Thursday, June 16, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 6/16/05

We Are Family…Networks Aren’t Buying It Though
Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial ended, but a reality show focusing on his ordeal and how the Jackson family rallied together was presented to several networks. The show would consist of six episodes of MJ and his family during months of legal pressures. So far ABC, A&E and Fox have declined to pick up the show. Sidebar: Somebody has to come away with some cash from all of this.

ADD or ADHD; Rabbit or Hare
Most of us didn’t know there was a difference between ADD and ADHD. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder; ADHD, which is similar, adds the component of hyperactivity or impulsive behavior. Eli Lilly makes Strattera; a drug said to help treat ADD, but the FDA felt that Lilly’s 60-second advertisements depicted folks who have ADHD and asked Lilly to pull the ads immediately. Lilly has complied, but said their Strattera ads do not make false claims.

Deep Throat About To Have Deep Pockets
Mark Felt, the man who admitted to being “Deep Throat” has signed a lucrative book and movie deal. Felt was the mastermind and voice behind the impeachment of President Nixon and the Watergate scandal. The book is tentatively titled, “A G-man's Life: The FBI, Being 'Deep Throat' And the Struggle for Honor in Washington.” Sidebar: Maybe it’s me, but what’s with all the sexual references to such a non-sexual issue. For all we know this could’ve been Monica Lewinsky’s book deal.

There were no questions raised for our On Blast segment today.

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