Thursday, June 02, 2005

Morning Edition - 6/2/05

NYBBC Division Head Takes Trip; June 3 Meeting Rescheduled
Annette, the NY Breathe Bitch Conglomerate Division Head, suffered a serious injury while power-shopping two nights ago. She managed to tear ligaments and tendons in her leg. The trip and tumble caused Annette to disable two minimum-wage consumer service employees, damage four displays, before rolling head first down a thirty step escalator, only to end up in men’s shoes with a size 14 Bruno Magli loafer wedged under her left breast. She’s now recovering at home, but has been advised by her doctor and several legal experts not to stand on the injured limb. The Friday, June 3 NYBB meeting will be rescheduled for a Friday in the coming weeks.

BET Changing of the Guard
The first African American billionaire and founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Robert Johnson, has stepped down from his CEO role effective immediately, holding only the title of chairman until his retirement in January. Johnson appointed Debra Lee, President and CEO. Lee will also take on the chairmanship in January. Johnson sold BET to Viacom five years ago for $3 billion. The channel is currently estimated to be worth over $6 billion. Johnson started BET with a $15,000 loan in 1979.

Brown In the Red
An arrest warrant was issued for Bobby Brown in Canton, Mass. yesterday after Brown failed to show-up for a child support hearing there. Brown’s attorney in GA says he was ill, but failed to provide any proof to the judge in Mass., prompting the arrest warrant. Brown lives with wife Whitney Houston, but has two children with Kim Ward of Stoughton, Mass. Brown was jailed in March 2004 when he owed $63,000 to Ward. He was released after making the payment.

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Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Annette, I hope you feel better girl. Big question; did they let you keep the Bruno Magli loafer and if yes, are they in Red? If no, did you notice any cute tan mules in your tumble? Just trying to get you to laugh through the pain. God's healing hands upon you...
And don't feel bad about those service folks, thats what they get for working for minimum-wage.


Cocoa Rican said...

J'Moo... I'm feeling vicious today, will you be taking me to lunch? Star Wars tomorrow night folks?! Talk to me!

caspar608 said...

I saw the last part of Episode III and holy cow! Anakin is Luke and Leah's Dad!
Seriously was good.
Why don't we just go out for drinks tomorrow night?