Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 8/9/05

A Do-It-Yourself Kind-Of Girl
Some things are better left to professionals; especially when they involve piercing. Unfortunately, Deborah Robinson’s 13-year old daughter didn’t think so. She attempted to pierce her belly-button and managed to cause such damage that she lay virtually dead at her home’s living room for nearly four weeks before good ‘ole Deb decided to call paramedics to come to her aid. The 13-year old wasted to 75 pounds and was found wearing a diaper. The teen was suffering from sepsis – a painful bloodstream infection – and had no detectable blood pressure. Robinson is charged with wantonly and recklessly permitting substantial bodily injury to a child under 14 – a felony. The teen remains in critical condition. Robinson’s attorney is trying to poke holes in the state’s case.

Coons Moving To A City Near You
Chicago and other major Illinois cities and villages are seeing more and more raccoons join populated areas to survive an ongoing Midwest drought. The drought has killed the buds of wild fruit tress and brought the raccoons searching for food. Pet food, sprinklers and discarded fast food trash has become a regular fare for the giant rodents. Only a fraction of the raccoons are relocated, the majority are killed. Sidebar: Would it still rub the PETA folks the wrong way if I were to have a coat made of raccoons killed during these raids?

Meet Me In Florida; No Make That California
The space shuttle Discovery landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert at 8:11 a.m. EDT. It was initially scheduled to land in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but lightning and thunderstorms had NASA divert the shuttle to California. This is the last US space flight until research is done to explain why foam pieces become dislodged during takeoff. Discovery spent 14 days in space – 2 days longer than anticipated, due to inclement weather and last minute checks. During their journey, Discovery orbited Earth 219 times and traveled 5.8 million miles.

Upcoming Birthdays: Leona G., 8/13; Aisha D., 8/22; Francis C., 8/25

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Tammy said...

deborah robinson sounds like one of the stupidest people i've ever heard off. was she actually going to let her chile die!!! 75lbs and wearing a diaper???!!! i dont understand!

Cocoa Rican said...

Hey... I ain't gonna front, I woulda done the same thing to Frances if she had attempted self-piercing.... hell, I woulda disinfected it myself with lemon juice, alcohol and sea salt! Nothing like letting them waste away to under 100 pounds while sitting in their own crap to teach them not to do some dumb stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Well today I had a quick lunch w/my girlfriend Ana (U met her Cocoa) & talking & eating does not mix. I literally began choking to the point that she asked me are u okay & I was turning blue got up from chair & kept hitting myself and knodding no she came behind me put her arms around me did the hymic maneauver & a stupid little I mean really really really little piece of pasta came out (THANK GOD) & i was able to breathe again.

So of course I better remembet to just chew and talk later. What an experience. I almost literally died. Hell I am afraid to eat maybe this way I will loose the 40lbs.



Cocoa Rican said...

Nothing like a piece of pasta to make life more clear... or given you that FAB blue eye shadow you've been looking for - naturally! Honey, I'm glad your girl did the kind-man's gut punch on you... otherwise we'd have to cancel our lunch date for later this week. BTW: I don't do life saving maneuvers during lunch so hush your trap while we eat!

caspar608 said...

I am glad you are ok Mama! Just when you thought it was safe to run your gums. Seriously, a small piece of pasta can block your windpipe, so its good it came up.
God Bless You.