Thursday, June 07, 2007

Morning Edition - 6/7/07

Can’t Force It
After over a month I relented and had a date with Diaper Jo. As you may recall this is the 20-year old youngin’ who insists our age difference doesn’t matter and has a contract out on my cell phone battery. I say this because since meeting him he will blow my celly up until he gets some attention. I agreed to have him come over at about 8ish and told him to call as he was leaving his apartment to head over to my place. I ran a hot bath and as I’m sitting there luxuriating, Busta, my trusted cock-blocker roomie, begins barking. I yelled from the tub for him to quiet down, but he barked even louder. Now that I live on the ground floor, I don’t take his barks lightly, so I jumped out of the tub, wrapped my towel around me and angrily looked out my peep-hole to see Diaper Jo standing there with a huge smile. Shocked and disgusted that he did not follow directions, I asked him to wait until I dressed, and returned to my bath. After drying, applying lotion and putting on the comfie-sexy shorts and wife-beater, I returned to the door to let him in. Tired and slightly irritated, I ushered him into my living room where we spent the evening watching Comedy Central and shooting the breeze. It wasn’t long before he began the touchy-feely moves and pulled me to him so that I could lay on his chest. Before I knew it, I heard a slight snore and realized I had fallen asleep. I apologized and said I was too tired to be of any decent company, but it didn’t stop DJ from treating me like some pizzeria dough. Just as he was getting into his groove and had maneuvered me into a position where I was laying on top of him and being groped from all angles, I went from extremely sleepy, to feeling dirty – and not in a good way. I reminded him that it was late and I needed to go to bed. I walked into my kitchen and poured myself some juice and as I was standing at the counter, he came up behind me and attempted to dry-hump me as I tried to drink it. I turned around to give him the frog-face, but he then lifted me and sat me on the counter where he felt my thighs and said, “I just love your legs.” I hadn’t realized how high my counters are – or how short I am – but I jumped off and nearly bust my ass as the floor was further than I imagined. Now I was embarrassed and my hot shorts were so far in my ass I could’ve sworn I tasted brushed cotton. “That’s it…good night DJ,” I blurted. “Call me when you get home so I know you got there safe,” I finished. He looked like a lost puppy, but followed me to my door as I held it open and watched him leave. Before he could say another word, I closed and locked the door and head to the bathroom to wash my face and hit the sack. I think I need to scale back my dating partners to the one I’m really feeling these days. Hey, you can’t force it if you’re not feeling it.

NYC Celebrates Puerto Rican Heritage
In 1958, NYC held its first Puerto Rican Day Parade. By 1995, NYC officially designated the second Sunday of June as the National Puerto Rican Day – including that the official parade would be held. With over 100,000 marchers and three million spectators, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, taking place this Sunday, is the largest parade held each year in New York City. The parade snakes from 44th Street to 86th Street on Fifth Avenue. This year a group of us will be attending the festivities to celebrate our heritage. The parade is NOT celebrated in Puerto Rico.

Prison Take-Out
As is widely known, men in prison sometimes participate in hanky-panky to keep them sexually satiated during their long jaunts away from their partners. This jump-off isn’t an alien concept to gay prisoners either. California grants married prisoners the opportunity to have conjugal visits with their spouse. The set-up, which includes an onsite trailer for the hetero-knotted couples, is now also being offered to domestic partners in gay relationships. That’s right; California is now granting gay domestic partners conjugal visits. With so much accessible action, I wonder why someone is ordering out.

On Blast
Prisoners are specifically instructed NOT to engage in sexual behavior with fellow prisoners while incarcerated, but it is known that many still participate in sexual trysts while in the BIG house. Since it is apparent that the behavior will never be eradicated from the prison system, should the corrections system offer protection – condoms – to inmates?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


KennonPurdy said...
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KennonPurdy said...

LOL, you do know the second you give it to that 20 y.o he will be gone! I'm mad you made him wait outside, maybe thats a NYC thing. Down here we would have let him in and told him to sit in the "parlor" LOL But you are a good guy because if had dropped by with out calling I would have been pissed the entire and nothing would have gon done...NOTHING

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm falling out laughing at Kennonpurdy's comment about the "parlor." That's definitely a down south thing.

You did the right thing w/the 20 year old.

In addition, condoms in prison. YES, YES, and YES again.

Coy said...

lol @ the unexpected dry hump. There are times for it and juice time is not THE time. Poor kid.
Seems like you know who should get
most of your time. Good Luck with that.

Condoms are necessary in prison. So, yes.

Anonymous said...

condoms are very necessary in prison. problem is, they could be used for depressed prisoners to strangle themselves with.....


That Dude Right There said...

I know that D.J. came over without calling, but I think that you were a little hard on him. Remember that he is 20 years old. He's probably just a little excited about dating someone and is not sure of how to interact.

And hell yes, there should be condoms in prison. People need to stop acting like there ain't any sexing going on in there.

And i'm just gonna laugh at Kennonpurdy. The "parlor" thing is so true.

The Captain said... condoms in prison. You will only enable them to continue sexual practices that is immoral. By providing condoms is saying to prisoners "You're gay, and its Ok with us, go have fun." This also apply to those irresponsible parents who give their kids condoms and sending the same message and they are not old enough to drive a car.

Anonymous said...

Better safe than sorry. Yes to condoms!