Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Morning Edition - 8/2/05

Must See TV
With charges that he killed 143 residents of the village of Dejail in 1982, Sadam Hussein’s trial will begin soon. Of course, these are just the initial charges the toppled former leader of Iraq faces. Iraq’s national security adviser said that to prove Hussein will be treated and tried fairly, the trial will be televised. No date for the trial has been announced.

You Should’ve Gone For It

DL Hughley, formerly of ABCs The Hughleys, has a new Comedy Central show for the next 13 weeks – Weekends At the DL. No pun intended, but wouldn’t Weekend On The DL suit the show better? I mean, I know the recent negative connotations the DL (down low) may have and a black man hosting the show would’ve added credence to it, but the truth is, it probably would’ve suited the show better. I’m not saying this because I have the scoop on Hughley. The show is just plain horrible. Poorly scripted, poorly acted and Hughley seemed so uncomfortable in his role as host that I cringed several times during his attempt to interview pretty interesting guests. His first show included Chris Rock and Regina King – both of whom seemed to want to run off the show. All said, if you’re watching this show we sure hope you’ll just keep it on the DL…. it’s not worth telling anyone about it.

Great Adventure; Gay Day
Six Flags Great Adventure is holding its Gay Day At Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey, on Friday, September 9, 6 p.m. – 1 a.m. The park is closed to the general public and opens strictly to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. The park boasts 13 roller coasters and plenty of other attractions. Tickets are $38 in advance and $55 at the door. Purchase tickets at

Lost In Translation
Last night I ordered new plates for my vehicle. Yes, I figured it was time to personalize things and make the ‘ole Boricuamobile say something more than, “I’m a frugal bitch with shallow pockets.” So I got online and played with several different options: UWANTME; KISSIT; NYRICAN; unfortunately, my inner freak won out. My new plate…drum roll please – “KUM4ME” Don’t say it. I initially chose this plate because we have a saying… well, in the gay community. “Come for me,” simply means let’s see what you’ve got and I’ll set you straight. A challenge of sorts. What I came to find out – after my order had been confirmed, of course – is that straight people see it as a crass and overt request to do me a “favor” of sorts. Well, I’m not changing it. Call it my birthday gift to myself or my new found defiance for the “norm.” So just honk your horn when I KUM by. I’ll be sure to honk back!

On Blast
Please post your On Blast question in our Morning Edition comments and we’ll use it in our Afternoon Edition. First come, first serve basis!

Keep passin’ the open windows…


donya said...

okay I have a question how will the Six Flags people know if you are one of the four? Can't anyone say that they are to join in the fun?

Winnie said...


You are truly a trip!!! I read tags after sitting in traffic for hours on end around DC and that would really get me cracking up. I saw one not that long ago that said HUNGLOW! I died laughing. Very creative but what more can expect from our resident future screen writer!


Cocoa Rican said...

That's like insisting on attending a Klu Klux Klan rally when you're black... why would you want to choose this evening to hit Six Flags if you'll be uncomfortable with the majority of the guests? The general public will be told when purchasing tix at the gate of the private party function and allowed to make their own decisions. Ultimately, I can see how some will say they had no idea of what the crowd would be!

Anonymous said...

That "Gay Day At Six Flags" is really at night, mmmm and it would be the ultimate hate crime platform. Every youthful, active Homo in the tri-state area snuffed on one screaming-fag roller coaster ride...that would Horrific. You remember snow white and the free shiny red apple?


Anonymous said...

Gay-dar girl, they will use their gay-dar to separate the fags from the DL and straights. and if that doesn't work, they will hand out lube and condoms at the gate and then it won't matter...why, not for long.


Cocoa Rican said...

Dear Big Bad Wolf:
You may huff
You may puff
But you must "blow" our stuff down

That said, I'm sure this has been considered AND this is not a widely publicized outing. As a matter of fact if you go to the six flags website the day is only referenced as a private party.

That's like saying the easiest way to take out the most black folks would be to do something tragic at the Million Man March.

Get a grip or you'll never have the courage to leave home.

Anonymous said...

Hector are we going to coordinate a Halloween event in October or what?


Cocoa Rican said...

I'd like to coordinate something for Halloween, but let's give it a couple of weeks to cool down from the summer events. There's so much going on and I'd like to keep my wits about myself.
Halloween sounds great and the DC thing would be wonderful.

caspar608 said...

he's a super freak, super freak he's super freak owwww.

Tammy said...

not all syraight people think "come for me", means something crass. i know just what it means...i use it quite frequently. the way i use it is, "dont come for me"! which of course means...you dont want this! but since the gay community has been such a big part of my life for many years...i have picked up a slang here and there. :-)

caspar608 said...

I'm comin for you would have been cute to. KUM4U. Imagine looking in your rear view mirror and seeing that! Yikes!