s song, Made To Love You; To this day the song means the world to me. Now, on to the woman we know as The Boss. Ms. Ross – Diana herself. She seemed very appreciative of the lifetime achievement award – even when Chaka screamed like a trapped hyena and Stevie Wonder acted like he was not only blind, but suffered from amnesia, when the words to one of Diana’s hits apparently left him. Lady D’s acceptance speech, however, was everything I didn’t expect and everything I could’ve hoped for. It sounded like the blinders, the misconceptions and the act had all come to an end and we were finally getting a glimpse at the real Ms. Ross. She was reflective, appreciative and short of thanking Barry Gordy for that illegitimate drag version-of-his-former-self daughter, spot-on in all her assertions. This year’s 2007 BET Awards is worthy of a DVR spot and well worth the Sunday morning coffeecake replay.

Humor May Be the Real Aphrodisiac
For over a week, Baby Daddy and I have managed to leave the office at the same time to meet for our nightly train ride home. We’ve been tired, sleepy, even cranky, but it all seems to melt away the moment we meet. Our conversations make the crowded trains seem empty as we laugh, flirt and become completely immersed in each other. Now I’m not saying that keeping a permanent smile on my face is the only quality that BD has – he’s quite the smooth man behind closed doors as well – but the light-hearted convo and the ease with which we’re able to be silly, keeps us both wanting more time as we look forward to hear each other’s voice. Last night after jumping off the train BD texted me with, “You know you have a sick sense of humor…and I luv it!” I replied, “You make me laugh with my heart…which only means future heart disease…LOL” Less than an hour later he called and we watched the BET Awards together in virtual tears the entire time. My stomach hurt so good that when the show ended I said, “I don’t know whether to make love to you or smile myself to sleep.” He said, “If we rush we can take care of both…” A man after my own heart... BD is the picture of why humor is not only an aphrodisiac, it takes all those tensions and pressures that can affect budding romances and turns them into a comfortable place where all you want to do is stretch and smile.

When Something’s Wrong With My Busta
Busta, my Miniature Schnauzer, turned 8-years old this past May. He’s my trusted companion – privy to all of daddy’s ups and downs. I often cringe at the thought of him speaking one day and telling all he’s seen. The pooch would definitely have a best seller on his hands. Last night when I arrived from work, Busta was limping and acting strange. We went for our walk, but he returned and limped across the room and simply lay in front of the fan. I know my baby’s not a puppy, but he’s much too young to be ill. I checked his paws and legs and found nothing wrong, but my buddy keeps limping. If this continues for the next few days, we’ll find our way to the vet on Saturday. Although I often say that Busta is my last foray at dog ownership – well, until I get my next home with a yard – I think I would be really devastated if anything is wrong with my right-hand man. Busta…daddy needs you, so perk up pa!

On Blast
Pets are loyal companions that adapt to our hectic lifestyles and appear to have an unconditional love for us. Whether I'm scolding him or hugging him, Busta has never given me the cold shoulder or needed his space. They are everything we can hope for in a human partner.
What was the name of your favorite pet and what made them special in your life?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Morning my Friend,

That would be "Astro". He was a boxer and the best dog ever. He was always so happy to see us and always knew when you just needed to cuddle. I miss my doggie.


Darius T. Williams said...

Ahhh - I had a cat named Cuddles at one time. I don't remember what happened to him - but, that's the only pet I have. I have some other "pets" that are my "favorite" and that show "unconditial companionship" but, some things are better left unsaid.

ReddMann said...

Sasha my boxer would have to be my favorite... i love being able to have conversations with her and her being able to understand.
I will never own another type of dog than boxers.

As for the BET Awards... you are so right about Monique, can she please come up with another crusade. While Bey was the best performance she was not genious, that entire robotic segment came from Kylie Minouge's concert in 2005... and the Gerald tribute was hilarious cause Pattie came back on stage and took over, and why is Yolanda the current it gospel girl on every tribute???

Anonymous said...

i never noticed cold sores on TI

Joey Bahamas said...

I've had so many pets it's hard to say one was my favorite. Right now my roommate has two cats: Milo and Vegas. Milo is like my husband...he crawls into bed with me, watches over me, and will bite anyone that takes their place next to me. Vegas is moody, spoiled, and talkative...and that's why I love him so much. Even though they aren't mine, they mean so much to me...

Adam said...

My favorite pet is my Border Collie, Charley. I've been sitting for her since she was a puppy, 5 years ago. My partner and I recently adopted her because her Mommy has gotten so busy with work and travel. She loves Charley dearly but, being single, felt that she could no longer provide Charley with the stability she felt was necessary.

In addition to being the smartest dog breed (you know I have to brag on my baby), Border Collies need lots of attention and exercise. Since my partner and I have lots of love to give, as well as many acres for Charley to run and play, we felt that we should step up to the plate. Charley has been coming for 1 - 2 week visits, at least 3 - 4 times a year, for a while now, so the transition was really easy. Her Mommy comes to visit often, so it's like Charley just switched homes. I believe that Charley is truely happy.

For anyone thinking of it, pet adoption is a very rewarding experience. Sure it adds a little work, time, responsibility, and expense to your normal routine, but it's well worth it. And as many of you may know, when you look into your pet's loving eyes, you know you couldn't imagine it being any other way.

Mr. Jones said...

Re: BET Awards - I don't even bother watching.

Re: BD - Good for you. I wish I were in love. ::sigh:: lol.

Re: On Blast - JJ, my Rott/Chow mix puppy, is my homeboy. It doesn't matter if we've been apart for 2 minutes or two days, he always greets me like he hasn't seen me in YEARS. Love him to death. I'd be devastated if anything ever happened to him.

Anonymous said...

My cat "Zimba" is my favorite. He is 13yrs old. He was my housewarming gift from my brother when I lived in the BX. Zimba also has alot of tale to tell... :-)

However, I do love my cat "Blu". I saved him from some hoodrats in brooklyn when he was just a kitten. Blu is 7 years old.

Anonymous said...

r u sure Busta didn't join you on your eating binge the other day and now he's constipated

Kensilo said...

That would be my Samuel. He is a Cocker Spaniel and every times he sees me he does back flips like he was a stunt dog. Reading your post brings memories back. I missed my lil pup. R.I.P.

Dayne Avery said...

The show was pretty good and the tribute was kinda touching. You know we love Patti.

"If we rush we can do both". Priceless. Why should you have to choose?

My dog, Man was my favorite pet. I blogged about him before. That little pooch taught me how to love better (silly as it sounds).

life said...

I'm in Atlanta. You are crazy "f*ck the establishment" lol. I never had a pet. You make me want to get one. Laughter is good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm gonna be the inappropriate one and say that
BD (if that's him) is sessy as
h*ll. Just sayin'.

Big ups to Busta...I hope the pooch
feels better soon. Unfortunately, all of my dogs died terrible deaths. So I heart them all. Jason, Tiger, Lady Tiff, and Sir Tomas y'all rest in peace.

Loves Bey but she borrows A LOT. So I love that she always manages to pull if off better than the original. She looked hot and performed well. Kelly looked good but what happens with her vocals?