Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 8/31/05

The Big Easy; The Huge Horror
New Orleans is said to be 80% underwater, with some parts 20 feet deep. Charity Hospital, the state’s largest public hospital, is having supplies canoed in from other locations; it has no power. At the superdome where over 10,000 folks have sought refuge – three suicides have been reported. The dome has no air conditioning, deplorable sanitary conditions and limited supplies, but it is presently the only place to bring in many of the rescued. Rescuers are comparing the conditions in New Orleans to that of a third world country.

What’s Good For The Goose; Is Not Good For The Other Goose
Matthew Limon is an 18-year old Kansas resident who is serving 17 years in prison for engaging in consensual oral sex with his 15-year old male high school friend. As it turns out, Kansas allows individuals as young as 12 to marry – with their parent’s consent of course – regardless of the age of the party their marrying. Most recently an out-of-state 22-year old man wed his 14-year old girlfriend. They crossed state lines to do so. The adult man had been having sex with the young girl since she was 13 – they even have a child to prove it. The state however is more concerned with the consensual interaction of two teenage boys that at best were exploring, as boys sometimes do, and at worst were having underage sex with a same sex partner. In any event, the state supreme court is reviewing Limon’s case. He has already served 5 years of his 17-year criminal sodomy sentence.

Feeling Tense Honey?

Yuk-Mouth Rapper Lil’ Kim, who is scheduled to begin her prison sentence in September, was reported to have had a verbal altercation with a flight attendant on her trip from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to NYC. Kim was heard asking the flight attendant, “Do you know who I am?!” several times and accused the sky waitress of being a racist. Ultimately, the flight took off and Kim had to trust her in-flight meal to the very person she harassed.

On Blast
My train ride into work today was a disaster. I was transfixed as a major argument that pitted a black woman and a Puerto Rican woman in a battle of words that included: ‘go back to your country’; ‘you guys are dirty’; ‘speak English, this is America’ and countless other insults. Today, the question for our bloggers is simple. Do blacks and Latinos recognize that they are both minority groups who nearly always share the same financial situations, neighborhoods and struggles? Are the differences between the black and Latino cultures distinctive enough to bring about these confrontations? What negative stereotypes do these cultures have about each other that can be diffused with an open discussion?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tammy said...

Concerning the young man who is in prison for engaging in a same sex escapade with a minor. My cousin just got out of jail last year (male) for the exact same thing. My cousin is a gay male, and he was over the age of 18. The young man that he was dealing with was younger than 18 but it was consensual. The reason my cousin was put in jail is because the mother of this young man pressed charges against my cousin (even tho the young man protested). She was upset that her child was gay so she punished my cousin. He spent many years in jail because of this. Needless to say my family was very hurt by this.

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm saddened by the sheer lack of equality in the situation. If we're punishing the gay sex interactions, how can we bless the heterosexual interactions with a marriage certificate and rights. Moreover, in the facts I read, the 22-year old man that married the 14-year old already had a child with her...which simply means the state ignored the statutory rape that occurred prior to the request for marriage. Pedophilia is wrong - straight or gay, but there are age limits we have to look at when consensual sex is taking place. For example a 19-year old and a 17-year old are so close in age that it is almost crazy to punish the 19-year old for engaging in interaction with the younger person. Ultimately, using sound judgement we can see that some cases are plain ridiculous. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, if the law had punished those that engaged in sex with me prior to my 18th birthday, there would be many folks behind bars today - shoot, chances are NYC would be a ghost town! LOL

caspar608 said...

In my opinion, both groups of people (Latinos and African Americans alike)really need to stop flinging around the N word at each its funny, or sadly, a term of endearment. African Americans should not "own" that word and use it freely with each other because the KKK used the N word to describe African Americans in a racist, condescending and derogatory manner. Latinos seem to use the N word as either a dis or a term of endearment. Its stupid really. As far as the "inner conflict" between the two groups are concerned...I am not really sure what the point is. Should both cultures be 'bonded' together because of the oppression they faced at the hands of the evil white man, or is there something internal brewing with the age old "good and bad hair, see if I care good and bad hair" conflict that is already a problem within the African AMerican community alone. The bottom line is this: if your raise your children to love themselves, loving each other is a breeze. But if you raise your child in a racist environment (and you don't necessarily have to be white to be racist) where you tell your children to stay away from Blacks, or Puerto Ricans or little green men with four eyes and six feet, well, instead of breeding a masterpiece you will have monsters who want to kill each other on the train over a seat. But thats just one 'white' girls observation, and hey, what do I know, I've never been oppressed...

caspar608 said...

