Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 6/29/05

On A Roll; Rapper T.I. Does His Thing
Hip-Hop artist T.I. is making his feature film debut in an untitled comedy set in an Atlanta roller-skating rink. The movie was originally titled Jellybeans and is based on material from Dallas Austin (a music producer) and T-Boz (of TLC fame). T.I. is said to play a character named Rashad, the head of a roller-skating team. Evan Ross Naess, son of Diana Ross, has also been cast in the picture.

Can’t Get Enough; Mexicans Poke More Fun at Blacks
Mexico now has a new stamp that depicts an exaggerated black cartoon character. The character has large lips and wide eyes and is based on a 1940s comic book character, Memin Pinguin, still published in Mexico. Mexican president Vicente Fox recently went under fire for his remarks regarding the type of work Mexicans took in the US. Basically he felt Mexicans were performing jobs, “even American blacks wouldn’t do.” "This is a traditional character that reflects part of Mexico's culture," said Carlos Caballero, assistant marketing director of the Mexican Postal Service. Sidebar: Stupid is as stupid does.

As You Like It; Romance and Shakespeare in the Park
Last night I sat, a slight dew kissing my face, and watched As You Like It as part of the Shakespeare in the Park series in NYC’s Central Park. My date and I – and no, this wasn’t “the one” this was the other one – enjoyed iced lattes and were intrigued and remarkably turned on by the performance. Rather than risk an arrest for lewd conduct in the park, we proceeded to my place to take a cool shower and talk about Shakespeare’s comedic turn at betrayal and gender-ambiguous romance. If nothing else, one thing is clear – a great time is not hard to have when honesty, respect and a healthy dose of lust is in the air.

Freaking Rican will give details for our Friday, July 8, Breathe Bitch NYC Conglomerate gathering. Please see the Comments section of this Afternoon Edition.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...


You must be busy. I can not believe you have not talked about the BET awards. Lauryn's mushroom hairdo, Destiny's Child giving lap dances. How could you not give your input on that one?

I must admit, Mr. & Mrs. Smith represented last night. Jada is stunningly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The lap dances were funny, and Magic's facial expression was priceless. Poor poor Terrance Howard looked as if he was going to bust right there on stage. Lauryn really wanted to bring back the 70's with the hairdo and the big bow around her neck.

Bob Johnson made a comment about Beyonce giving him a lap dance and she looked as if she was shocked...she started it so deal.



Hi everyone,

My workload today is off-the-hook so this is going to be quick but sweet. Our gathering for the 1st Annual "NYBB" session will be held at:
Cafe Centosette
160 2nd Avenue
Tele: (212) 420-5933

If you plan on attending please let me know ASAP so that I may reserve a space for you.

Thank you.