Thursday, June 28, 2007

Morning Edition - 6/28/07

Hot Cocoa
We’re having a heat wave; a tropical heat wave. I’m not even trying to sing that tune right now because I’m crabby, moody and sweating like Monique after the opening number at the BET Awards. New York City is now the baked apple and although I’ll be the first to say that I’m a summer Caribbean baby, I hate being hot when I’m trying to sleep. The truth is, it’s my fault. I didn’t move the air conditioner from my old place to my new place and it now sits in my sister’s shed, while I sit in a pool of my own sweat. For what it’s worth, I’ve taken more showers than a prison rape victim. So, I’m off to my cool bath with my new book in the hopes that the water will help cool Cocoa.

Busta; The Update
Busta, the trusted side-kick, continues to limp. He’s eating, drinking water and lying by my side, but he’s walking like an awkward tripod of sorts. Call me vain, but I’m horrified by my neighbor’s stares as I’m dragging the handicapped pooch behind me. Last night while on our evening walk, one of the neighbors yelled behind me, “Sir!” I turned to see an older gentleman pointing down at Busta. “I think your dog stepped in something. You better check his paws.” Frog-face in place, I said, “Thank you. Apparently I couldn’t see him limping from four centimeters away. Thank God you were able to catch it from 50 yards back.” He huffed and said, “Hey, I’m just trying to help you out. He looks like he’s in pain.” Still the defensive parent, I closed the convo with a simple, “Thanks for the heads-up. If he doesn’t perk up I’m having him gassed.” He stormed off leaving me to stroll up the block dragging the miniature tripod in my wake.

Friday Night Get-Get-Get Down; G-Unit B-Day
Giselle F. is celebrating her June 27 birthday, while Diana C. is having her last hurrah with her colleagues this Friday at LQs (Latin Quarters) between 47th and 48th Street on Lexington Avenue. Gentlemen can expect to shell-out $5, while ladies will stroll through the gate for free. A free buffet and 2-for-1 drinks until 7 p.m. are on tap, while R&B, Salsa, Hip-Hop and oldies are played throughout the night. Join us early to avoid the latecomer line the eventually forms. We will be hitting the dance floor at 5:30 p.m. See ya’ there!

On Blast
Recently an acquaintance of mine was called to her son’s school where the teacher complained of the child’s behavior. When the mother scolded and spanked the child, the bureau of child welfare was called. There appears to be a hyper-reaction to child discipline and spanking (of any kind) is now seen as child abuse. Not all child discipline is abuse.
Is it possible that in our effort to stamp-out abuse, we’re creating a generation of unruly and belligerent youngsters? When (if at all) would you consider it necessary for authorities to step-in with regard to a responsible parent’s child rearing?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Take your yella ass to wal-mart or homedepot and get a window unit, put it on your charge card if you have. being hot like that is just not cute, lol.

Adam said...

You are so famous for leaving the AC behind. If I hadn't donated it to Goodwill, I would give you the one you gave me when you left for Apple.

Busta probably pulled a muscle while running or something. They do that, from time to time, and they have to walk it off, just like we do. Don't let it go on too long though. Have it X-Rayed just to make sure it's not Legge-Perthes.

Child rearing:

My father beat my A**, back in the day, and I know I deserved it. If he didn't, I would probably be just as bad as the NEW heathens out here. I don't have kids, but when I see parents trying to reason with their children, I often think that they're wasting their time. I always wonder if the child possesses the level of maturity necessary to respond to that sort of discipline.

I also think that people are too quick to scream "Chile Abuse." I think it's abusive NOT to discipline your kids in a way that solicits behavioral change. There are some parents who may not know how to control themselves, and I suppose that's what the current laws are meant to protect against. But come on... spanking? Compared to other areas of the body, there's a lot of padding back there. Not much danger of breaking any bones. I say, spank away and think about how much better off the child and the world will be, in the long run.

Anonymous said...

My mother used to hit me with extension cords, broom/mop sticks, High heel shoes and even burn both of my hands in six grade for taking something that was not mines. And they call spanking "child abuse"? Give me a break! No matter what her choices in discipline were. I love my Mommy!! and I came up to be a pretty OK Chick! :-)

Darius T. Williams said...

Well - there is a fine line between discipline and abuse. But, I'm from the school of not sparing the rod. I have to say though, a lot of kids aren't getting beat like they should. But, if you're beating maliciously and loose sight of the discipline, then yea - it comes to abuse.

And yo - it's too dayum hot for you not to have AC. Get up and get one...I'm sure they're on sale somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of four and my children know that I am giving as ever. But if they get out of line I will tear that tail up. My children are very intelligent and there are times where we come to decisions together but watch your mouth because I will be mommy dearest like I was the other day. Let's just say when I came home yesterday all of their chores were done, the beds were made, the kitchen was clean, they had all had their baths and they were patiently sitting in the living room waiting for me to come home so that I could read the letter of apology from all four of them. I love my monsters!!!!!!


Cocoa Rican said...

