Friday, August 12, 2005

Morning Edition - 8/12/05

Gender Matters
In January, Pamela Rogers Turner, 28, was indicted for sexual battery and statutory rape when she slept with a 13-year old boy while a resident at his home. Turner was a certified teacher at the time and a married woman. The mother of the teen says that Turner is a family friend and she hoped there would not be a trial. Turner pleaded no contest and will serve nine months in jail with eight years suspended on probation. Turner’s husband filed for divorce when she was indicted in January. I’m curious as to what the charges and consequences would had been had the gender of the perpetrator and victim been reversed.

Long Story Short
H.S. folks resurfacing; is it a sign? Strange calls in the night; bumped your head? J’Moo on vacation in Canada; getting married? Nah! Philippe in Chi-Town; art in the windy city. Men at work; some folks just insist on pooping where they eat; BTW: You ain’t slick and hint: Like the namesake, we don’t wanna know. Krissy taking steps to achieving the be-your-own-boss situation; keep on truckin’ Boo. Caspar to move to larger apartment; Co-op queen does it again.

On Blast
You have a friend who continually makes the same f’ing mistakes over and over again. You refuse to give advice and feel it’s pointless to even talk about some of the recurring issues. The light bulb in your head tells you that you have grown and your friend – well, they’re just spinning their wheels in 1987. Should you simply discontinue this friendship or hang in there in the hopes that one day your friend will get with the program? Is creating distance in the relationship an option or do we run the danger of being sucked in?

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Hi Coco!

Great on Blast question...My take is this...I have a friend that I truly love and adore. She is a sweet and caring person but her drama Girl is off the HOOK! I am a friend that she trust and always ask for advice or I am just there to lend a listening ear. With all the advice I have given her on relationships and other issues in her life she always chooses to do what she pleases do I run away? No,I don't or stop my friendship with her because of her drama NO...I just let her know that she is on my last damn nerve and for her to get her shit together and then I will keep my distance for a bit so that I can recuperate from her drama and then I call her up again like nothing really happened. Your true friends need you to just listen sometimes even though there will be times that you just want to give up don't because are you truly a friend. Yes you have a right to take a break from them but if you truly treasure their friendship just stick by their side while they figure out WHO THEY TRULY ARE and WHERE THEY TRULY WANT TO BE IN LIFE...DRAMA OR DRAMA FREE....Vanilla or Chocolate..sometimes I pick vanilla sometimes I pick chocalate but it's great to have a choice!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in life is an individual and they each have their road to travel. I say just be with the person as they are and as they are not. If you truly love your friends, then do just that and love them. We are all not perfect and yet we are in our own way. Each friend brings and gives us something unique.

I personally have friends that can be very difficult for one reason or with one thing or another but I know I truly love them so I just let them be. Give them their space when u need to but remember how you met and how much they meant at the team and mean to you now.

Love strongly but let go and be there when they need you. I love all my friends very much even those I have not spoken to in a while like Carmen but u know what I will pick up the phone like it was yesterday. I guess just stay in the present and treasure all the people in your life because one day they won't be here and you won't have anything to bitch about new only the memories.

P.S. I especially enjoy meeting and making new friends like the one who started this Blog (I love you) and Clint, Casper, Marcia etc. (including all the other bloggers) life is about meeting people and It's a blessing for me to meet more people as time goes on.

Tku for asking.


Cocoa Rican said...

::::: Where's my pill bottle?!!::::
::::: Opening bottle and shoving a handful of pills in mouth; downing them with whatever's left in my flask!:::::
Look folks, I'm pretty compromising...even in my own selfishness, but if a "friend" decides to consistently step out of line and/or disrespect me OR their f'ing life is so damn complicated and dramatic that it makes my stomach hurt, then chances are I am going to remove myself... sometimes permanently. Don't get me wrong, we all have our bad days; maybe even bad weeks, but that doesn't mean that I want to hear your life "skipping" like a jacked-up record because you can't seem to make the adequate changes to strive for better. Basically if you want to live yesterday today; you'll have to do it without me. I've had plenty of past woes and pains; I don't want to relive them and I sure as hell don't want my friends to vicariously relive them either.