Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 6/14/05

Minority the Majority; Not Good
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made a stunning declaration at the 2005 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta. Although African Americans only account for 12% of the population, they make up 47% of all HIV cases. With more than 74% of all HIV+ Americans being male, and 45% of new cases reported from gay and bisexual men, it’s time to take a stand and make a difference. An estimated 17% of Latino men were reported in comparison. Age also played a big factor with 14% of those infected in the 18-24 year group, while 30% of men in their 30s showed infection. Gary English, executive director of the People of Color in Crisis in Brooklyn, NY said, “The CDC — if it was white gay men back in the '80s with these types of numbers — you would see a different response, so I would urge this country to really take this issue very seriously."
Sidebar: At a recent gathering a few African American acquaintances discussed the issue of “raw” sex (sex without a condom). Many of the gay men present argued the point that they preferred sex this way even though the threat of HIV was real. I was taken aback, but I accept that this is a reality. With new life-saving drugs, some people are not afraid of contracting this disease. For the record, HIV still kills and there are forms of this disease that are not treatable.

MJ Not Guilty; Many Not Convinced
When the verdict was announced many breathed a sigh of relief while some cringed in disgust. Michael Jackson was found Not Guilty on all charges. Jackson narrowly escaped an extensive prison term after being charged with child molestation, among other charges. There is a saying that “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” I don’t necessarily think that we should believe the press or the detractors all the time, but when you begin to feel EVERYONE is lying on you, it’s time to take a step back and look at the scene through their eyes. Since his first foray into battling accusations of child molestation in the early 1990s, Jackson appeared to believe that behavior that was not suitable to other adults would be condoned from him. Newsflash: You’re black, you’re acting koo-koo and you’re taunting the justice system to help you remember life without a perm. Folks, I’m not accusing Jackson of sleeping with children – I wasn’t there and I don’t have first hand knowledge of such an atrocity, but I am asking Jackson to consider what message his actions send to the public. After having his hand scalded in the burning flames of child molestation accusations in 1993, I would think that Jackson would not place his hee-hee-hand over that blazing inferno of a stove again. Saying #2: First time shame on you, second time shame on me. Come on Mikey, this trial was a true “Shame on you!” situation. You knew better. In the 80s DeBarge had a song called, “Time Will Reveal.” Well Hallelujah! For the Atheist folks – Praise your own spirit! … Time always reveals. If he is ill (and pedophilia is a true illness) then we can expect he will not be able to come away from it very easily. If in fact he’s being framed, then it’s time to recognize that he can’t save the world – Leave “dem” children alone Mike! …but seriously folks, there were some of you who mentioned your take on Mike, the wonderful job you’re doing with your own children and the triumph of surviving sexual abuse. Thank you – honestly – for sharing such personal and powerful stories. It takes the dedication of family, friends and our legal system to make the world a better place…time will reveal.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tammy said...

FYI - Michael has decided to not have anyone sleep in his bed, or enter his bedroom. He also is rethinking his relationships with strangers. This is to protect himself from scam artist...and the press.


How about Michael protecting Michael from Mmichael.....lol. even though I believe there are no facts in evidence to prove that he is a pedophile, I do believe that he needs intense therapy to deal with his developmental problems. its sad that his handlers have not insisted that he gets professional help.

caspar608 said...

Everyone has their hands out in "MJ's" camp. They are all "yes" men. Including his family....and holy shit...they are black(underneath all of that plastic surgery and makeup)! Papa Joe pimped Michael to the Universe AND HE WAS A BLACK MAN. He was the original pedohile. This is all bullshit. This whole "poor Michael" He is a fucking pedophile and any parent that allowed their child near him should be sterilized and flogged publically (think Singapore).
Get your heads out of your collective asses and come up for air please. Sleeping with children that are not your own and enticing them with money and toys and rides is W-R-O-N-G. Paying their parents to look the other way is W-R-O-N-G. His latest victim was Latino. Blaming "the man" for things you bring on yourself is an exhausted defense.
Yes, Michael needs prayer. But he needs his ass kicked in first - if there is any left because his guilt has surely eaten away his frame to 100 lbs. You know where Michael will go next to find his next victims? Countries like Thailand and Singapore and the Phillipines where child prostitution is widespread.

caspar608 said...

Michael Tyson is someone I feel an enormous amount of pity for.
In case you haven't heard he has retired from boxing and will now do missionary work only. WHo brought Mike Tyson down? Robin Givens, Desiree Washington and Don King. If anyone can tell me where the man was in the downfall of this former millionaire, please stand up.

caspar608 said...

And how about Jesse Jackson? Guess who brought Jesse down and tarnished Jesse's image?
Michael has decided not to have anyone sleep in his bedroom? Rethinking his relationships with strangers? I think the biggest scam artist is Michael. He was a beautiful black man and look what he is now. The love child of Tiny Tim and Elvira.

Anonymous said...

Casper608 sounds like you are a little upset with the "black man", sorry for whatever or whoever brought you to that place...by the way my head is not up my ass and I don't think anyone on this blog, especial you would appreciate someone saying that about you. Michael is free, next topic please, someone, Cocoa HELP!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry...

caspar608 said...

Considering the fact that I have four children who are half African American, I can assure you that I am not upset with "the black man". There it goes again. A conspiracy against "the black man". You are barking up the wrong tree with that one "anonymous".
I did not read the blogger until 10:00pm last night so I think it would be fair to say that I had a right to voice my opinion, and I have absolutley no problem revealing who I am.
If I was using any excuse to explain the behavior of the KKK, I would expect everyone on this blogger to keep it real with me and strongly advise that I remove my head from my azz as well.
I will say what the f*** I want, when the f*** I want and how the f*** I want WHENEVER I PLEASE.
That is what keeping it real is all about, anonymous.
So, what were you most offended by?
My statement about how tired it is to use "the man" as an excuse for doing stupid irresponsible things, the statement about Michael being surrounded by "yes" folks in his own family who enable his disturbing behavior, or the fact that Papa Joe pimped Michael on the Universe.
Suppose Boy George were sharing his bed with little African American and Hispanic children?
Why are you asking Cocoa for help? You want to have the last word and just claim I have a problem with the "black man". Cocoa knows me very well, and that's all that matters.
By the way, Michael isn't free. He's a self loathing pedophile whose disturbing tendencies were brought on by his own father. When you are chained up by mental illness and self loathing, you are never free.

Cocoa Rican said...

Caspar 1 / Anonymous 0
Play ball!