Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Morning Edition - 6/20/07

Like A Boy… For some reason I’ve been working out to this on heavy rotation. What’s funny is that I blast my bass earphones when I work out and caught myself in the mirror mouthing the words while doing dips and almost broke an arm when I laughed so hard!

The Spinning
I often criticize my mom for living such a busy life and acting as though if she stopped to smell the roses, she’d miss something. I think I may have been the pot calling the kettle black. Lately, I haven’t done much of anything to my new crib – outside of buy soy milk and coffee. The boxes that were so carefully put in the rooms they belonged in remain there, waiting for me to open them. So, what’s the hold-up? I’m literally exhausted and giving myself the excuse that, “It’s my place, so I’ll get to it when I’m ready.” I figure if I tell myself that there’s no need to stress or press when I pay the bills around this joint, then I won’t begin to suffer insomnia at the thought of boxes strewn about. There’s also the issue that I’ve been consistently busy – I arrive to work and am on the run from the moment I arrive, to the moment I pull a Mr. Rogers and change into my Nike Air Max to head out the door. I’ve even taken to really enjoy the events the firm has to offer. Tonight, I’m confirmed to sit-in on an intimate meeting with John Amechi – the NBA star who recently came out and dropped a new tome – but I have also confirmed to run across the street to LQs (Latin Quarters) where my girl Carmen C. is being celebrated for her exit from our fair firm after over two decades as part of the family. I think my thirst to stand, neck-craned, in awe of Mr. Amechi will go unquenched, since my girl has to come before the new “out” story of the moment. Tomorrow, I’m hitting Lincoln Center for a very special NYC Pride kick-off party hosted by none other than Jai Rodriguez. You know I have to try to support my Latino peeps. Okay, okay… so the firm gave me VIP tickets to that event as well. On Friday, I have a date with Baby Daddy. We’ve been flirting all week, but our calendars haven’t worked. We’ve both promised to keep Friday open and we want some quiet cuddle time. I’m shooting for a luke-warm bath, candles and a rotation of my John Legend, Robin Thicke, India Arie and Kem CDs…hey, it’s like that. Just when I thought a little relaxation would be in order, Saturday and Sunday will be filled with NYC’s Pride festivities. The funniest thing is that at this point, the majority of calls I’ve received about connecting for Pride have come from my straight friends; a testament to the support of the chosen family. So, an apology to my mommy for my constant nagging about learning to slow down. Looks like the cherry doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m spinning ma!

Lights, Camera….
Monday, Cas and I purchased our side-by-side seats to Puerto Rico for my birthday weekend. Mercy B. beat us to the punch and has had her tickets for the event for over a month. I have my fingers crossed on Fluff and Pumpkin getting their tickets soon. We’re all very excited about a weekend of sun and fun. There is no formal itinerary outside of required beach time, libations and a disconnected hip joint. We’re calling this one – Great at 38!

On Blast
There are those of us who have an active spirit. The kind of soul that needs to feel in motion and engaged at all times. To many this conveys a sense of energy and fun, but like anything else, too much of a good thing – well, is too much of a good thing.
Do you feel more vital when you keep your calendar full OR do you find that you are at your best when you keep a sparse social/professional calendar?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Kensilo said...

I think that I hang between both those spectrums. When having my calendar full of events I feel wanted and important and being productive at the same time. But when I have it empty I like that fact of "spare of the moment" events that comes up as the day goes along. I realize that I have more fun when my calendar is empty. Go figure!

Joey Bahamas said...

I love to stay busy.

Work, parties, dinner engagement with friends. I like to get home shower, change, and head right back out. My mother is the same way.

Lately I've been taking more time for me, slowing down a bit. But I feel vibrant and fab when I'm on the move.

Ty said...

Yeah, you sound busy. Everyone is different but I ofen find that I go in cycles. I will do the run, run, run thing and then go into totally chill mode where I really don't do much of anything. I just think your body will let you know what it wants to do and you should be willing to listen to it.

I can't wait to go to Pride this year. I am a little overly excited for some strange reason this year. Maybe I'll see you there.

life said...

Enjoy yourself! I love those cds you listed.

yet another black guy said...

you hit the nail on the head; "too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing". though i feel more accomplished with a full schedule, i tend to do a bad job of time management in regards to my own time.

ps thanks for volunteering to have me meet your friend in Chicago, but i'm there to help my boy look for an apartment, first and foremost. i'd hate to have someone be bored and annoyed chauffeuring us around.