Okay… I’m so hoarse this morning from the dry heat and the consistently blowing fan that I sound like Harvey Fierstein meets that guy from the Anti-Smoking Campaign in NYC – it’s really not cute. Yes dammit, I’m picking up my air conditioner tonight and I need a BIG, half-way intelligent man to put it in my first floor window, so I’m not awakened by a thug in my bed… well, an uninvited thug.
Kenon…no you didn’t call my red ass yella…LOL Darius, when you comin’ up to take care of these miscellaneous issues pa?! Adam, it is soooooooo my MO - leaving things behind, like I got it like that – I’m like the Bush education campaign. Donya, you better keep a foot in their ass, cuz those boyz are gonna be BIG!

Busta continues to limp…and was limping like a pitiful Lassie rerun this morning. I’m taking him to the vet Sat. morning – you know I’m tight about him draining my account – but let’s see what the problem is. My car needs to be inspected Sat. morning as well and you know this rent time! Can someone please remind me the happy, positive and affirming mantra of the Secret. Cuz right now, there ain’t no The Secret thoughts naturally flowing. LOL

Mr. Jones said...

Re: Weather - I feel your pain. Luckily, I have central A/C at home and in the office and the car, but I know what you mean. I HATE super warm weather. I can deal with a 80-85, but the 90-95 degree weather with humidity doesn't sit well with me.

The good news is, Friday and Saturday will be noticeably cooler from Boston to Washington. The bad news is storms are supposed to move through the northeast to make way for the cool front. Hell, I know we sure can use the rain in Maryland.

Re: Busta - New Yorkers are funny. I envisioned this happening as I read it. Although, in my vision, you were walking the streets of the Garment District instead of...wherever you live.

Re: 'On Blast' - I'm with you. Kids are incorrigible today and it's b/c parent allow them to run amuck! One could suggest that parents are reluctant to rear their kids the way I was reared for fear of being charged by the feds.

Honestly, I think some parents just do a poor job at parenting.

Anonymous said...

I do think some kids are out of control and that some ass whoopings should be handed out. BUT, you cannot expect to roll into a school in '07 and do some shit like that and not find yourself in hot water. Maybe it's not right, but it's how it is, and nobody can say they don't know that in this day and age. Things are different now. I do think too many parents in our day beat kids for EVERYTHING, thus making it useless. If beatings were so effective, our generation wouldn't be filled with so many fucked up wastes of space. I have cousins right now who got them asses whooped all the time and it made no difference whatsover. Ultimately it's about balance. If you are beating your kids for everything and they dont know why they are getting it, then it's pointless and does border on abuse. It should be a last resort. I can count on one hand the number of beatings I got, because rarely did anything get that far. I think corporal punishment has its place, but this is a different day and time and using it for every offense does not work. And aside from that, beating kids makes them not want to open up to you - and kids have too much shit going on these days to feel like they can't go to mom and dad. Black people need to stop thinking that's the solution to raising our kids - it's a total package.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

It's funny how they love to use the bible when it suits their purposes, but what ever happened to spare the rod, spoil the child.

Bust that ass. We got enough little horrors running around out there.

Like someone once said about pornography, 'I know it when I see it'; it's the same with abuse, which is hardly a well-deserved ass-whuppin.

Anonymous said...

My eldest is 6'4 and only 14 (be 15 in September). I smacked the ish out of him yesterday when he brought home his report card and failed most his final exams athough he passed every class and will not be going to summer school. If he was incapable of doing the work due to learning disability issues or limits on his intelect then I would have said "Son, you gave it your best shot" but by his own admission he said "what do you want, I had a lot of tests ... I couldn't study for ALL of them Mom"....thats when the Psycho music started playin gin my head and I went Joan Crawford on his azz....I gave him the phone and told him to call the PO-lice. I pay $600 a month for him to go to a private catholic school so he would have a better chance at going to a good university and be successful in life. Damn right, I smacked the ish out of him. I think I might have punched him a few times quite honestly. I just BLACKED the eff out. And if the cops showed up I would have effed them up to.....and if a "concerned" (nosy) neighbor had anything to say that might as well sin their own death certificate. Needless to say, lil man will be keeping his pretty face in the books this summer.
My 11 year old likes to sulk. I smack him when he tries to run me over with his self pity because I won't take his black einstein azz to the Discovery Channel store or buy him a computer game or a video game from eb games...I smack the ish out of him till he almost catches an asthma attack. As for my 7 year old burst of sunshine and rainbows ... lets just say all she needs is a good firm snatch by the arm (or a squeeze, whatever tickles my fancy at the given moment)and a monster face to put her in line. Clenching my teeth and foaming at the mouth works too. She's a girl....a girly girly but rough around the edges from fighting with the sulking 11 year old.
For all of those about to bat that azz, I salute you.
For all of those popping babies out with no regard for their well-being, who burn, maim or mutilate their own offspring I say lock em up and remove their ovaries/balls.

Maybe Busta Bust is just busted right now and he needs some time to get it together.

Its burnin up on Orloff too Cocoa. Burnin up.


yet another black guy said...

if you knew how hard you made me laugh with this one, you'd be ashamed of yourself.