Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Morning Edition - 6/14/05

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Today, rather than post a Morning Edition we would like you to participate in a discussion.

Topic: Michael Jackson was found Not Guilty on all charges brought against him. Has a pedophile been released into the general public OR has an innocent man been vindicated? What is your opinion of the parents of the accuser and their role in this drama?

Please answer honestly and remember that we're here to exchange opinions/viewpoints.


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donya said...

Okay, I will start first. I think that he was innocent. I also think that he was stupid because this is not the first time that he has been accused of something like this. I believe that he was in the bed with children but I don't think that anything happened.

As for the parents they sat out to get him. I believe that they should be arrested for child abuse because if you are a parent and you knowingly allow your children to be with a could be pedophile that is abuse.



I am going to share exactly what I shared with you this morning. I don't like to judge no one so myself being a juror would be pretty rough for me. All I know is what was written or said and this is my take on the whole thing. He has been accussed twice once he paid them off the first time and the second time well we know what happened yesterday. Do I believe that he could be guilty..maybe. What concerns me the most is that there are kids in this world that were hearing and watching what was transpiring during this case and they might be one of those children that are being molested and now fear even more stepping up and telling their stories. Kids have such a fear of adults and when they see outcomes of someone so well known and "might be" getting away with hurting little kids....where do you think they will run to "Nowhere" because not even the world would believe them. If MJ is truly a Pedophiler then he will do it again because it is in his nature to do so. Unfortunately, another child will be hurt but I pray that if he is a Pedophiler that they throw him into the general jail population (Not so Cupcake Place) and let the men have their take .........

Jeanine said...

I never thought MJ had any malicious intent to harm children. I think the man has some serious issues related to his childhood that he needs some help with. I honestly believe that this family was after the money and the mother pimped her kids.

I'm glad he was acquitted and I hope he returns to society a changed man.

KahluaLoverInVa said...

I also believe that he was innocent of THESE charges...but I do believe that SOMETHING inappropriate has taken place somewhere along the way...I mean, come ON....sharing his bed with little boys? Why don't we ever hear about little GIRLS being at Neverland? EVERYONE can't be wrong. However, that being said, I do blame the parents here. Who in their right mind is going to send their kids to the home of a man who has already been accused of inappropriate behavior?? I think its wrong for them to lay all blame on MJ.

Cocoa Rican said...

Just so you stop running those nails across the chalboard for me...

Pedophilia - The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.

Pedophile - An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children

Misspell it one more time and I'm going to kick your jaw in...you'll be drinkin' Jesus juice 'til the cows come home! Damn!

Anonymous said...

I personally don't know what to think but for me the following is to be considered.

- How you raise your child
- The openness you have with your child
- the confidence they have w/u the parent.

Having been molested myself as a child, I can say this it is very important to teach our children and back them up.

What were those kids doing in his house staying over?

Also, there is greed and opportunistic people so it's hard to draw a conclusion because of the complexity involved.

But what I say is this it is a parent's job to teach the children as best as possible that no one touches them in any way and if they do what they should do and for the parents to back them up. Don't put or look for danger is my motto.

And how does a successful person take care of themselves so people are not after their wealth.

Basically for me it's responsibility on all 3 people the person being accussed (he should not make is a habit of having children over his house); the parents should not (even if the person was never accussed or u did not suspect) allow their children to stay over people's homes and you and child should have an open communication as much as possible.

Although, not perfect I personally learned from what my mother did not do for me. Being molested is a very traumatic experience & it really never goes away, you think it's your fault, and you feel powerless. It takes a very strong kid to take their power back and I did all by myself. So, whether he's guilty or not it's between his conscious and God and if the people who accussed him were looking for quick money then with them too it's between them and God.

We can only teach and avoid situations that puts us in danger.

My 2 cents no one jump at me.

Krissy - YO



You are so damn critical. You know what I mean weather I spell it the correct way or not I am typing as fast as possible and I am not going back to correct a word you know what it means. Give me a break I thought this was a place I can speak or spell the way I choose without being criticize..OH MY LORD!!! Don't set me off because you know me I won't even look at this spot again! Give me a break--Pedophile--Pedophilia Who gives a damn...It's still some SICK SHIT! Call me up and I will treat you like a BUSTED CINDERELLA!

Cocoa Rican said...

