Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Morning Edition - 8/16/05

Give Me A “K”; Give Me an “O”
Ashley Burns, 14, was in the middle of a toss and double rotation exercise which would have her land on her back, cradled by her cheerleading squad. Unfortunately she under-rotated landing on her abdomen. The incident quickly turned ugly when Burns complained of shortness of breath and eventually died. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death for the Medford Vocational Technical High School teen. Burns died in a hospital in Lowell, MA.

Langley Park, MD aka Slasherville?
Five block span; five folks slashed. That is the story coming from Langley Park, MD. A mainly Latino community – 64% - that has seen its share of increased crime and poor community services. The immigrant population is packed into this one square mile town and the recent blood bath has scared them to action. To date, two men have been killed in the slash attacks, four throats were cut and one man’s hand was virtually severed off. Close to two years ago, I lived in Mt. Rainier – a town that neighbors Langley Park. In my two years traversing LP I noticed the brewing danger brought about by dense population and poverty.

On Blast
The love of your life cheated on you years ago, but they remain – the love of your life. Try as you may, no other person compares to them – and believe me, you’ve tried. Your periodic conversations over the years have shown you that the person has changed – for the better – and is sincerely sorry for the damage and hurt caused years ago. Now, conversations swirl regarding trying to make amends and rekindling what may be an eternal flame. Now, imagine the rehabilitated cheater is you. Your ex has never gotten over you and thinks the world of you. They’ve forgiven you and think of spending the rest of their lives with no one but you. First, is there such a thing as a second chance at love? What issues can / will arise that can spell disaster for a rekindled couple? Is it simpler to leave the past in the past and never explore the possibility that maturity can have positive changes? What concerns should you, as the rehabilitated cheater, have about engaging in a second-go-round relationship?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Hey my Peps, Whazzup?
I am home from a very short but fulfilling vacation trip. Montreal, Canada sucked butt, but it served it purpose. The Adirondacks, Lake Placid and Vermont were great places to kick around reading, site seeing and holding you life partner…
Wish you all could have been there to help us enjoy our 1st anniversary and the making of many more great memories.
This is my first day back at work and my desk is full. I’ll try to comment on the “On Blast” later this afternoon; I just too much in the clouds right now. I don’t wanna think of people cheating, not now…
PS, I missed your words…

Anonymous said...

For me personally I believe it all depends on how much this person means to you and if the damaged that was done on both parts can be completely erased.

If you are able to start your relationship with a blank canvas & truly leave the past in the past then I would say go ahead. As for me personally, I can't do that even though for me personally Tango was indeed for me the love of my life. My ex-husband can't even compare to him and it was more because of the way he treated me which was way better than the way Carlos treated me.

I believe it all depends on both of you & your commitment to forgive forget & re-invent.


Anonymous said...

I see fire, flames, the police, a court room, a judge, a crying jury; one day of court, the book coming right at me, and a 15 years to life roommate named Bah bah, w/ Gerri-curls. Not good

caspar608 said...

I have an on blast question...whats up with all these tip cups every where you turn? You go to Starbucks, get raped for a caramel macchiato and they want a tip from you? Now they are popping up in grocery stores as well. Somebody holla back at a gal.
Whatever happened to working with some dignity man?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with humble begginings...

Cocoa Rican said...

Well... my initial thought is that dealing with ex-es is a difficult situation. Is it humanly possible to really forgive and put everything in the past or do you find yourself looking for signs to past weaknesses? Ultimately time can heal all wounds, but if a scar remains it is likely that ex knows precisely where it is. There's also the issue that you're both different people now. Will he/she like the new you and vice-versa? Final thought: When/If at all possible, go with the new Joe... it's all bull when folks say, "Better the devil you know..."

Jeanine said...

I would like to think that I could forgive and forget but I know me and I know that the forget part will never happen. That being said, I don't know if I could ever give them a chance to hurt me again. Fool me once, shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

I recognize that people can change but in the back of my mind I'd always be wondering if they regressed to their old ways. I'd be torturing myself and probably making him pretty miserable to boot so no, I would not be able to give it another try.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the versions of what happened in the relationship would be warped by bias opinions.

People tend to forget or cloud easily what happened & we would be finger pointing. And since my ex just called me to tell me how happy he has ever been in his whole life. Meaning our time together was shit and fuck everything I did for him and for us when we were a couple, to me they are ungrateful fucks and NO I WOULD NOT EVER GET BACK TOGETHER BECAUSE IT WILL ALWAYS BE A BACK & FORTH & TAKING FOR GRANTED.


Anonymous said...

Take him/ her back and forget the pass, everyone makes mistakes and you all sin, regularly.
“God so Loved the world that he gave his only begotten son….” To be more like him, and of him are the tasks that are before us. In our work, family, the person we pass on the street so, why not in our relationships? I’m not a dog but I have made mistake and I am so glad that God isn’t more like me…I wasn’t looking to get spiritual on you this morning but, when I talk of pain and hurt and Love of the heart, then I have to speak on spirit too, because when the heart is broken, so is the spirit.

Cocoa Rican said...

Follow your instincts; they're there for a reason.
If you're considering it, date first, be vigilant, test your comfort levels.
If the feelings are still there and you have addressed the likely fears of recurring problems - go for it.
By not rushing back into a second-go-round situation I think you can have a better perspective.