Friday, August 19, 2005

Morning Edition - 8/19/05

A Rude Awakening
The message on the prescription hand-out is clear, “This medication is addictive and should not be taken for more than seven days as it can create dependency.” Well, maybe that’s what the print-out I get with my sleep medication says. Unfortunately some folks disregard the warning and use them daily to find that comfy sleep without the tossing and turning. Such is the case with Eminem, a.k.a. Matthew Mathers, who is now undergoing treatment for dependency to sleep medication – uh, the boy is in REHAB. The rapper concluded the US leg of his Anger Management tour and suddenly announced he was canceling 10 European concerts – the first to be held in Hamburg, Germany. Last week, the rapper released a statement that the Euro-arm of the tour was being cancelled due to exhaustion, but it’s now clear what the “exhaustion” is due to.

Keep the Coo-Coo Quiet
The Priatti family of Walkill, NY had no idea that they’d be living down the name of the movie they were watching, but that’s precisely what happened when managers at the local Loews Theater asked the Priattis to “march” their 7-year old son out of the theater for laughing too loudly. Anthony Priatti suffers from autism and this was the wheelchair-bound boy’s third movie. Management at Loews said the family could stay, but the boy had to go. The angered father asked the manager if he expected him to leave the disabled youngster outside by himself. "We may not have exercised the best sensitivity in handling this situation," said John McCauley, senior vice president of marketing for Loews Cineplex Entertainment. Ironically, the family was watching March of the Penguins.

Long Story Short

White Party in Harlem scheduled for tomorrow. J-J et al are set to show off those summer tans in all-white. The party will begin at 7 p.m. J’Moo returned from Canada – not married and being teased be ex. What’s really going on? Philippe offered gig in Chi-Town. The artist formerly known as “Fluff” will test the waters with an extended stay in the windy city. Krissy dropped her old dojo and picked up a new one. The effervescent cutie is extensively perfecting her black belt training. Marcia R. and beau are vacationing in Miami. The couple is presently in route to the beach city. Pedicure and wax… I’m returning for the pleasure/torture of it all tomorrow. I’m finding that doing it monthly actually makes it more enjoyable. The price we pay to keep that baby’s bottom smooth.

On Blast
Toys-R-Us… Finding pleasurable ways to satisfy yourself and your partner can sometimes be challenging – especially if your inner freak demands that you have variety. What technique, toys, and special tricks have you perfected / used to keep your mate running home for some more? Please give specifics; we can all use ideas. Is there anything you definitely would NOT do?

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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caspar608 said...

I think perfecting the d to j skills are a must in any relationship. I remember feeling like I was going to gag and choke though.