Monday, August 01, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 8/1/05

It’s Your Party; Cry If You Want To
Crystal Rodriguez, 15, never dreamed her quinceanera party (sweet 15) held mainly in Latin American countries, would necessitate police with tasers, batons and pepper spray to disperse her 300-some-odd guests. Palm Beach County, Florida police say a drink that was spilled on the dance floor caused a fight that engulfed the party. Rodriguez says her guests were already leaving when the police arrived and the incident is being reviewed by the police department. In the end officers were forced to use crowd control devices – including pepper spray to calm and disperse the crowd. Ultimately, nine people were arrested. Rodriguez says several party-goers had to calm her down and it took her hours to stop crying.

Losing More Than Just Weight
Atkins Nutritionals Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A hearing is set for today in US Bankruptcy Court. The company was started by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1989. Atkins, who created the low-carb diet died a few years back. The Atkins company owes more than $300 million and has received over $25 million in financing to operate during the bankruptcy proceedings.

First Parent; Second Parent
Massachusetts has instructed hospitals to cross out the word “father” on birth certificates for children born to same sex parents and substitute “second parent.” Municipal clerks are saying that this will open a can of worms for passport, drivers license and other agencies who will view these as altered documents. Massachusetts has been asked to formerly revise their birth certificates and the issue if on the table with Public Health Officials.

Come Out of The Dark; Get It Straight
Exodus International,, says it can help homosexuals change from gay to straight – just like that. Since 1976, Exodus has been holding conferences, rallies, etc. to recruit homosexuals who are ready to leave their same-sex loving ways and join the ranks of the happy and normal majority. Hmmm… yes, I’m not only being sarcastic, I’m floored and skeptical. They presently operate in 17 countries. To quote from their mission statement, “Within both the Christian and secular communities, Exodus has challenged those who respond to homosexuals with ignorance and fear, and those who uphold homosexuality as a valid orientation. These extremes fail to convey the fullness of redemption found in Jesus Christ, a gift which is available to all who commit their life and their sexuality to Him.” Uh, here’s the thing, this group and their theories have never been proven. Sidebar: If I don’t get “changed” do I get my money back on the conference and expenses? Also, if I meet my future life partner at one of your conferences, can we post our success story on their website?

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