Thursday, June 09, 2005

Morning Edition - 6/9/05

I Want My Hair To Be Hot
Although you dream of your hair being hot, you don’t consider the dangers in processing the hair care products you use. The issue came to a head in Rantoul, IL, where a fatal explosion at a Conair plant killed one employee and injured another. It seems that chemicals (alcohol specifically) used to process the hair care products exploded. Fifty-eight employees were present at the time of the fire Wednesday night.

Class, Please Light The Smoke Stack; Now Send Your Message
Philadelphia will be the first city in the nation to require ALL public high school students to take a class in African and African American history to graduate. The high school student body in Philadelphia is 2/3 black. The classes will cover African civilizations, black nationalism and the civil rights movement. Other cities presently offer African American studies as an elective course. Miriam Foltz, a white city official, has expressed her disdain saying, “There are other cultures that will be very offended by this. How can you just mandate a course like this?” Sidebar: I’m glad she said it because other cultures have been offended by being forced to learn only Anglo history in our American History courses.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones; But Jury Awards Excite Me
Two California students at Poway High School recently rubbed their bruises while standing on the bank line when juries awarded Joseph Ramelli $175,000 and Megan Donovan $125,000 after they reported being harassed to school officials who only looked the other way. Ramelli and Donovan were said to be spit on, punched, kicked and had their vehicles vandalized during the reported incidents. School officials “took minimal or no action,” said J. Wilson, the students’ attorney.
Sidebar: Go on and get a new house and car with your new MAD money kids.

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Anonymous said...

? Coco Rican - What do u think determines a person success, self worth & completion.

Meaning I personally am noticing (& I know this maybe silly & at some level wrong,but nevertheless it's true for me)that although I have unconditional love from my daughter & family there is still something missing where I don't feel complete unless I have (da what I think is love from a man). In otherwords I am discovering (and don't like and don't like admitting it) that I don't feel complete, unless I have a man that loves me in my life. I feel alone, abandoned, unwanted and yet FOR THOSE THAT KNOW ME I AM TRULY BLESSED WITH MY DAUGHTER, FAMILY AND UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF GREAT FRIENDS I HAVE.




Cocoa Rican said...

We'll hit you up in our Afternoon Edition On Blast (hey, it's first come, first serve)... Y'all can hit Yo up though and give your thoughts please!

caspar608 said...

Hey Yo!
Have you always been in a relationship? In other words, have you ever had a break between breakups just so you can get to know the real you? Not the you that aims to please everyone, but the real you...
I remember when I was young, around 10 - 12 perhaps, I had an awakening in me. I am not sure if any of you have ever experienced this, but I would feel so overwhelmed with joy and elation whenever I would have these thoughts of "wow, I can't believe I am me" or "God created only one me and wow I am amazing" it's hard to articulate how that felt, sort of like how hard it is to articulate how it feels when you have an organsm...this all leads to something just be patient....
Sometimes, we lose our way (some worse than others) and we forget how truly magnificent and marvelous we really are - each and every one of us. With all of our faults and insecurities - if we just took some time to think about who we are and where we came from maybe we wouldn't feel like we needed someone else to complete us, we would feel complete in our divinity - we came from one true divine God, no?
So, Yo, take some time to think about WHO you are and WHO created you and find constructive ways to share your completeness with everyone. Perhaps I rambled a bit - but I just want you to know that you are NEVER alone. HE walks with you ALWAYS.


Well first I want to thank everyone for wishing me a fast recovery. Yes I am back and I am looking forward to our "NYBB" night out. I will let you know what the date and time of that event will be. Next, I just caught up on all the blogs since I've been out and must say that I am truly impressed at the true loving friendships that Coco Loco has with all of you (minus the Anonymous one that had to go there)I pray that you can find it in your heart to forgive and forget. Life is too precious to be stuck on stupid for the rest of your life. I also have felt that pain of betrayal but believe me when I tell you that it is better to live your life fully and express to the world love and compassion then to go around hating it! What you dish out is what you get back! Right Coco Loco! Even though we all know your past we still love you because we have all been there done that. Thank GOD I wasn't available the day this all happened because this "BROOKLYN" girl would have "SET IT STRAIGHT" in a stern but loving way. Now, to today's Anonymous one, I know who you are because we have been friends for too long and when Coco Loco post your question this afternoon, I will answer you...You know me "I will keep it real" with you because you know "That is who I am" I love you girl....Let's just wait to see what Coco has to say first.....

caspar608 said...

Hey what's up freakin. I am so glad you are feelin better.
I felt your pain!
Last April 2004 I was crossing 49th street trying to look really cute in my khaki penci skirt with some coach wooden mules on and I tripped and went flyig and flying into a run down piece of horse shit. At lunch hour...with everyone looking. I tried to get up with some dignity but I could barely walk! Oh the pain! I made it back to the office and within an hour my foot blew up to 2X it's size. By the next morning, my foot was black and purple. I broke a bone in my foot and it took two months to heal. It was no picnic. And it was a lesson in humility. You're NEVER too cute to bust your ass. I cannot wait until NYBB.


Casper you are truly a funny woman! Now I know why you and Coco get along so well! Thank you for sharing your "Tripping" incident. It makes me feel much better knowing I am not the only clumsy person in the world :) At least you looked good falling down. Coach mules Damn! You go girl!