First off Freaking, don't make me explode your busted leg a$$ worse than I need to... I rather my friends don't look like complete morons in front of others...it was obvious it wasn't a typo - ie. my "chalboard" instead of "chalkboard," so I thought I'd correct it for you, so it wouldn't repeat itself. Better we correct you here than hearing/watching you make a fool of yourself in front of colleagues as you tell the story of MJ being a "pedophiler."
Besides...if you don't like it... catch me and beat me... yeah, I thought that would change your mind. :)

Anonymous said...

I do not know how others view molestation but I think it’s touching a person’s genital parts; feeling, rubbing, or groping a person to get aroused and/or have sexual intercourse. Webster’s description of molest: to make annoying sexual advances to; esp: to force physical and usu. sexual contact on. And according to the evidence, MJ molested the child. It’s unfortunate that he was found not guilty because the prosecutor’s witnesses that did not have creditability.

I watched CNN and MSNBC last night and every juror said that he was found not guilty due to reasonably doubt (based on the child and his family’s background) but that MJ certainly is not innocent.

Krissy – I agree with you 100% about parents teaching their children. I’m an OPP (over protective parent); I have taught and still continue to teach my children about molestation. I do not let my children spend the night over friend’s houses. I’m very selective about which family members they can spend the night with (only my sister and if her child has friends spending the night, then they are not allowed to go over). They are not allowed to go outside without my supervision. I know it’s a little excessive but it’s my job as a mother to protect my children.

Anonymous said...

MJ Acquitted: Michael Jackson is a man, superstar to some, in his mid 40s, who likes young boy; he finds them very exciting and he worships their ability to be a child; something that was taken from him early on. So, Michael fantasizes through their youth and young beauty. We are all well aware of where our fantasies can take us and if we are not caution and/or have no limitation to our abilities to act them out, we would end up in BIG TROUBLE, like Brother Michael. And, these are “normal” fantasies we report ourselves of having; threesomes, the UPS man or woman or both, the pizza delivery guy and a stick of warm Happy-Boy-Butter,
Oh! Sorry…Back to Michael.
Yes, he is a pedophile. Yes, he is innocent. And NO, I am not talking out of both sides of my mouth. Usually the phase “Complicated circumstances” makes me feel like the subject matter maybe questionable to false and/or guilty but, for this case and trial, it stands true. Another case, different charges and less history on both parts well, the song “Strange Fruit” comes to mind because they would have hung his bleached backside in a second.
Let’s pray for Brother Michael and may his soul be vindicated as his bodily being was on yesterday and whatever dysfunctions lead him to this dark place of lust, desire and need be removed from him, may he be washed through the holy unfailing power of our God and his undying mercies be placed upon Brother Michael, and all the people of God’s say, Amen.

Peace and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Thank God, Cocoa wasn't on that jury.

Lady Long Legs said...

Why do black people refuse to admit when our “black Idol’s” have fallen? Is it because we have very few or do white people make us feel when one black does something wrong, it reflects all black people?

Why are white people so eager to see black people fall? Yesterday, my supervisor interrupted a meeting so we could all watch the verdict. I do not remember us watching the Robert Blake or Martha Stewart verdict.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, spelling didn't count during the trial for Michael. After the three Bs he would have been in hot water, this time alone; Michael, can you please spell
And Better not tell ya Momma for the Court?

Anonymous said...

That's because they know win or lose they will be given preferential treatment. Martha and her $1200.00 mattress and Blake never broke a sweat. Oh. The life of the “white and famous”.


Are you talking to me? I can't hear you! I saw you trying to call me with your Busted a$$ cinderella self! HAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHA Now try and get me!

Cocoa Rican said...

Dear FR, J'Moo, et Al:
In my efforts to make you degenerates into better people, I have brought the wrath of my friends upon me. My desire to have you spell correctly or a modicum of decorum and grammatical ettiquette have fallen on defensive ears. Please continue to publish ignorantly. It behooves me to address more pressing issues, none of which include my editing your prose.
In ebonics: Y'all bitches are trippin' and befo' I slap somebody to the flo' I'm just gonna chill. I ain't puttin' y'all on blast ovah dumb shyt again... One.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cocao-whatever you call self,
Please kepp passin' those open windows, Please! NSJF



Ohhhh, Did I hurt your feelings? Ohhh, it's o.k. Cinderella I still Luv ya! Opps "I still Love you" excuse me......

caspar608 said...

Did anyone forget OJ was acquitted? Why does it have to be a black and white issue. Money makes EVERYONE stupid and feel like they are above the law.
Sharing your bed with children that are not your own is WRONG. By the way, in case you haven't noticed, Michael hasn't been black since Thriller. His balls should be cut off and fed to him on a rusty spoon.