Sodomy, surprisingly, is illegal in several states no matter whatthe gender of the parties concerned. Biblically, the Bible forbids any and all forms of sodomy (yes, even between a husband and a wife). Bear in mind that a lot of the laws that were written were scripted hundreds of years ago and are quite antiquated. Sounds like the lawyers failed the clients in both instances becasue if I were an attorney for either consequently jailed party I would have the prosecutors, judge and jury running out of the court room in shame. Did any of the lawyers ask if anyone in the court room had sucked a good one lately? Its all bullshit and God forgive the judge who put away the men who merely disobeyed God, but should have been redeemed anyway. How dare any court put someone away for something so stupid? People who kill their own children do less time.
I am still sad that older folks took advantage of my dear friends innocence and youth. I can't help it, I am very protective of Hector and I love him so very much.


In regards to blacks and Latinos not getting along and having such horrible arguments about going back to their countries and the other ugly little things that are exchange I am applaud! What in the world are these ignorant blacks and hispanics thinking about. Both races should stick with each other now in the present. We have had enough bullsh*t from our past that our great grandparents, grandparents, parents etc have shared with us how blacks had to struggle and how Latinos had to struggle as well (remember that Latinos are from a race of indians that were also abused by the american gov't that took away our freedom and our land and made us slaves as well. So to say such horrible things to a latino or a black sister or brother just makes no sense. If you looked at the numbers right now, Latinos are no longer a minority race we are the majority race. And the numbers for our black brothers and sister is climbing as well. As brother and sister we should not dwell at our past but look at what we need to continue to accomplished and stop trying to hold down a sister or brother with such ignorance. Imagine two races that have such love for one another that nothing could stop us from changing how the American Govt' percieves us with the bullsh*t they try to feed us that both races are a minority race (GIVE ME A BREAK)! They are just afraid that if we were to put our heads together they would have hell to pay with such passionate people. So for those brothers and sisters that hate the latino or black race, that is just pure ignorance and you really don't know your history so be smart and pick up a history book and realized that we are fighting the same fight but not against each other! May I get an AMEN!

Cocoa Rican said...

Dear Never Oppressed:
You have four half black kids;
One of which will be charged for assault the next time she slams her forearm into my nuts. Your interaction with minorities would've been sufficient to give you a picture of the plight of blacks and Latinos, but now you have a much more broad picture - one tied to your heart. Your children will allow you to vicariously live the black experience; to feel the pain and sting of racism; to confront ignorance and intolerance.
We've been friends since we were babies and I have to honestly say that we KNOW each other and our families better than anyone else - heck WE ARE FAMILY. I always know where you're coming from; where you're going and what you'll do when you get there. As a proud Puerto Rican man, I'm grateful to have you as my sister, friend, confidant, etc. My half black, latino-looking nephews and niece can count on me for perspective and a vicious ability to inflict cruel and unusual punishment to anyone who hurts their egos or attempts to shatter their spirits. True tolerance, equality and the ability to see beyond race doesn't just come from race interaction but from understanding that an individual deserves respect and equal treatment regardless of their race, culture, sexual orientation, etc.

caspar608 said...

can you believe these ignorant mother f++++ are trying to charge me for 19 gallons of paint to paint a three bedroom apartment.

caspar608 said...

For the record, I treat everyone equally until they try to charge me for using 19 gallons of paint to paint a three bedroom apartment.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not a professional my observation the following:

Education, perspectives, people around you, how you are raised and what you are taught to believe at home has a lot to do with it.

Also, the type of classes of people. Meaning those that want to stay ignorant, be victims, are being and feeling sorry for themselves in order to justify their beliefs etc. also have a lot to do with it.

For example, (small example) I approached some kids that were leaning on my car & asked them to please get off the car because it costs me money to repair and I was w/my cousin who I love and respect. Her comment to me was "WELL IF YOU DON'T PEOPLE TO SIT ON YOUR CAR THEN PARK IT IN A PRIVATE SPOT UNDER LOCK & KEY BECAUSE THIS IS A PUBLIC STREET & IF THE CAR IS THERE EVEN I AM GOING TO SIT ON THE CAR".

I told her but that's not right although the street is public the car is not it's private property and she continued to argue & insist that she's right and fuck it it's a public place & people have the right to sit on your car because that's life & that's the way it is.

Just like her view of men her ex-played her & she's alone now so what does she does is see men as such a fucking machine & she just sleeps with them.

All this to say, that it is not necessarily, to me, the black & hispanic thing but underlying more the exposure people have about who they are, their belief system, how they are raised, what they hear, who they are around, ALL REALLY IGNORANCE and perhaps many are happy being that way so therefore, they don't think that what they say or believe is wrong.

Yes we are all 1 and we all suffered in some way or another as hispanics, blacks, indians, etc.





Marissa Mikell-Johnson said...

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