Monday, August 29, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 8/29/05

Good Intentions; See How It Feels
During an August 18 MTV interview Kanye West broached the subject of anti-gay remarks in hip-hop. Basically West stated that in light of the recent “coming-out” of a close cousin of his, he now understands the need to stop all negative remarks about gays in hip-hop lyrics. West, who is scheduled to drop his new CD, Late Registration tomorrow, faced some pretty crude comments from bloggers and detractors who even alleged West was gay. Bol Guevara, editor of hip-hop blog said, “Kanye’s momma was one of these intellectual bitches who couldn’t keep a man around. You can tell his mom tried to dress him up like Alfonso Ribeiro from ‘Silver Spoons’ and had him doing all kinds of faggoty shit,” Guevara said. Another blog joked about hip-hop artists finally coming out of the closet and releasing a gay hip-hop compilation. The suggested play list was as follows:

Track 1: “Ain’t nothing wrong with doing it in the Butt”
Track 2: “Drop the Soap in the Shower”
Track 3: “Born this Way & Proud of It”
Track 4: “ Sodom & Gomorrah”
Track 5: “Mel the Funky Homosexual”
Track 6: “Stranded In Uranus”

Sidebar: Alright folks… I know it’s wrong to laugh at such things, but I did kee-kee at that last one!

Long Story Short
Colleen H. aka Caspar has renegotiated her co-op and is now moving on up to a three bedroom. The mother of three is shopping for those fab-u kitchen cabinets. Steven, thanks for dinner at Maroon. Maroon is a quaint southern/Jamaican food restaurant in NYC’s West Village. The food was superb and the service was great; love that rose petal touch throughout the joint. Ceddy P. in Georgetown?! The citified country boy has made the transition into big-time-operator territory – congrats Boot! Prayers for my soul wifey Marcia R. The bubbly-beauty has been having stress related issues, but as I told her – you’ll be sashaying that gorgeous frame until Jay’s great-grandbabies come visit – relax! Pumpkin?! You’re supposed to be leaving – question: why are you still here?! Beat it boy! John B. looking for another job? The sky mattress – oops, flight attendant – has had enough of flying the not-so-friendly skies.

Free HIV Testing in DC; Just Do It
The Whitman Walker Clinic has free HIV testing at the Whitman Walker Clinic's Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center; 1701 14th Street, NW, today, tomorrow and Wednesday; 12:30-7:30 pm. To make an appointment please call 202-483-8378.

Keep passin’ the open windows….


Tammy said...

Marcia're to Blessed to be Stressed. Relax, relate...and get on your knees (to the Lord that is). I love ya.

Cocoa Rican said...

..but if you're going to be getting on your knees for other reasons, holler at a brotha! LOL!!
:) I was just keepin' it real - damn!

caspar608 said...

Marcia...breathe deeply girl. This too shall pass.

I am counting the days till Kanye comes out of the closet. He is, he is, he is. You know, I know, Flo knows, e'rybody knows.

Has anyone on this blogger ever seen him with a woman other than his Mama? Jesus loves you anyway Kanye.

caspar608 said...

I want to know why individuals compare racial discrimination with discrimination against homosexuals. I want to know why performers like Kanye feel they are justified in making statements like the above on the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of civil rights leaders like Malcom and Martin. Discrimination is wrong no matter how you look at it, but to compare the right to interracial marriages to the right of same sex marriages is going OVERBOARD.
I love my gay brothers and sisters, but I would like to be put on blast with this one...Can you really compare interracial marriages to same sex marriages...whats more, do you think Malcom and Martin had the same thing in mind as Kanye?
Enlighten me please....
Would people have been beaten hosed and had dogs attack them if the rights they were marching for was the right to have sex with whom ever you choose? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET IT ALL HANG OUT FOLKS!
Peace and Blessings,

Cocoa Rican said...

Let's see...
If we asked Tina Brandon what she thought of discrimination against gays and lesbians when she was being beaten, raped and murdered by folks who couldn't accept her masculinity, she'd probably agree with Kanye. If we asked Matthew Sheperd what he thinks about Kanye's statement he'd probably say he prefered not being beaten and tied to a fence; left to die in the cold and all alone. If we asked millions of gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals whether their struggle to "just be" has been paved with heartache, loss of family, loss of friends, physical, emotional and verbal abuse, I'd say, they might agree that the homosexual struggle is virtually the same as the struggle of minorities in this country. I would venture to say that they would feel they are entitled to civil rights that protect them from discrimination in housing and employment. I even think they might want some type of hate crime legislation to protect them from getting the life snatched out of them by some fool that can't accept that there are people different from themselves.

That said, I'll post your question Caspar. Seems like a fair enough quesiton to ask.

I will say this though... It is difficult for those outside of any oppressed group to understand the true hardships encountered by minority groups.

Enough said...