Thursday, August 25, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 8/25/05

Do I Look Fat In These Pictures
Neil Goodwin of Salisbury Massachusetts was doing community service for a burglary conviction at the Old Hill Burying Ground on August 17. While there, Goodwin got the bright idea to dig-up a Civil War-era tomb and pose with the various skeleton parts. It's bizarre, absolutely bizarre," police Lt. Richard Siemasko said. "I can't even imagine what was in his head. This is just a whole new level of weird for me." Police were tipped-off by an anonymous caller who also sent copies of the alleged pictures. The bones were eventually found 15 feet from the tomb. Goodwin is charged with desecrating a corpse and breaking into a tomb – both are felonies. He is being held on $10,000 bail.

Let The MF Burn
When American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon on September 11 a lone flag flew over the smoldering wreckage of the illustrious building. That flag was allegedly purchased for $25,000 by John Andrews II off of EBay. Andrews had planned to fly the flag over the Newton-Lee Elementary School in Ashburn, Va. After questions were raised about the authenticity of the flag, Andrews decided to torch the flag yesterday and put an end to the idea. Two boy scouts helped Andrews cut the flag into four parts – the stars were also cut out of the nylon cloth. The flag was then tossed into a metal drum filled with oak logs and burned. Case closed.

Old Dog; Old Tricks
Louis Napoleon, 92, of Mount Lebanon, PA is charged with aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault after visiting his female friend at the Kane Regional Center in Scott Township. His friend, in her 60s, was examined by doctors who said she had injuries consistent with an attack. Napoleon, a retired doctor, says the charges are ludicrous and defamation of character. The incident was spotted by a nurse who says she walked-up on Napoleon and the alleged victim in the bathroom. When the nurse opened the door to see if Napoleon was helping the woman use the toilet, she realized Napoleon was assaulting the alleged victim. The victim is said to have advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.

On Blast
Today J’Moo is On Blast. He asks:
What do you think of people who do not get along with their own race? Is it a form of self hatred or have they just come to the conclusion that the people of their own race - family included - have not lived up to their expectations? Is this still a form of racism?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Eber said...
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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Napoleon!!!! He is pretty smart he figured this old crow wouldn’t remember the incident anyways


Hi JMoo,

I think hate might be a strong word..I think yes there are some Puerto Rican's that get me on my last nerve the way they act or carry themselves but I think it really is their lack of knowledge that makes them the way they are. I don't consider it hating my race I think it's more of the fact that when I am with a dumb PR it pisses me off that they can be that dumb, or careless or etc....Some choose to be lazy and not learn a better way to be they choose to stay in a world of ignorance which is a shame because I want to see my people excel to be all that they can be but my perception and their perception of "All that they can be" obviously is totally different. Maybe the way they are is all that they can be and you need to just accept that they are not at the level you are. Hope this helps.