Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 8/24/05

Your Time Will Come
The exact time or cause of your death is unknown to you. Even when faced with a fatal diagnosis, you don’t know exactly when you’ll actually bite the bullet. For 13-year old Athitaya Onsuwan, who survived the December tsunami that ravaged her small seaside village in Thailand, that time was this morning. Onsuwan ran a mile up a mountainside before collapsing of exhaustion during the tsunami disaster that claimed the lives of 5,400 of her fellow villagers, but she could not hold-out for the heart transplant she needed to survive her deteriorating condition. "She told me, 'I can't hold on any longer,' and I told her, 'Try to hold out a little bit longer because you're going to get surgery in Bangkok soon,” her dad told reporters via telephone.

Volvo Wants Your Car To Check Your Breath
Ford Motor Company’s Swedish arm – Volvo, is testing a new breathalyzer seat belt mechanism that will test your alcohol level. To start the vehicle, the driver will need to buckle their seat belt and blow into the mechanism. As long as the driver’s alcohol content is below the legal .08 limit, the car will start. In addition, Volvo is also testing special keys that automatically tell the vehicle it cannot exceed a certain speed; perfect for families with younger drivers. Volvo says that these programs are only in a testing stage and are not close to being installed in production vehicles.

An Ugly Reality
American Idol co-host Randy Jackson and So You Think You Can Dance host, Lauren Sanchez are set to tape a pilot for a potential talk show. The show would be launched fall 2006. Jackson recently dropped MAD weight after gastric bypass surgery.

Long Story Short
Evelyn C. interviewed for a bump-up in position at her current corporate giant employer. Daylen F. trying to talk? The gorgeous 4-month old tot is attempting to converse with his favorite uncle – don’t ask. Marcia R. returned from her romantic Miami getaway weekend. The couple is sizzling! Predicted 2007 wedding? Marc Anthony hits Madison Square Garden in NYC on September 9 – tickets are off the hook! Frances C. turns SWEET 16 tomorrow! Happy b-day baby sis.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

A talk show? I am still confused as to why Randy and Paula Abdul have voice training classes on Comcast's ONDEMAND. One good thing about that though is that it offers practice songs in the fashion of Karaoke.

Anonymous said...

How are all my peeps, long time I had to switch databases here at work and for those who don’t know, I am Mr. IT-NOT. I have not had time to Blog, and I miss you guys tremendously.

A BLAST question for the near future:
What do you think of people who do not get along with their own race? Is it a form of self hatred or have they just come to conclusion that the people of their race, family included, have not lived up to their expectations? And do you think that it’s is still a form a racism. Hec’ please consider to post one day…please.